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B0gdan Nov 29, 19 11:21 am

[prem fare gone]: AV CUR - MUC J ow 400; 710 r/t
Wide open in starting December around 400 EUR, less through OTAs. Available either with AV through BOG or AV + IB via BOG & MAD.;sd:1;t:f;tt:o

Travel-Quinten Nov 29, 19 11:25 am

And return for €710
Also possible: HAM, LON, BCN, BER, FRA & DUS AyMC0wMS0yMnIHCAESA0NVUnABQAFIAw&curr=EUR&gl=nl&au thuser=0& hIJxcA-2rPfTUARYPTXUlO-RUASEglq310SPgBBQBFAF1BaWRczwA&hl=en

beyounged Nov 29, 19 11:57 am

positioning will be a nightmare lol
Great fare though!

horace911 Nov 29, 19 12:05 pm

How much mileage accrual would this be ?

qupasyd Nov 29, 19 12:11 pm

The fare class is Business Promo (D). But a fully flexible Business (C) fare can be had for a bit more, around ~$900 for the round trip.

George84 Nov 29, 19 12:12 pm

Direct flights to CUR from MIA for all the Florida folks

princesakura Nov 29, 19 12:14 pm

I see K and D. That's 1.0 to 1.5 earning rate on all Star Alliance carriers. Roughly 12832 base miles roundtrip.

honzeek_cz Nov 29, 19 12:41 pm

Thank you OP, awesome fare. RT with departure in May, return in October, plus one-way in October.

FaBSy Nov 29, 19 12:49 pm

Greta would be proud of me...flying from Europe to Cental America only to fly back to europe and back with avianca :)

George84 Nov 29, 19 2:02 pm

Secretflying just tweeted this so it should be dead within an hour or so. Get it quick.

B0gdan Nov 29, 19 2:07 pm

I debated whether to get 3 segments like honzeek_cz or just 1. 3 seemed overkill, so ended up getting a one way through BOG and MAD in autumn. Looking forward to it!

honzeek_cz Nov 29, 19 2:15 pm

Works to/from AUA as well!

nk15 Nov 29, 19 2:20 pm

Available in peak summer, too.

rybylee Nov 29, 19 2:30 pm

I was able to get a one-way from AUA with a stopover in BOG before heading on to MUC in March. Thanks, OP for the find!

nldogbert Nov 29, 19 2:43 pm

I jumped in on this too for OW from CUR to DUS. Bought the full fare since I am using this to renew my status for A3*G. With this OW I should make it to renew my status.

Thanks to the OP for sharing. Will wait until it cools down before getting my OW to CUR.


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