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NJDavid Feb 24, 99 5:01 am

Airline affinity credit card renewal
I'm coming up on one year on the Chase / Continental platinum Visa. I thought it would interesting to start a thread about renewal strategies.

I've usually been able to get a credit card company to reduce or eliminate an annual fee in the 2nd year if I threaten to cancel. There have been some exceptions, but there's usually some room to negociate with the customer service folks. I've never tried with one of these cards however.

Has anyone had any success asking for a reduction or removal of the annual fee for the 2nd year? Has anyone had any success asking for the same enrollment bonus you got when you paid the first annual fee? Has anyone had any success cancelling the card and applying for a new one?

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diver Feb 24, 99 7:31 am

NJ David, To answer your question, I tried getting affinity cards renewed for no fee and that did not work. Then, I cancelled my card. Soon after, letters started coming asking me to renew for bonus miles. I can't remember if it was a card with AA, CO, or NW. This was a long time ago.

jms8090 Feb 24, 99 8:35 am

NJ, had experience with continental card some time ago. cancelled card after first year on ly to find offer in mail for same card two months later with no fee. this was with marine midland they are with chase. my other experiences suggest that most cards don't want to budge in regard to their annual fees, so just wait until the next offer comes in the mail. b/t/w, the fees are but peanuts in comparison to the miles that you can accrue, but you probably know that already...regards

Catman Feb 24, 99 1:02 pm

I've been with UA Mileage Plus for 8 years, my renewal is coming up in March. Maybe I should "suggest" that I would go elsewhere and see if they'll drop the annual fee.

It's a long shot but hey, it may work.

I'm generally satisfied with the card. It would be nice if they offered more bonus points, but it suits my needs. CATMAN

Tino Feb 24, 99 2:31 pm


Here's a trick that may work to score some more bonus points. It works with my SWAir affinity card from FirstUSA:

1. Get a Diners Club or Amex card and charge everything you can on it. Collect miles.
2. At the end of each month, call the airline affinity card and do a balance transfer from the DC/Amex over to it. Collect miles.

Double your miles, double your fun!

MileageAddict Feb 24, 99 2:37 pm

It has been my understanding that the Southwest/First USA Visa card limits you to earning 5 segments for transferring up to $5,000 for the lifetime of the card.

I have had great success negotiating with Diners Club when it came time for renewal. For two years in a row, I mention that the American Express card seems like a better deal....that makes them go bezerk! When I first signed up for DC, I received 20K points instantly. Year 2 was the same deal. Year 3 was 2K points per month for one year as long as I used the card at least once a month.

Counsellor Feb 24, 99 5:12 pm

2K points per month for the whole year? Wow! You are a better negotiator than I am - I only got 2K points per month for the first five months (potential total 10K if I use the card each of the first five months).

Well, I'll be better prepared when renewal time rolls around again next year . . . .

MileageAddict Feb 24, 99 6:14 pm


Its not too late. Call DC and tell them that others you know received the point bonus for an entire year.

Counsellor Feb 25, 99 3:50 am

Good idea. Thanks. (Great folks on this board!!!)

dcdeparting Feb 25, 99 9:18 am

I have an AA citibank visa which was up for renewal. I called customer service and threatened to cancel because of the inconvenience of the recent strike.

First they offered me a cash back credit card with no annual fee.

Second they offered me 2,000 free miles to stay with them bu I still had to pay the annual fee.

Finally I held out for 5,000 free miles but I still have to pay the annual fee.

ReneeMoss Feb 25, 99 10:54 am

Wow! -I'm ready to call and complain to Diner's Card. - I only got 10,000 pts. (5,000 miles) for renewal (the past 3 years!)Thanks for the information! As far as other affinity cards - I always cancel after the free (or otherwise) first year - wait a bit and re-apply - Haven't had any trouble in getting the card, with bonus, again. This is a bit of a bother, but I stagger between my husband's card and my own, so as never to be without a VISA. I have done this with British Air First USA- and United First Card (and you can also get another "referral" bonus).I haven't done this with Diner's because they will not give application bonus again, unless NEW applicant.

ReneeMoss Feb 25, 99 11:15 am

OK . - I just got off the phone with Diners - and they said the only way anyone can get 20K miles (or 2K per month) each year is to use a different Soc. Sec. Number - Otherwise only 10K for renewal. What gives? How did you pull it off?

Mountain Trader Mar 3, 99 9:41 am

I cancelled my Chase/Continental MC, then called back a week later to renew after Firstcard imposed their foreign currency fee of 3%.
While I'm paying the $65 annual fee, I got 6,000 Continental miles for renewing! It didn't come easy-I had to ask a bit.

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MileageAddict Mar 3, 99 10:15 am


If you are referring to my post, I did not receive 20k miles but 20k points (10k miles). I did not elaborate earlier but it was not easy. I had to speak to a supervisor and calmly mentioned that I thought cancelling DC in favor of AMEX was what was best for me. Sorry for any errors on my behalf.

(I wish DC would simplify their point system so it is a 1:1 ratio as it causes confusion!)

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pgupta011 Mar 3, 99 12:42 pm

I also received 10K Diners points, not 20K for the renewal (though in my case it translated to 10K miles during the BA promotion).

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