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CO/AA/UA SFO-GIG (Rio de Janeiro) $486+ $589-592 ai

CO/AA/UA SFO-GIG (Rio de Janeiro) $486+ $589-592 ai

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US visa policy doesn't always mean higher costs. The us charges $131 for an equivalent visa for brazilians. The rest of the fees (inter-company transfers, entertainer, etc) are reciprocity fees imposed by the US in retaliation against brazil. The visa given to foreigners for the US can be up to 10 years (although 5 for brazilians because of reciprocity) and is multiple entry. It can even be used in a different passport should one passport expire (reciprocity). This is one of the cheapest multiple entry visas on a per-year, per-entry basis. (Specific restrictions and stay limitations imposed by CBP at the border complicate this comparison)

Now what can cost more is that the US requires in general that people ages 14-80 be present for an original visa application (often not needed for renewal, depends on country). If you live a long way away it can cost hundreds or thousands more to get a first visa including travel costs and missing days of work.

The visa fees are unlikely to go lower. The consular visa units are financed by these fees - not the brick and mortar facility but the people and processes. What is interesting is to see what would happen if the US charged different countries different prices based on the actual cost of service - it would be $20-30 per application from Taiwan and upwards of $800 in a country like Nigeria, where 80% of immigrant applications are referred to a heavily staffed fraud prevention unit where consular staff travels in armed convoys to investigate applicants and receives significant hazard pay. But the political implications of having drastically higher visa fees for the poorest countries is a no-go.

Roughly 8 million applications non-immigrant visas were received in 2008 with 6.2 million of these accepted (excluding diplomatic and border cards for mexican citizens) even cutting fees by half would cost ~$450 million. Additionally, a reduction in fees would logically cause an increase in applications from high-cost countries (i.e. Nigeria) where cost of processing is already several times the application fee.

I honestly don't make any value judgements in the above - just laying out how complicated it is.

Originally Posted by N1120A View Post
Write your Congressional Rep. US Customs and Immigration policy as pertains to tourists (and just about everything else) has been idiotic for the last 8 years or so.
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Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
Brazilian visa fees suck. Apparently the US charges Brazilians $400-600 for Visas, so they retaliate and treat US people badly at the Brazilian embassies in the US. Get your Brazilian visas waaay in advance.
Brazilian visa fees suck because US visa fees suck for Brazilians. The Brazilian system for all countries is 100% reciprocity, nothing more. (This is why UK citizens don't need a visa to enter Brazil.)

And if by treating US citizens badly you mean anything other than charging a lot of money (e.g., if you meant they are rude), that simply isn't true, at least no more so than your average consular official from any other country. Lines are long, just like the case for every other country's consulate.

Brazil offers expedited visa applications -- 3 days, max -- just like consulates of most countries do. You can send a courier if you live near a consulate or handle it by mail. It's an incredibly easy process.
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Wirelessly posted (FlyerTalk.com/wap is fun : BlackBerry9530/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105)

Isn't us supposed to start flying this route this fall also? Brazil may stay cheap for a while.
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I just put a UA LAX-IAD-GIG r/t on hold for $563.

For some reason, ITA was showing that JFK routings (p.s.!!) were valid and did not raise the price, but I was unable to include them when booking on .bomb.

All L-class inventory between JFK=LAX/SFO seems to be zeroed out.
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I grabbed one a few days ago with a little sidetrip for a few $$ less.

Great fare for UA to GIG too bad in L but iad-gig is now a 777.
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