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[FARE GONE] DL: SFO-ATL/JFK-NRT-SIN $1,232.30 ai RT (25,318 mi; 4.9 cpm)

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Why would a DL SkyPesos member do this now that RDMs are earned on ticket cost?

Either for the MQMs, or to actually visit SIN FWIW there are posts in the thread about similar itineraries on AA.

How do I search for dates/prices?

One way is to use ITA Matrix. Click on "Advanced routing codes" and enter something along the lines of:
  • outbound: dl+ dtw nrt
  • inbound: dl+ nrt dtw

NOTE: Basic Economy (E) fares have been spotted on this route and come with heavy restrictions. If you want to exclude E fares from your search you can add f ~bc=e in the separate "extension codes" box

See post 1329 for some screenshots (which are now out of date, the routing codes and extension code have been split into two separate input boxes)

You may wish to experiment with things like dtw,atl or x or even x+. Read the advanced routing codes help for more ideas. (DL no longer flies JFK-NRT nonstop)

I found an itinerary that works for me, how do I book it?
  • you can try a multi-city booking on Kayak or Google Flights and click through to Delta (you can save some effort by omitting the implicit/forced connection through NRT for example)
  • if you are comfortable installing add-ons etc. you can use the ITA userscript (see the wiki at the top of that thread)
  • for the less technically-inclined there is also the Book with Matrix helper site (and its related FT thread)
  • call in if none of the above methods work or e.g. you want to add a stopover

Do I need a visa?

No visa is needed for transits (or in fact for visiting up to 90 days, subject to qualifications)
You can get your boarding passes for your Delta return flight at Transit Lounge D, which opens 3 hours before departure.

What are the best seats?

Assuming you're stuck in Y (no GUCs etc.)
Picking a seat (Delta One, Boeing 777)
Master A330-300 (A333) Best Seats Thread

Will there be wifi on the international legs?

DL now touts International Wi-Fi is available on 100% of all wide body, long-haul aircraft providing near global coverage. Given "long-haul" this may not apply to NRT-SIN.

777s should all have wifi: thread #1, thread #2; although it is still subject to coverage/availability, seems to drop out in the far northern parts of the route, and coming down the Russian coast it seemed like http was slow but working and anything else like https took forever and/or was blocked

Delta doesn't seem to sell the Gogo global day pass on their web site but you can buy it directly from Gogo. You can use the same pass on both domestic and international flights in any order as long as it is within 24 hours.

FlexPerks VISA single-flight passes can NOT be used on international flights (they do not appear as a redemption choice when you sign in to Gogo in flight)

Other related threads:

Delta 763 International Wifi Installation Progress (especially posts #7 and #9)

Delta to add Gogo WiFi to international fleet

SIN airport facilities

If you are doing a quick turn, you can remain airside the whole time. There are a number of 24-hour food outlets in the transit mall areas (center of each terminal)

Each of the 3 terminals has their Transit Hotel on Level 3. Prices are similar for all:
-Terminal 1 - Plaza Premium Lounge recently opened Aerotel. Book at: Aerotel Terminal 1
-Terminal 2 and 3 - Harilela Hospitality runs an Ambassador Transit Hotel in each Terminal, above the Orchid Garden and Movie Theater, respectively. Book at: Ambassador Transit Hotels

Note that you can actually stay in either of the 3, regardless of which Terminal you arrive in. However, when leaving the airport, you need to exit through the same Terminal as that you arrived in.

FT thread on Singapore Airport Lounges

Airport website links:
NOTE: even though the DNATA Sky View lounge lists "Delta Airlines" on the airport web page and appears on a skyteam.com lounge search, it is considered by Delta to be third-party-operated, thus if you are STE+ in Y you will not have access. People have reported gaining access on an upgrade to J but YMMV.

There is free wifi either by receiving a text message code, or by scanning your passport. Previous posts mention just giving an email address, maybe try at the info desks. There are also free Internet stations.

NOTE for U.S. and other ~110V travelers: Singapore uses 230V/50Hz. There are plenty of USB charging ports in the seating areas, and most wall adapters for electronics these days are dual voltage (look for writing on the plug like "Input: 100V-240V") but if not or if you need to plug something else in, bring plug and voltage adapters to be safe.

Things to do in SIN

In descriptions of things to see/do airside, when you see "garden" read "smoking area" especially if you won't be there during daylight, the only other main reason people go there is to smoke.

SkyTrain between terminals runs from 5am-2:30am but you can always walk between any of the terminals as well.

Little More than 24 Hours in Singapore especially post #5 in that thread
Best practices for ~5 hour turnaround at SIN
3 perfect days in Singapore
Singapore's MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)
Destinations > Asia > Singapore FT forum
cheap transportation to Marina Bay Sands (or any hotel) for S$9

Things to do on a long connection through NRT:


Narita Int'l. Airport (NRT) Layover & Hotel Master Thread

There is free wifi in NRT.

