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queenlake67 Apr 17, 04 2:59 pm

Award tickets to Alaska
Has anyone used their ff miles to get a ticket to Alaska? If so, what airline did you use? I've been having problems trying to get a ticket to Alaska.

Chuckles Apr 17, 04 3:10 pm

It would help greatly if we knew what airlines you have FF miles in, and if you wanted econ or 1st class tickets. If you have America West, Virgin Atlantic, or Hawaiian miles, there is availability Dulles-->PHX--> Anch. on America West.

MattFS218 Apr 17, 04 5:19 pm

Alaska Air covers all of Alaska. I think you can redeem miles for an Alaska ticket on Alaska, Hawaiian, AA, Qantas, and Northwest frequent flyer programs.


dgordon Apr 18, 04 12:08 am

I think I remember seeing that Delta flies into Alaska, and they used to treat it as a domestic ticket???? It's been awhile since I was looking.

Steve B Apr 18, 04 8:42 am

I claimed two first class tickets on Delta a few of months ago BOS/ANC for mid july travel (high season) and even had no trouble changing one of the dates by a couple of days so there must have been a lot of availability, at least back then.

PS 40,000 each ticket

nsx Apr 18, 04 12:37 pm

In summer 2002 I redeemed NW miles for summer 2004 tickets on Alaska Air. It wasn't simple even that far ahead to get 4 seats on the same flights. Also, my nonstop flights were changed to one-stop. But the trip was terrific. The salmon run on the Kenai peninsula is quite impressive.

sgosline Apr 18, 04 1:55 pm

I had no problem booking 3 coach class tickets PDX-Anchorage for Aug. using Alaska miles on Alaska airline. I booked them about 2 mos. ago.

steve100 Apr 18, 04 5:07 pm

I used 25,000 Continental Miles (traveling on NorthWest) to do an open Jaw, Boston to Vancouver, and then returning Anchorage back to Boston.

RustyC Apr 19, 04 2:33 am

I've gone on Delta and on Continental before on awards. 25K miles for it is an excellent deal. Anchorage now has prices that aren't too much worse than the lower 48 and you can sometimes get good deals through Priceline. It's much easier and more affordable to do a fly/drive to there than it was 15 or even 10 years ago. Now's a good time to do it before more people figure that out.

Also don't forget that on DL you can take a stopover. I once did ATL-ANC-LAX-ATL when they flew ANC-LAX non-stop. Today I think SLC or SEA would be the more likely places.

Jumpgate Apr 20, 04 12:24 pm

Originally Posted by queenlake67
Has anyone used their ff miles to get a ticket to Alaska? If so, what airline did you use? I've been having problems trying to get a ticket to Alaska.

My whole family went to Alaska this past summer. We came from all over the lower 48, and some of us arrived on Alaska and others on American, but it was 100% booked with AA miles. It worked out fine and it was a wonderful trip.

I flew AA PIT - ORD - ANC and it was seemless.

LLM Apr 20, 04 7:08 pm

Last fall I had no trouble booking three first class F tickets on Alaska with 45000 NW miles each for this August. Alas, the son wanted to go to wrestling camp instead so I redeposited them.

lili Apr 20, 04 8:06 pm

We used AA miles on Alaska Air for flights to Petersburg, via Juneau last fall. No problem.

Then had to change the dates, no problem except the Juneau to Petersburg wasn't available. Took the Alaska Marine Highway (8 hour ferry) which we wanted to do anyway. $200 change fee was a little pissy, but it was only 25,000 miles per ticket.

ljp99 Apr 23, 04 9:04 am

For this July Im using 25K on AA for NY -> Vancouver and Anchorage -> NY.
When I called they said due to the summer being the high season tickets go quickly. One leg on the NY - > Vancouver part is on Alaska Air.

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