$200 "Quality Service Process" discount?

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$200 "Quality Service Process" discount?

I'm a new Executive Elite and just returned a rental at the conclusion of our family trip. Was expecting a bill of around $300 (already inclusive of a coupon and some other discounts). When we arrived with the car, the National rep who was checking it in quoted the expected price, but a few minutes later when he walked over to give us the receipt, he smiled and said, "here you go, I took $200 dollars off." Was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to say other than, "wow--thank you." I have absolutely no idea why he took the money off, but didn't want to question. The receipt says only "Quality Service Process ($200.00)". In the end, that $200 discount worked out to be more like $240 with the reduction in taxes.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? We weren't in any way complaining and had no issues with the car, so it definitely wasn't compensation for a problem. Have never rented from National in this location before, so they don't know us. My husband is convinced it was the rep's last day. I'd ID the location but don't want to get anyone in trouble...
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I once had an agent edit the return time (unprompted) to prevent late fees, but I've never heard of such a big discount.
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Maybe the car you took had high mileage or shouldn’t have been rented?

Whatever the reason, it’s like what the Best Buy salesperson told me when I asked why they refunded my appliance installation charge. He asked me if I ever played Monopoly and drew the “Bank error in your favor” card. And then he said congratulations and enjoy your dishwasher.
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