Tell us your interesting MR stories

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Tell us your interesting MR stories

Good day all.

Yesterday I completed the second of three PHL-DFW-SNA-SJC-LAX-ORD-PHL mileage runs to get Platinum on AA (only 5,000 miles left!). When I landed in SNA I wanted to stand-by on an earlier SJC-LAX flight so I didn't have to spend 4 hours in SJC's small airport.

I went to the gate agent and this is how the conversation went:

Me - "Hi. I'm going for SNA to SJC then to LAX and I'd like to stand-by for an earlier SJC-LAX flight."
Gate AAgent - "Hold on, you're routing SNA-SJC-LAX? Wouldn't it be cheaper to take a shuttle from SNA to LAX?"
Me - "Probably, but it's not as, I want Platinum."
Gate AAgent - "Sir, you're weird."
Me - "Oh, I get that a lot."

I thought it was quite funny, and the people who over heard the conversation laughed a bit too.

Any funny stories from your mileage runs?
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My trips to PDX and SEA from AUS via ORD have been the topic of much teasing. Don't really have any funny stories to tell (yet), but then again I haven't made that many true MR's.

One mention of securing that last seat during Fri evening IRROPS or getting upgraded for TATL/TPAC and the talk about "going for the toaster" usually subsides.

I'll have the last laugh, though, if I get the last 17k in and make EXP on AA this year.

Odd thing is most FA's get MR'ing, even if they wouldn't dream of it themselves. Had one even tell me she thought I should be doing the ORD-DEL run to get miles in a hurry. Some day ...

now if I can convince Mrs benzguy80 to let me do a weekend in Paris (FR) under the guise of an MR ...
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Not sure if true Milage Run

2001 - I was going to London. Thanks to Flyer Talk hints - I flew -
This was when pricing was allowing this sort of itn to happen.
Gate Agent checking me in at BOS - looked at my itn and said "Sir, you do realize London is just over there (pointing east)."
I told her I needed the miles - and I did - made PLAT that year.
Well done folks on FlyerTalk.
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Originally Posted by benzguy80 View Post
Odd thing is most FA's get MR'ing, even if they wouldn't dream of it themselves. Had one even tell me she thought I should be doing the ORD-DEL run to get miles in a hurry. Some day ..
coincidently, the last time i did a consecutive 2 day aus/ord/pdx double RT there was one FA on the ord/pdx both days who recognized me and mentioned something to the effect of never having seen the MR phenomena before in the 17 years she had been working

she was quite surprised when I told her there were another 3 or 4 FT'ers on the same flight doing the same thing
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i have 2

the first was an inflight mechanical divert which ua was aces up in the way they handled it.

the second was my 15 minutes of fame on abc's good morning america which of course "the f/t vultures" had posted before you could say 'kick save and a beauty"

now, if the first had happened on the second, wouldn't that have been a fun story.....
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Once, I flew RDU-ORD-SAN-ORD-RDU. The crew was the same on ORD-SAN-ORD. When I reboarded to go back to ORD, moments after I had arrived, the FA gave me a weird look and said, "maybe I should write you up." I quickly explained about my MR and that I was not a security risk. But she was serious about it--she said she had written up MRers before because it seemed very suspicious. Eventually, I convinced her not to write me up.

That's the only time I've ever been in that kind of situation.

Since then, I've tried to route my MRs so that I don't have the same crew on quick-turns.
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While doing a quick PHL-RDU-JFK-PHL the other day, I got to watch EK's daily A380 from Dubai approach, land, and taxi to the gate. A first for me.
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Last weekend on PHL-IAH-SNA//SNA-SFO-LAX-DEN-OKC//OKC-DEN-PDX-SFO-SNA//SNA-EWR-PHL we had issues checking in on the OKC-DEN... day because of a change to a TED A320 aircraft. At the counter checking in the guy was having trouble believing that we were really flying 4 segments instead of 2. "Do you REALLY have business in all these stops along the way? Why are you doing this?" We shut him up, but it was certainly entertaining to watch him try to understand what is going on.
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I was on US on PHL - FLL - PHL, totally same flight crew, including pilots, had a chat with the FAs on the return flight.
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I took CO up on this MR back in May. All went well on the MCO-CLE flight but when I got ready for my CLE-FNT flight it got delayed and I was in jeopardy of not getting back to CLE the same day to take my CLE-MCO flight back. When I knew I was in trouble I went over to the customer service desk and asked to get re-routed to another location with the Q200 ( I needed this plane type for my FM too!). i got a lot of strange looks but the agent said, I will be right back and went to get a routing sheet with aircraft. She came back and re-routed me to TOL. Upon getting on the TOL flight there were only about 15 of us so we had to move to the back of the plane to balance the load.

Once we landed and pulled up to the gate in TOL I waited for everyone to get off and then moved up to my return seat thinking that the return flight would be full. The FA asked if she could help me and I said no, i am on the return flight. She looked at me strange and then said that I needed to de-plane. In the brief walk to the terminal the gate agents learned of my trip and said, "So you are just getting back on the plane and returning to CLE" Again more strange looks.

Once on the return flight, the FA gave the briefing to the five of us and asked if we had any questions. I asked if we were going to get a beverage service as there was only 5 of us? She said yes.

It was a fun time and I got to see 4 new airports.
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Had this last month in IAD. Had a wonderful gate agent who bumped/dbc me and rerouted me. She was looking at my 7 segment iten and commented, " are all over the place." I explained I was going for my Premier Exec, I like to fly" etc., and then all of a sudden something clicked. She was on board to my goals...she was smiling, thought it was exciting, and helped rebook me on flights that worked best for me. This all happening while a GA newbee was standing next to her observing the procedures on rebooking me. Newbee got lost in translation.
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Fact: I went to "Hell" and back. "Hell" froze over. (This was my alibi if anyone were to ask.) But what was bizarre was that when I got to my hotel room, I kid you not, the TV was on and I heard it say that "Heaven's on fire".

Details: This was pretty fun. Flew LAX-FRA-HEL-FRA-IAH-LAX. Flew on the Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class upper deck (UA paper upgrade - LAX-FRA) very nice. Checked out a bit of the new LAX Tom Bradley terminal (only 3 gates open so far, the rest are under construction). Helsinki was very cold and was considered frozen. Stayed at Hilton Helsinki Airport on miles overnight. Would love to see Helsinki next time, but too poor and too much work to do. Yes, when I got to my room, the TV was on a welcome screen, and the music that was playing was Kiss; Heaven's on Fire. What are the odds of that happening? (Yes, if I were reading this, I would think I was lying too! ).

On the return, I flew FRA-IAH on Lufthansa A-380 - upgraded to business class (again - UA paper upgrade). Unfortunately they cannot upgrade UA systemwide paper upgrades in HEL, so I had to wait till Frankfurt. Very worried I would not get it, but there were still at least 8 business class seats open.

LH 747-8 Versus A380. 747-8 had lie flat on the way out. A380 had more open space due to less passengers and no one sitting next to me (business class are older Recaro seats and not lie flat, but not bad for a day flight). If you do this run, this was a fun route (except for the last minute upgrade on the way back...too close for comfort).

Also, FRA is the most bizarre airport in the world. The Z terminal and gates are on the floor just above the A Terminal/gates. Both terminals seemed pretty identical to each other. I think they do this so the gates don't get too crowded? It sure is a great idea.
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