Returning to the US

Even if you don't have Global Entry, CBP has a Mobile Passport Control app -- see program info and app website for d/l and list of participating airports which includes ATL (but not DTW)

You will have to pick up checked bags if any, and then everyone has to go through TSA security. International connections usually have their own checkpoint but it may not have PreCheck or CLEAR. If you want to take advantage of either of these, see airport-specific info below.

Through Delta's partnership CLEAR is free for DM, $79 for other Medallions, and $99 for General Members. Click here for more info on the partnership or to sign up.

Relevant FT threads:
Returning via ATL:

Minimum Connection Transfer Time at Atlanta (ATL): The Definitive Thread

CLEAR is now open in ATL but only at the domestic end.

For PreCheck, if you arrive in F, when you exit the hallway from customs there is a ticket desk in front of you. Normally the belt for re-checking bags on the left, and TSA screening beyond that. For PreCheck turn instead to the right (away from the drop-off luggage belt) and exit into the arrivals area, go up the escalators, and then you use the regular F terminal security checkpoint.

(It seems like NRT-ATL usually lands in E though... anyone have info to share?)

Returning via DTW:

Minimum Connection Transfer Time at Detroit (DTW): The Definitive Thread

When you exit customs normally you are directed to the right for rescreening. For PreCheck or CLEAR exit to the left as if you are an local Detroit arriving passenger and you will see some escalators in front of you. Go up 3 sets of escalators (there is a security checkpoint after the 2nd set but it does not have PreCheck). There is also an elevator.

The configuration as of Jan 2017 was, CLEAR without PreCheck was near the top of the escalators. If you have both CLEAR and PreCheck, there is a separate CLEAR lane on the right.

Duty Free Liquids

This post from 2014 says liquor etc must be checked as they cannot pass through screening in NRT/TSA. However this may have changed since then, and duty-free purchases in a Sealed Tamper-Evident Bag (STEB) might be permitted:



FT: Bringing Duty-Free Liquids into USA with a Connecting Flight

If you have any experience with this, please share!

IRROPS handling:

Good at least for one DM: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/21923836-post7.html

Trip Reports/Tips:

2016: Dec, Nov, Oct #1, Oct #2, Oct #3, Sep, Apr, Feb

2015: Nov #1, Nov #2, Oct, Sep

2014: Dec, Nov #1, Nov #2, Nov #3, Nov #4, Nov #5, Oct, Sep #1, Sep #2

2013: Oct
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Originally Posted by hockeyinsider View Post
And it's more MQMs.

Just a FYI: You should be able to route home through Honolulu, which should net you at least 2,000 more MQMs.
Didn't know that, will have to check it out and see how fares price out next time I'm looking to head to Singapore!
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Originally Posted by Youngmiler View Post
I ended up in Main Cabin for NRT-DTW (PE and D1 went out full, upgrade list has 13 pax for both list with identical names (I was in the middle of the list). Only two cleared for PE and none for D1.

I think a couple of D1 seats were Airbus or DL engineers because after boarding we had some issues and I noticed people moving around with laptops accompanied by crew and maintenance staff.

I second doing ATL-NRT on 777 over DTW-NRT on A350.
We flew the A350 DTW-NRT on 11/7 and NRT-DTW on 11/13. We cleared both directions NRT-SIN-NRT, but nothing at all on the A350.

On the way over, nobody cleared D1 or PE upgrades. We were close to the top of the list, but the flight was 0/0 several hours before departure with no upgrades processed.

On the way back, they upgraded 1 to D1 and 2 to PE. We were at the top of the list at this point, but no great consolation there.

Beyond the initial demand for the new products, there were "A350 Support Team" staff in every cabin occupying seats that could have been ours. We also left nonrevs at the gate in both directions. And no offense to this support team staff, but they made a total cluster of the process of boarding and getting the flight off the gate, massively overcomplicating what is a routine process for DL gate and cabin staff to just do very well on their own.

I would have much preferred the ATL flight and would have booked this instead if we had any idea they would swap to the A350 on the DTW route. As A350 deliveries roll out and the refurbs happen on the 777, this will probably settle down, but for now I'm booking ATL from now on.
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Old Nov 19, 17, 2:38 am
Original Poster
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I agree and pick ATL whenever I can but sometimes the flights thru ATL cost considerably more. That was the case with our trip out Nov 29 thru ATL back thru DTW Dec 13 as ATL back would have been more and coming thru DTW there is no C+ so we pick either bulkhead or exit rows or else you end up like sardines in the y. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. Keep comments and questions and reports coming!
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Old Nov 23, 17, 11:22 am
Original Poster
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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Travels

