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doc May 25, 01 7:52 am

"...The true elitist makes everyone around her/him feel elite as well..."

Indeed! And I strongly suspect that you, and most of us, have actually known that for some time!

I actually understand, I believe, the basic tenet of the post and somewhat empathize - yet I'll also feely admit to eliciting tremendous enjoyment and benefit form my various elite status' - and I'm generally "guilt free" about it!

Yet I truly do appreciate it VERY much as I do the many companies and their wonderful employees that make it possible for me - and all of us! THANKS!

cigarman May 25, 01 8:20 am

Originally posted by Rudi:
many special discounted (example: weekend fares) return-trips in eco don't cost over $200 and can be upgraded with vouchers or miles to first-class (on two-class-flights).
YUCK! "vouchers or miles"??? You need THOSE to upgrade??? Gee on CO we get free domestic upgrades of any fare... oh well...

cigarman May 25, 01 8:23 am

Originally posted by UAL Traveler:
cigarman opines

I find a certain airline seems to have a high percentage of these elitists. Currently they have posts about linen service slackers and missing godiva chocolates... say hello to UA flyers...
OK, granted that the table linen and the chocolates issues show UA's massive disregard for supplying the basic necessities of onboard life, but please, lets put this in perspective. Or have you forgotten about 1000's of posts that thoroughly castigated UA when they committed that most egregious of all sins, and engaged in what can be described by nothing short than medieval barbarism when the plastic salt shakers were replaced by PAPER TUBES!!!

OK, now the record is straight. I will shift topic a bit and just say that in additional to cultivating empathy, and hoping that the employee is well trained in customer satisfaction, that most elites engage in a rather complex and ritualistic dance that precedes their ultimate encounter with the agents at the airport. By that I am referring to the myriad of strategic and tactical planning that underwrites a positive travel experience. It may involve researching the best opportunities for upgrades, working with customer relations to help secure those upgrades, understanding the situation (weather, load factors, flight arrival/departure delays, etc.) prior to leaving for the airport, and making final adjustments to schedule. When all of the above is, for the most part, well executed, with a small amount of luck the likelihood of feeling the need to moan and groan and throw status around is reduced to near zero.

Oh how I love the fun mocking UA gives me!
Okay here's another word for you UALlover...
Caviar... (running away as I say it)

BoSoxFan45 May 25, 01 8:48 am

First off- No hitting below the belt.

In response to the "how do you fly FC for $200" qwery, here's the answer.

I book at trip a few weeks in advance to go from MSP to LA, SF, BOS, or NYC, destinations which almost always have fares for under $250 for a Saturday night stay.
On CO, elite members have unlimited domestic upgrades- no vouchers, no begging, no points.

But let's not start a mad ruch to CO. Remember the massive campaign waged by some to

Besides, apparently you are all happy not having elite status or flying on other airlines. No need to come to CO and make these upgrades harder to come by...

And by the way, I don't think the first post in this thread nor many that followed can be summed up by saying "you get more bees with honey".

I read many of them as saying: "What type of jerk/idiot values status?"

I (most of the time) am neither a jerk nor an idiot, but status is unquestionably valuable, and I love having it. No apologies.

flyinggirl May 25, 01 10:14 am

Hi everyone. I agree with the many who have posted to say that there are some great points of view expressed here.

Regarding Homey's challenge of the "entitlement" attitude...

Could it be that people just come under one of two types, the "glass is half full" or the "glass is half empty"?

I run a high end B&B and it is amazing how certain traveler's find only lack, fault, flaw and misery in excatly the same circumstances that other people find enormous satisfaction and bliss.

While everyone's "standards" are raised as they travel and exprerience more, it is funny how the tendency to be "satisfied" or pleased doesn't seem to correlate with income or country of origin or amount of money paid for the service or industry of employment.
Satisfaction seems to be associated with a kind of personality type. There are obviously affluent people who can have a pipe burst in their room or an air conditioner go out of order on a 90 degree day and they accept the limitations of the situation and are happy that as amuch is done as possible to minimize their discomfort.
The travelers who tend toward satisfaction seem to enjoy themselves much more than those who demand satisfaction. Could it be that the only the place where we can demand satisfaction is within ourselves?
Cheers to all of you who have posted that being an elite person has nothing to do with how much you have used a particular company's service. You will all get yours, and all the perks that go with being in "the Golden Rule Club".

Has it occurred to anyone that at the base of all of this "Bonusing" is the improvemnt in the technology which allows these companies to track our buying decisions and ultimately have greater control over them?
We may or may not be getting free stuff when it is all over but we are definitely sacrificing a little in the privacy department. Ooops, that may be another thread...

[This message has been edited by flyinggirl (edited 05-25-2001).]

chexfan May 25, 01 10:28 am

Originally posted by flyinggirl:
I run a high end B&B and it is amazing how certain traveler's find only lack, fault, flaw and misery in excatly the same circumstances that other people find enormous satisfaction and bliss.
Does your B&B belong to InnPoints?

kokonutz May 25, 01 10:49 am

Cigarman brags:

YUCK! "vouchers or miles"??? You need THOSE to upgrade??? Gee on CO we get free domestic upgrades of any fare... oh well...
Gosh, that's really neat, Beav. Now tell me again about international upgrades on CO...

Or that CO world-wide alliance.

Oh and while you're at it, how about those trans-con 737s?

Thanks for the 411 on the sticks, though. The big Davidoff Anniversaro was a hit. And only $31!!!

cigarman May 25, 01 5:38 pm

You welcome. And in the spirit of, "If you're going to dish it out... you gotta be able to take it", I accept your CO criticism. The only point I will disagree with is the 737 thing. So? Seats are the same size as on the 757,767,MD80, etc. It has like one less bathroom ... so? I really think this is a UA or DL mind set where they have wider seats on the widebodies. As far as I know all CO's coach seats are equally the worlds smallest... (not that I've seen them )

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