Emerald Executive Elite: Now what?


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Emerald Executive Elite: Now what?

I just acheived the dubious honour of Executive Elite, or at least that's what it says when I log in.

Should I be expecting anything better at the airport than what I currently get? I nearly always rent with counter service. I get decent premium cars with a PCAR reservation, although I almost always have to cough up $20 - $40/day to get in an Infinity, BMW, etc.
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Better? No, you still get to take from the ES, although I think many of us would love a further stratification. Sometimes EE status can be helpful in getting that luxury or other special upgrade though - flaunting your loyalty (so to speak) can sometimes work to your benefit. Generally I find my "upgrade" rate to the nicer Infiniti/BMW/etc as an EE is the same as when I was Executive and it depends on several other intangibles (the greeter's mood, most importantly!) Certainly doesn't hurt to have the higher status though! Personally I have noticed a discernible increase in the quality of service when dealing with an issue (like a billing problem) when I call in to the Emerald support line.

Executive is really the sweet spot for National, IMO. Most of the Elite benefits don't really make a difference to me other than earning a banked free day with 5 instead of 6 rentals. I also appreciate that EE lets me rent any car class on my free day, versus only the full size on Executive. Not flying much on private planes so the delivery to non-commercial airports is useless, plus there are fees for that. Guaranteed car with 24 hours notice is useful for some but usually I'm planning enough in advance that I don't need the same day reservation.
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Elite gets you nothing at places with a EA/ES set up. For smaller locations with counter service, it's not supposed to get you anything. But I've found that I get what I would consider "unusually good" treatment about a third of the time, usually when a manager is working the counter. Definitely "above and beyond" stuff, such as putting aside a LaCrosse for me for eight hours when I called to ask about the best option for a passenger with a physical limitation since we'd be arriving at midnight, offering me upgrades to convertibles and Cameros (sadly, I'm too tall to comfortably take advantage of either). I frequently get upgraded from PCAR->PGAR.

Except at BNA. There, I will get a Taurus and I will be expected to enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by ElmhurstNick View Post
Except at BNA. There, I will get a Taurus and I will be expected to enjoy it.
I don't think I've ever gotten anything discernibly nicer regardless of how repeatedly the staff at PIT have seen me. Ditto for ERI. I would be plenty happy if they gave me even a Taurus! They gave me one once, and only once. Never anything nicer that I can recall.
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Originally Posted by Joshua View Post

Should I be expecting anything better at the airport than what I currently get? I nearly always rent with counter service.
Are you not renting at some of the ~60 airports with Emerald Aisle service, where you could choose from the Executive Selection (midsize rate) or, if reserving Premium, at least take your choice from the Premium row?

EA is found in about every U.S. top 30 airport except HNL and SLC. There's a list of locations from the Emerald Club home page.
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The any type car on your free rentals is great - I will often get a 7 passenger Luxury SUV or Infinit/BMW for taxes only - Really it is like others say when you rent that much you are in places a lot. IT is about relationships for me. For example as an EE at my "home location" they all know me. They almost always let me pick any car I want from the lot (small airport location). Nothing like getting a Tahoe for $20 a day! Also the 24hr guarantee is huge if you find you need a car in a pinch.
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I've found that I usually get a really low mileage car set aside for me. At one location with out an EA/ES they just pointed to the lot and asked "Which one do you want?" I thought that was pretty cool.

National also seemed to go the extra mile even as a regular Emerald member before I got bumped up to EE with all my travel this year.

And while HNL doesn't have the regular EA/ES, they do have a selection, you just have to go to a booth in the lot (not inside) and they ask which car you want from the mini EA/ES. They can't leave the keys in the cars since there is no exit gate. The staff there is always really friendly do I don't mind going to the booth in the lot at all, plus they give you a bottle of water.
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