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gqguy1480 Mar 6, 08 12:50 pm

Cars at FLL
I will be traveling to FLL in April and was wondering if anyone could let me know what kind of car selection is available at National's Emerald Aisle / Executive Selection. I am currently an EE member.

3Cforme Mar 6, 08 9:09 pm

EA and ES selection can vary by day and time of day. Predictions for a month away will be about as reliable as a month-old weather forecast.

On the ES, full size often means cars generally thought of as intermediate, but which, in rental car land, magically migrate a size: Camrys, Altimas, Saturn Auras, last year's Malibus. Maybe some Impalas and Sonatas - which the U.S. EPA classifies as large cars. Yesterday my full size reservation gave me a selection of a Subaru Legacy, a Subaru Outback, a Dodge Avenger, or a Ford Fusion (not at FLL). If you find a Volvo S60 or some SUV (if that's your style) think yourself lucky.

travelismylife Mar 8, 08 10:02 am

ES really varies
The Executive Selection at FLL really varies. Last week only Minivans and SUVs. Two weeks ago almost all Avalons and Impalas. Usually they always have a few Impalas and Grand Prixs. Often, Buick Lacrosses and Lucernes. Often, Avalons (got quite a few with under 15 miles). Recently, lots of Siennas and Sedonas. Also, that crazy looking new Toyota SUV. I'd say about 1/3 of the time there's one ore two Hybrid Priuses and Volvo S60s. The Emerald Aisle is pretty much always G6s and Malibus and such and sometimes minivans. Good luck!!!

gqguy1480 Mar 10, 08 9:02 am

Is the National lot in the car rental garage or off-site? I have rented with Budget at FLL before and I just walked right into the garage and straight to my car.

travelismylife Mar 10, 08 1:29 pm

yes it's in the same parking lot as Budget but on a diff. floor. If you walked, then you probably came into Treminal 1. If you come into 2, 3, or 4 it can be quite a walk, it's much easier to take the three minute ride on the free shuttle (leaves every ten or fifteen minutes from between the terminals).
Now back to the topic- went to FLL last night and there was not one car in the ES and only one G6 in the EA. Everyone was going crazy. I waited 7 minutes till they brought up a few cars and picked Prius Hybrid.

gqguy1480 Mar 10, 08 2:04 pm

How is the luxury class selection? I am not sure whether to book a luxury or depend on EA / EE.

travelismylife Mar 10, 08 4:42 pm

Mostly the Luxury selection is Cadillac DTSs and Hemi 300s, and 50% of the time there's one or two CTSs. For a fee you can upgrade to the specialty and I have seen Escalades there but not recently- just Enclaves and stuff like that.

travelismylife Mar 12, 08 2:32 pm

Today the ES was full of Sebrin convertibles and Avalons and 1 4 runner. The EA was full of Minivans, almost all minivans and a few Malibus and G6s. Really varies, sometimes you can't get a minivan for your life (none even in the minivan section).

gqguy1480 Mar 13, 08 10:53 am

Would you be able to let me know what you have been seeing in the Luxury aisle lately if you get a chance? I would greatly appreciate it.

mer0909 May 17, 08 11:48 am

I hope this thread is still around in December...
I'll be renting from exec aisle in December and I'm hoping for something better than an impala...


gbryan84 Jun 22, 08 12:02 pm

Rented there on Friday 6/20 and had a selection of 15-20 Avalon's (which I chose). A Chrysler 300, FJ Cruiser, 4-Runner (4wd), and the smaller Toyota SUV's.

gbryan84 Sep 8, 08 12:49 pm

I picked up a Volvo S60 on 9/6. Nice car although it will probably be retired soon as it had 15,500 miles at return on 9/7. They also had a Chrysler convertable but I passed.

shpatel Jan 7, 09 5:33 pm

Anyone have any recent experiences?

travelismylife Jan 7, 09 6:54 pm

I was there today
Only checked the Exec. Aisle as I was in a big rush. Mostly Impalas and Malibus, no convertibles, vans, etc... only Fullsize cars.

shpatel Jan 9, 09 11:44 am

I'm hoping that they have some convertibles by the time I get there.

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