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Firewind Dec 20, 15 3:26 pm

Cheaper to reserve hotel via smartphone?
Just heard a consumer segment on CBS radio that included the recommendation to check hotel companies' smartphone apps, close-in. "As the lodging date approaches, companies often enter lower rates there than can be found on the computer because they want to steer reservations through that channel." It was reported as "companies" - not just one. I dunno because I just heard it, but figured it's worth discussion here. @:-)


Mauibaby2008 Dec 20, 15 6:37 pm

Cheaper to reserve hotel via smartphone?
Rates change all the time for all kinds of reasons. Always make sure you're checking all avenues before your stay to check for different rates before your trip. I recently did this at IC Dubai Marina and saved a couple hundred dollars just by cancelling and rebooking

YVR Cockroach Dec 21, 15 7:29 pm

Some OTAs have been promoting their phone reservation apps by offering pretty big $-off and %-off coupon codes. Unfortunately stays through these reservations may not count for elite requalification nor do the codes work for certain chains (Travelocity ones have this limitation).

markcwj Dec 21, 15 7:57 pm

This is actually partly true - I used to get better rates on the Zuji mobile site (but not the app though!).

WillTravel Dec 21, 15 7:59 pm

Can also be more expensive
The only thing to say is that you have to check multiple sites.

sdsearch Dec 22, 15 2:55 pm

And some hotels, will, for example only give you free internet if you book through their hotel program site. So be aware of which "perks" you may lose by booking another way, and evaluate whether you're saving enough to make up for that.

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