Cars at BWI

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Cars at BWI

Anyone spot anything interesting at BWI other than the usual Impalas and Grand Prix's? I'm out there in 2 weeks for leisure and hoping to pick up something nice
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I have had mixed results with the selection at BWI. I rented from Avis this past weekend but looked at the National section of the garage when I returned my Avis car Sunday. The Exec Selection was almost entirely Impalas and Grand Priz, but there were two Dodge Magnums and a Charger mixed in. I did score a Volvo S60 and Toyota 4Runner the last two times I rented from National at BWI, but there were only a few cars on the entire lot both times. Seems to me that when the location has plenty of cars (like last Sunday) the Executive Selection is pretty uninspiring.
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Was in BWI at the beginning of March.

There were a number of Impalas, Grand Prix, one or two suburbans and a few Volvo S60s (one of which I took). The car's really don't have anything in them, I was unable to find one with Sirius or XM (and I went into pretty much every car there). My Volvo was really underpowered and proved to be a gas gusler. When exciting, their computers had broken down and everyone ended up waiting 30+ minutes. I nearly got smashed into when the person infront backed up without looking.

At least, when I ran out of time to find a pump nearby, they forgot to charge me for the fuel. That's about the only positive I have with this location. The bus ride itself is 10-15 minutes long and the staff seem to not really enjoy being there.
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Thanks guys, based on what you're telling me I'm hoping that I at least get a car with Sat radio.
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I had terrible luck at BWI Exec on March 31 (a Monday) at 5pm. I was lucky to get an regular Grand Prix.... and I was really looking for a Trailblazer LS as I had about seven hours of driving over three days. I asked if I could take one of the premium cars (I think a 300) in the extra-special spot right outside the entrance, and was curtly told that those were not EA cars.

OTOH, they were charging $78/day, and I was using up three free days rather than pay that kind of money, so I can't complain too terribly much.
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The few times I've been at BWI, at Exec they were stocked with mostly Impalas. A few small SUVs but nothing very exciting. Though after some poking around, I selected a fresh Impala with 12 mi on the odometer, XM, leather, and a sunroof. Probably one of the best Impalas I've ever driven, and it was for an 8 hour trip one-way to BNA.
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So I was just at BWI on Friday morning and they had a grand total of 4 cars in Executive and 3 cars in EA. The 4 in executive were a Saturn Aura w/ XM, Buick Lacrosse fully loaded without XM, Saturn Outlook (SUV), and a base Impala with no options. Pretty sad if you ask me. I ended up with the Aura but it turns out the car has 23,000 miles on it and it shimmies horribly when you hit the brakes. Thanks National!
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BWI is definitely a mixed bag. My company car is only a 2-seater, so I rent here a lot if I have visitors from other offices. Even exec is terrible a lot of the time. I've had the best luck on Saturday night or mid-week. I've been able to score a Cherokee and Magnum on those days, which is about the best you're gonna do.

One time on a Monday morning, they had absolutely nothing except for maybe one or two well-worn Malibus. I was able to talk my way into a brand new Cadillac DTS with 5 miles on the odometer. That was a nice change of pace, but I had to prove to the boss it was a free upgrade!
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BWI definitely is hit or miss. The last two times I have rented from there (both within the last month), the Executive Selection was comprised mostly of Impalas and regular Grand Prix. On one occassion, there was a new 4Runner and a couple of Envoys, and on another, there were only small SUV's in addtion to the Impalas/Grand Prix. On both occassions, I was fortunate enough that they pulled a Volvo S60 into the Executive Selection just as I was about to give up and select another car.
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This past weekend at BWI:

- On Friday at 4pm, the lot was rather picked over, but miraculously there was a Volvo V70 with 3400 miles on it sitting in the Executive aisle. Full leather and sunroof, but a little underpowered and bit small in headroom for either a premium or a special fullsize. Still, it was perfect for what I needed for the weekend.
- On Sunday at 4pm, the EA was all Malibu and smaller. The Executive line looked to have the standard Impalas, a couple of crossovers and maybe a S60.
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I rented yesterday (Mon.) at around noon and I saw a few Impalas, one Highlander, and one S40, which I took. There might have been a Grand Prix there also. I was in a hurry, so headed straight for the ES and didn't notice what was on the EA.

Pretty underwhelmed, but then I was only taking the car to DC as a one-way rental, so it still did the job.
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I came in there last Thurs night and the same junk as above. Impala's and Grand Prixs but they just pulled up a Malibu LTZ which was nicely loaded. I have had it before and its not too bad. It has XM as well and was pretty new. I took it to NJ and back and was very comfortable. Its a decent fallback if all you can find is junk. Just make sure you look for the LTZ.
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Arrived there yesterday afternoon mid-afternoon as the storm started to die down. A pretty full lot everywhere except the ES.... BWI's staff pretty much verbally stop you when you come outside and really don't want you looking around - I asked where the F line was, and she said "there's a fullsize car there in the ES" pointing to a Malibu.

ES had four cars at 3pm on a Wednesday in a full lot. The above-mentioned Malibu, a Gallant, a Camry, and fortunately a red Charger SXT with Sirius. Not exactly the car I want to drive in bad weather, but it'd do. The matron was honest with me that the SUV were all going to Reserve rentals and last-minute paid upgrades.

The regular aisle was filled up with all the excess minivans, and a reasonable mix of midsize cars and Kia SUVs.

I also asked the agent about the Executive VIP selection of five very nice cars (a Caddy, a nice SUV, some sort of Toyota, etc.) right next to the door - the only station where I consistently see this, and asked that as an Emerald Executive Elite if maybe I could have one of them. Absolutely not. I suspect that these cars are not really just for Executive VIP.... but really for paid upgrades at the counter.
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Coming back on Saturday late in the afternoon, the ES was jam-packed-full. Nothing really stunning there, mostly just an Impala parking lot. But definitely better than the Malibu-fest that is often there during the week.
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I picked up at BWI on Monday morning. Not a huge range of product on the ES. Mostly Impalas, but there were a few brand-new Altimas there - I grabbed one with 700 miles on the odo.
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