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Originally Posted by holtju2 View Post
Seems that AA is getting bit desperate selling miles. We can expect some devaluations in near future.
AA sold these already last year in that cash deal with Citi. Not saying a devaluation isn't possible, but these miles were spoken for a while ago

My guess is Citi is getting desperate seeing how well the BA, UA and SPG promos are doing for their respective issuers.
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Originally Posted by kyunbit View Post
Never had any Citi card just got 50k
+1. Never had any Citi card before, got the 50K email. I have a relatively large account with Citi so I was hoping to get one of the better deals .

Can I apply to both the Amex and the Visa? That would be 100K miles for 2x$750, better than 100K for $10,000.
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Originally Posted by deant View Post
Links seem to be down / dead right now. Hope it is not permanent.
Nope, I just applied for the 75k offer (https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/...&screenID=3001) and got instantly approved.

I have a short credit history, but since I started to get my first credit card offers last year I've been approved for the BA, UA, SPG, and now finally this card.
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Originally Posted by koroleon View Post
Can I apply to both the Amex and the Visa? That would be 100K miles for 2x$750, better than 100K for $10,000.
That is a VERY good question koroleon. Man this would be Christmas in Summer!!

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Last night I had my wife check that her AAdvantage account preferences were set to receive promotions. Most all of the options were set to "unsubscribed" - which seems odd since she get emails fir various offers. But in any case, overnight she received the 50K version of the Citi offer (could be better but at least it's something). WHether there's a connection or just coincidence between her subscribing, I don't know. I suspect it's merely coincidental but you never know.

I knew I was subscribed but went into my acct and re-subscribed as well in case it might prompt something. So far, nothing rec'd.

Perhaps could be worth a shot checking, or even re-checking, that you're subscribed. I suspect it's a longshot that it will matter but I figured it only cost me a few clicks on the AA website so am passing along FWIW...
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Originally Posted by glu800 View Post
There's no obvious reason to doubt the OP, but seriously, do any of us even know if this is for real? The OP just posted an offer that his/her colleague received.
Hopefully it's real and will be available for anyone to apply, but for now I'm not holding my breath.
Simple: if you don't believe it or don't want to bother, then just don't follow the thread
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I already have a AA/CB MC, but afters others suggested it, I just went ahead and applied, despite it saying that you shouldn't have any CB/AA cards prior. I was instantly approved - I haven't received official clarification on which mileage amount I will receive (was going for the 75k one).

This raises another question - do I just wait for email conformation, or is there somewhere where I can check to confirm how many miles I will receive?
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Got the email last night for the 75K offer and not sure if anyone posted the terms:

(1) Bonus Miles: This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is valid only for first-time Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers who apply pursuant to this offer for an account by October 31, 2010. The American Airlines AAdvantage® miles will appear as a bonus in your AAdvantage® account 8-10 weeks after you have met the purchase requirements.

Also, instantly approved this morning.
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One more quick note:

The applications do not place nicely in Google Chrome.
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got a straight 50k offer in my email... no bonus 50k. better than nothing, but not as good as others...

As a cardmember, you’ll benefit from:

* 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after $750 in purchases within the first 4 months of cardmembership1 — enough for two round-trip domestic flight awards2
* $85 annual fee ($75 for the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Visa® card) waived for the first 12 months of cardmembership*
* Earn one AAdvantage® mile for every dollar spent on purchases3
* No blackout dates on award travel on American Airlines, American Eagle and the AmericanConnection® carrier4
* AAdvantage® miles may never expire5
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I applied for the 30k one (US citizen with SSN and US credit history) back in Feb and was refused by Citibank but accepted for the US Barclay's Mastercard. My Fico according to Equifax is over 810. The rejection from Citibank was "insufficient credit history". Now that I have the Barclays plus my orginal BofA Visa that I have had for almost 30 years, do I have a chance to get approved? I always pay in full any balance each month and on time.

I would be going for the 75k one, can't manage the 10k expenditure. How long do I have to wait after a rejection to try again? Do they actually call the phone you put for employer? I don't have a US employer but I can find something to put there as long as they don't call them.
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Almost ready to apply for the exciting 35k offer, now I'm disappointed with a measley basic 50k offer ... Is that greedy?
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My girlF. account just got the 30000 offer they are toying with me I want that 100 thousand offer for both...
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Which one to choose

I received the email late Thursday. I'm not sure which one to choose:
1. Citi Platimum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature Card ($85 annual fee)
2. Citi Select AAdvantage Amex Card ($85 annual fee)
3. CitiBusiness AAdvantage Visa Card ($75 annual fee)

They all offer 1 pt per dollar spent. What's odd is Citi doesn't have card #1 above on its website and if you click through the email offer it doesn't highlight all of the card benefits. Comparing #2 and #3 above, it comes down to the standard things that separate Amex from Visa like purchase insurance, travel insurance, etc. Since Visa is accepted in more places than Amex, seems like #3 is the better options (I own a business). Also, I've been thinking about getting away from Amex because with my current Amex Starwood card they keep declining use of the card on my first charge when traveling due to "security concerns" (I've always pay off my entire balance each month and some of the declined purchases are for less than $10). After repeated attempts to get this resolved over the past year, their customer service people say they "have no control" over the fraud department and there's nothing they can do.

Let me know if I'm missing anything in terms of choosing between these options.

I'd post the link for the email I received but it's clear from the length of the link that it's customized just for me. There is no phone number on the email. Here's the title of the promotion: "Up to 100,000 AAdvantage® bonus miles1 — enough for select round-trip international flight awards!" Call up Citicards and see what they say.

Last edited by jelarv; Jul 30, 10 at 7:37 am Reason: Added last paragraph about info on my email.
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