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rcs85551 Oct 21, 08 8:06 am

Trick it / negotiate it / special savings lounge thread
We got people in the "post everything on the board" camp, and we got people in the "don't post on the board, since it screws the deal" camp.

We've recently seen several threads dealing with "trick it / negotiate it" type of deals which were not in line with how the Mileage Run forum is supposed to operate (which can be accessed at

In theory, we could start threads dealing with the "trick it / negotiate it" type of deals on almost *each and every* discount fare across the Atlantic there is, since virtually 99% of the time, you can generate a "deal" that leaves certain surcharges off if you know how to do it.

This thread serves as some sort of "lounge thread" where anything related to "trick it / negotiate it" type of deals can go - which is beyond the accustomed way how this forum works. Hopefully this "lounge" thread will give those who would still like to discuss these types of deal an ample place to do so - while the "Mileage Run Deals" forum is not being cluttered with information that many Flyertalkers feel that is not appropriate and in line with how this forum works.

If you want to play games, then play your games within the confined enviroment of this thread - please refrain from starting new threads to play those games.

Kind Regards

Moderator, Mileage Run forums

Below are the new posting rules for the Trick It Thread. They will also be posted as a Sticky in the Discussion Forum and in the first post of this thread.

Rules of Posting in the Trick It Thread:
1. Adhere to these rules or your post will be deleted without comment.
2. The current naming convention of this thread is as follows:
C1 = North America
C1.5 = Caribbean, Central America and Mexico including Bermuda and Bahamas
C2 = Europe
C2.5 = Middle East, including Israel and Egypt
C3 = Asia
C4 = South America
C4a = Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
C4b = Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Surinam, Guyana, Paraguay and Uruguay
C5 = Africa
C6 = Australia, New Zealand, and the Oceania range

Directional additions such as n, s, e, and w are allowed to narrow an area.

The naming convention created by Raffles Longhaul is also acceptable.

3. Code any “tricks”.
4. Do not post screenshots of your “tricks” or outside links to images of any sort.
5. Do not code your questions. No one will be able to answer them.
6. Violation of these rules will subject you to discipline.
7. Review FlyerTalk Rules 7, 10, 12, and 18 of the FlyerTalk Rules prior to posting. You can find the Rules here:

jorun Jan 1, 15 3:32 am

Originally Posted by jorun (Post 24074043)
before you continue with these posts:
TK NH LH LX and probably other carriers are full dumpable with this construction.

Did you note the fare rules? Some *A routes already have bad fare rules to avoid this dump.

other carriers:

AA fare and IB fare.

NYC-MIL RT non stop - 236 AI

Lower price are possible but I'm lazy :/

pimpcoltd Jan 1, 15 9:08 am

Can't understand why that inventory you found in the matrix doesn't show up on your OTA even though you're feeding it segment by segment? Questioning your senses and abilities because your fellow dumpsters get the result you're looking for? Dynamic pricing might be the cause. After an involuntary browser reset, Orbitz' view on me apparently changed from dumpster to dumbster: $350 for a Sushi Roll that can be had for $160?! — A switch to incognito mode got things back in order. And so did the use of a VPN connection.
Happy New Year — and safe travels!

brumbrum Jan 1, 15 9:15 am

and I was wondering why did I got 335 instead of 190...f**king orbitz.
Otherwise-do you mean sushi from c2 with eskymos/triangles before?

BangkokTraveler Jan 1, 15 9:27 am

C1e-C3 ($503.20), I'm sure the pros here can do better

bertheike Jan 1, 15 11:26 am

Is BA dumpable ?
Is BA dumpable ( from DE/BE/NL/LX ) to TH or HKG ?
I know one from C2(SW), but too far for positioning.
Looking for departure end of JUN, when the SQ deal not works.

Stan1980 Jan 1, 15 11:56 am

QR announced routes ex-A*M*S
Hi guys, newbie here, so please excuse me if i posted this in the wrong thread, but...

QR has announced it's gonna open a new route to a*m*s, capitol of cheese weed, windmills and tulips. ;)

Anybody discovered good on the new route yet? :D

hellosweets Jan 1, 15 1:36 pm

Originally Posted by BangkokTraveler (Post 24083133)
C1e-C3 ($503.20), I'm sure the pros here can do better

yup 300$ still possible easy way

anandrag Jan 1, 15 1:52 pm

Originally Posted by hellosweets (Post 24084288)
yup 300$ still possible easy way

Where in c3? SE, east, north?

BangkokTraveler Jan 1, 15 1:58 pm

Originally Posted by hellosweets (Post 24084288)

Originally Posted by BangkokTraveler (Post 24083133)
C1e-C3 ($503.20), I'm sure the pros here can do better

yup 300$ still possible easy way

The base fare without strike(s), on my routing, is higher than $300.

hellosweets Jan 1, 15 4:21 pm

Originally Posted by BangkokTraveler (Post 24084392)
The base fare without strike(s), on my routing, is higher than $300.

then work on routing

budenholzer Jan 2, 15 3:34 am

C2n&e-yao. 214 EUR, OJ.
Visa charges may apply.

burito Jan 2, 15 8:37 am

Originally Posted by goldconker (Post 24079570)
Oh, check your local friendly OTA (specify airlines because there's a difference.) Just found $178

The other choice is to avoid not quite cheap and practical positional flight to the desert pyramids and fly from the glass pyramid to enjoy the klong cruise for $270 (could be less?).

midtownapsk Jan 2, 15 12:10 pm

I have a great candidate fare: WAS - DXB, *A, $90 each way base fare with sat night stay but the fat is $500+. Despite my best efforts i can't seem to cut any of it.

Unwittingly in my hours of searching- I did find a way to cut the ST fat on the same significantly with a 3x in C2. ST does me no good but happy to trade that info.

I realize I'm still a newbie but would appreciate any pointers. My novice reading of the *A fare rules seems to suggest that no 3x might work as the fat is added for all trips originating in C1. If anyone is willing to confirm even this it will at least help me put the pencil down.

Epicura Jan 2, 15 12:23 pm

Just got back from a wonderfull trip...
... So a lot of reading to catch up, but Happy Newyear :) !

Wishing you all a year full of excitement, new discoveries and safe and happy travels!

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