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topspinner Mar 9, 00 3:59 am

Earn 25 MyPoints per day.......
Zoomerang will give you 25 MyPoints per day for creating and sending a survey. This sounds complicated, but can be done in under 60 seconds after you learn the steps.

Make sure you are logged in at MyPoints. Then type in your browser address. Login at Zoomerang. On next page click on new survey. Choose a category from those listed in the vertical columns. On the next page click on word "insert" to the right of the generic survey. On the next page I select "yes or no" from the drop down menu. In the second box on this page type in your question or relevant information. Click submit. On the next page click also on submit. On the following page click submit again. On the next page enter at least one email address in the box and click submit. On the next page check the box that says you want MyPoints and then click "launch". The last page will have "click here for 25 points" in small letters. Voila', the blue confirmatin page. If it is your first survey, I think they may award 100 MyPoints.

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smk219 Mar 9, 00 6:37 am

Thanks for the information. This was very easy to do.

Another 25 points a day for doing almost nothing.

Steve B Mar 9, 00 7:06 am

........hmmmmm. I got everything except the "click here for 25 mypoints"

steve100 Mar 9, 00 8:47 am

Steve B - I missed it a first, but on the 2nd to last page (the one were you click Launch), you need to check the box that says you want MyPoints.

doc Mar 9, 00 8:53 am

Please note that if you have not yet signed up for Zoomerang, be sure to sign up through the Mypoints site and collect the 150 point BONUS for signup.

If by chance you have not yet joined Mypoints, please be sure to use the link I provided for a FREE extra 50 bonus points AND a FREE $10 Gift Certificate with your quick and easy registration. Find it at:

Steve B Mar 9, 00 2:30 pm

Steve100.......thanks! I guess I read the instructions too fast. blue window said I earned 100 pts...good every 365 days.

UserMark Mar 9, 00 6:49 pm

It seems that after you click on the "launch" button, it signs you up for the "zoomerang by mypoints" and refreshes the cookie. So then when you click on the 25-point link and anytime after that, points are going to this new account. I noticed this because after clicking on the 25-point link, I tried to go to, and it said I couldn't because I was already in the zoomerang program.

You can avoid the problem by following the link to the zoomerang program and removing your member key BEFORE clicking for the 25 points (using a separate window). Then when you click on the 25-point link, it will ask you to enter your regular mypoints id and password. But this is a lot of work, and mypoints might get mad.

satori Mar 9, 00 9:29 pm

As the warning above states you have to be careful with these subsidiary programs. When the post came out a couple of weeks ago I went to that link and inadvertantly started a Myway points account and got locked out of my Mypoints account just as I was about 200 points away from another 5000. I had to contact customer service and have them cancel the Myway points account and go through the remove member key and stuff. Quite a pain. Be careful not to start a new account in these subsidiary programs.

stu Mar 10, 00 1:36 pm

This happenned to me also. The way that I fixed this was to disable cookies. Go the the mypoints refresh key page. Then I enabled cookies, entered my username/password and refreshed the key. This seems to have worked without the need to opt out of the other programs

MilesNut Mar 11, 00 7:34 am

Well, I just wiped out my MyPoints account (with just under 18K points) joining Zoomerang. How do I disabled cookies?


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wannago Mar 11, 00 1:14 pm

Milesnut: I think it's easier just to find and delete your zoomerang cookie(s), which you can do through start, find, then type zoomerang OR, windows explorer, C:, windows, cookies, find the www.zoomerang and delete it. Then go refresh your regular mypoints member key. If you're not using IE, this won't help but maybe someone else can help you. Let us know how you make out.

ALSO, the last couple of days when I've gone to Zoomerang (after making sure my member key was active) I found a couple of separate links off to the right for mypoints members -I clicked there before beginning my survey and the points have showed up overnight in my regular mypoints account.

Today I also signed up to receive surveys, which offered 50 points. On the off chance that they'll pay 50 points for each survey I answer, I'm going over to OMNI and start a thread about volunteering to receive Zoomerang surveys, and will send mine to anyone who sends me one - it looks like it should be fairly easy to set up a group send, although I haven't actually tried it.

Good luck to all, Ingrid

MilesNut Mar 11, 00 7:30 pm

Thanks Ingrid.....My account is back. Now do I try this Zoomerang stuff again???

wannago Mar 11, 00 7:51 pm

Sure, 25 points a day is nothing to ignore - just click on the mypoints links first! If you have almost 18k, this is a good one for you.

MilesNut Mar 12, 00 8:32 pm

Ok......Everything is fixed, but now when I create a survey I do not get the MyPoints box on the launch survey page. Any suggestion?

MilesNut Mar 12, 00 8:47 pm

I think I just got it. I'll see tomorrow if the points show up in my account.

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