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all readers and posters and fellow travelers and MRers. HavIng an attitude of Thanksgiving and gratitude will help you to feel better and all those you interact with and you will always have better days that way even when things donít go as well as planned. Some of those variations in lifeís journey bring new friends or experiences that you would have missed out on. If you are traveling - safe and happy travels, may the security lines be fast and efficient (hopefully you have PreChek, Global Entry and Clear). Thank the troops for their commitment to preserving our freedom and God for inspiring our forefathers to establish our great country with our freedom and our Bill of Rights in our constitution! Have an absolutely wonderful day wherever you are and whoever you are with - family, loved ones or friends. God Bless America and may Godís richest and most special blessings be yours as you continue your journey through life!
His love and ours to each of you!
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Old Nov 24, 17, 2:04 pm
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Bose QC 25 cyber Monday special

According to USA Today Walmart, also available from Best Buy, Target and Amazon, is offering Bose QC 25 noise cancelling headphones for $179, a $100 saving on cyber Monday. QC 35 are newest model and cost $300 plus. Do a search on Google for closest location to you. That is a great price if you are looking for a pair. Happy shopping and travels. Get your flu shot!

Last edited by Csfing1; Nov 25, 17 at 6:51 pm Reason: Add info
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Old Nov 26, 17, 6:40 pm
Original Poster
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Bose store same price for QC 25 - $179

Not such a big deal after all, sorry for the earlier misleading post. Happy Travels!
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Old Nov 28, 17, 12:23 pm
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Originally Posted by Speedis1 View Post
Thanks chukieB!

Im doing a sea-nrt-sin-nrt-sea from oct 28-31st as well. You wouldnt happen to be on any of those Legs would ya?
Super late response, sorry, but just saw this (don't live on the board as much as I might like). Naw, I flew 13-15 Nov. Good flight, I thought. The A350 was pretty darned amazing. Loved how quiet it was, it almost hurt when I got on the 767 in NRT. Hope your flights went well.
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Old Nov 29, 17, 3:02 am
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Heading out today Nov 29 IAH ATL NRT SIN

If anyone on this flight look for us ATL NRT SIN not returning till Dec 13 SIN NRT DTW (get A350 on ret, but no C+, only PS so we got exit row in back as we have no GUC for this trip) IAH. Nov 29 ATL NRT 30D, NRT SIN 17C. If you are in SC at NRT have some time. Hope we get to meet some readers and MRers. Found only one fare worth mentioning $707.06 Jan 22-24 IAH ATL NRT SIN NRT ATL IAH 21,734 MQM 3.25 cpm $​​​​​712.66 Jan 21-24, ​​$718.04 Jan 21-25
Tried other dates and cities thru April - this was the best fare. Doing our ON at IAH arrived late as we had to make a refueling stop at DFW as there was some fog at IAH and we didnít have enough fuel for alternate airport. Flight to ATL at 7:10.
Happy Travels and Blessings. Keep reports, questions and comments coming!

Last edited by Csfing1; Nov 29, 17 at 3:08 am Reason: Add information
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New Airbus for SIN MR

Now that DL is phasing out C+ in favor of PS and removing complimentary upgrades to PS...will this end MRs to SIN? Thoughts?
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Originally Posted by McMichaelNY View Post
Now that DL is phasing out C+ in favor of PS and removing complimentary upgrades to PS...will this end MRs to SIN? Thoughts?
Maybe. The exit row seats while comfy enough, have their trays at the side which can be inconvenient.
Also, it means seating further back in the plane.
Makes things worse when I cannot get PS all the way with SIN-NRT currently remaining C+.
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Last edited by angra; Jan 15, 18 at 10:01 pm
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Originally Posted by angra View Post
for me it will depend on how pricing ends up. PS comes with 150% MQM, right?
Yes. Verified. Will also put you in First Class (A) for connecting flights.
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I agree depends on pricing. Can just go MU business if the same price as Delta PS at least on MU for Delta spend they (Delta) just calculate it as gross cost for the ticket of what an unristricted business class ticket they would charge so possible cost is $2k and you get calculated at $8k Delta spend so two tickets like that you cover your Delta spend for Diamond 2019.
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I'm looking at flights from MSP to Singapore. Routing via DTW puts me close to those lovely suites. Any insight on the odds of an upgrade into one of those, since Delta is now talking about doing international upgrades?
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Originally Posted by Romelle View Post
I'm looking at flights from MSP to Singapore. Routing via DTW puts me close to those lovely suites. Any insight on the odds of an upgrade into one of those, since Delta is now talking about doing international upgrades?
Very unlikely, but a couple of people on the master global upgrade certificate thread have said they got the upgrade. I wouldn't take the chance. By all accounts, it's easy to upgrade between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Tokyo-Haneda. You could then land transfer to Tokyo-Narita for the Delta flight to Singapore.
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