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cmwdjw Jun 14, 99 8:02 pm

Delta and Midwest Miles
I will soon have 30,000 Delta Skymiles and have 5000 Midwest Express miles. I don't intend to fly these airlines. How can I use them? Can I somehow change them to Northwest or Continental or maybe a free car rental or 2?

AlphaSigOU Jun 14, 99 9:11 pm

With the Delta miles, if you are a member of Hilton's HHonors you can take advantage of its Miles Exchange program, in which your miles convert to the equivalent in HHonors points. One mile equals two points, so 30,000 miles equals 60,000 HHonors points.

Be aware that Hilton is not so generous in converting points into miles. Not sure of the exact formula, but you gotta burn a lotta points to get a little miles outta them.

Another option you have if you are a member of United's Mileage Plus is combining your Delta and United miles to redeem a United award. No good for upgrades, though.

Not too familiar with Midwest Express's frequent flyer program, (having just joined it myself) but I believe you can redeem miles for a car rental discount.

Hope this helps.

Causa latet vis est notissima - the cause is hidden, the results are well-known.

Beckles Jun 15, 99 7:26 am

AlphaSigOU ~ Sorry ... no combining with DL and UA, only US and AA allow combining I believe (I don't believe NW and CO do either).

If you have 30,000 miles in DL I think you should be able to use those somehow ... even if you don't want to use them you could always get a friend or family member a free ticket!

AlphaSigOU Jun 15, 99 9:36 am

Major bummer! Too bad only AA and US allow you to combine miles for redemption.

Causa latet vis est notissima - the cause is hidden, the results are well-known.

student Jun 15, 99 10:22 am

According to to the most recent AA mailing you can only combine American and US miles for bookings on American and USair, not on their partners. Too bad since I was planning to combine for a BA ticket.


steve100 Jun 15, 99 11:09 am

cmwdjw - here is some suggestions on your 30k Delta miles:

1) You mention that you fly CO alot (and have miles with One-pass). Well, CO and DL are both partners of Air France. If you earn a few more miles in the DL program, you can get a free ticket on Air France with those miles. Do the same with the CO miles, and then 2 people can fly to Europe on Air France, one using DL miles, the other using CO miles.

2) You may be able to do the above scenario with other common partners as well. ie: if you have miles on UA, then one you could both fly on UA, one using United Mileage plus miles, the other SkyMiles. The same applies with Aer Lingus and a few other airlines that are partners with Delta and another US carrier. Since I don't know your mileage balance on other Freq. Flyer programs, I can't advise you here.

Mischief Jun 15, 99 12:14 pm

The 5000 Midwesy miles can be used for a 50% discount on a 2-3 day weekend rental of a midsize or larger (NT5).

Mischief Jun 15, 99 12:15 pm

The 5000 Midwest miles can be used for a 50% discount on a 2-3 day weekend rental of a midsize or larger (NT5).

james Jun 16, 99 4:28 am

Steve 100,

Be careful regarding the Delta - Aer Lingus partnership. Their agreement is to be terminated shortly, although I can't find the exact date at the moment.


james Jun 16, 99 4:46 am

Follow up to the above.

In a thread in Oneworld on Aer Lingus joining the alliance, auh2o stated on April 30th that DL and EI just formally cancelled all their agreements. That thread also says that DL begins its own US-Ireland flights on July 15th; this is easily verified through DL.

I would take all agreements to include mutual participation in the frequent flyer programs.


Beckles Jun 16, 99 6:40 am

DL has always had flights to Ireland from Atlanta, but I believe they've now added flights from JFK, where they used to code share with Aer Lingus from. They also used to code share from Newark with Aer Lingus.

james Jun 16, 99 8:10 am

Yes, you're right Beckles. Apologies for any confusion.

doc Jun 17, 99 2:35 pm

These constant changes in code share /alliance partners can drive you insane! I'd hate to make a FF choice based on it unless I was going to use the miles in a month or two!

leroy11 Jun 19, 99 2:23 am

The Qualiflyer group is another good example. SR, SN and OS are all partners with DL, US and Midwest Express. However, the partnership with DL may end soon.

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