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mills1090 Dec 19, 17 9:02 am

Is there 24 hour risk free cancel?

ESFLYER95 Dec 19, 17 9:02 am

Available tomorrow from LAX if anyone can jump on quick enough.

mda03jb Dec 19, 17 9:03 am

Looks like it's gone! Had just got the all clear from my wife & in 5 minutes it's vanished. Good luck to those quick enough to jump on this

brodielayne Dec 19, 17 9:03 am

Cha ching! Thanks OP

355F1 Dec 19, 17 9:05 am

Originally Posted by flycal312 (Post 29192263)
just ticketed me and wife on the air France site over 4th of July in first. thanks op!!

HOLY CRAPPPPP!!! I just booked the same!!!!!

With availability through EoS this has to be a mistake fare!!!!

isaifan Dec 19, 17 9:06 am

Wow. What a Good Sale ;).

I booked on Orbitz forcing a 5-hour layover in CDG to enjoy the lounge.

Shows confirmed on Air France website. Seat 1A already chosen on the A380.

golfingboy Dec 19, 17 9:06 am

Booked for June SFO-LHR! Thanks OP!

ETA: a friend tried booking and its repricing so hurry book on third party sites.

bodory Dec 19, 17 9:06 am

FlyingFrZ Dec 19, 17 9:07 am

Seems gone on AF but delta still shows the low price.

ahcjar103 Dec 19, 17 9:09 am

just booked two on the air france site! what a deal!

Duke787 Dec 19, 17 9:10 am

Amazing find - couldn't find a way to make it work with SFO in the mix but awesome fare. Congrats to all those who got in!

FoxFlyer Dec 19, 17 9:10 am

I just booked two tickets, one in February for a possible ski trip and one over Memorial Day weekend (both LAX-CDG-LHR). Only one of the long-hauls on the new 777 though, but all in LA PREMIERE, so I'll take it!

mills1090 Dec 19, 17 9:10 am

Just grabbed one for May. showing there's a schedule change, cannot pick seats or do anything with my reservation... hmmmm... Yes I know do not call in.

atlion25 Dec 19, 17 9:10 am

Just confirmed on Delta

DAV2355711 Dec 19, 17 9:12 am

Grabbed it on Orbitz.

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