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Originally Posted by Ritz View Post
Indeed. Also - there is a distinction between what qualifies as a COUPON and what qualifies as a CONTRACT ID (what traditionally was referred to as a "code"). Obviously, one of those was a big posting no-no as well, lol.
Well, it is pretty well known that most of the coupons associated with these Contract IDs, "in theory" work with other contract IDs they are not intended for. For instance, there currently are $25 off SUV coupons, a $15 off total rate coupon, Free Weekend Day Coupons, and things like Double Upgrade Coupons that can be taken off of the affiliate pages, but used with the Emerald Club, or your own personal contract ID.

I know people do this all the time (I don't), but are you saying that you consider a non public coupon code more ethical to use than a contract ID?

99% of the affiliate discount contract IDs out there do not return a rate better than the regular Emerald Club discount. Corporate IDs and State Contract rates on the other hand, are a different matter, none of which were posted.

In other words for affiliate rates, the COUPON is where the value is, not the CONTRACT ID.
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