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BackOfTheBus Sep 6, 02 9:21 pm

Good until Nov. 5. See for travel dates.

Comes to $126-$136 w/taxes.

keithguy Sep 8, 02 1:09 am

Also good on UA from BOS, BDL, and NYC ($88).

Same fare for MCO-IND/CMH/BOS/BDL/NYC($88)

Same fare for FLL/PBI-BOS/BDL/NYC($88)


hp175 Sep 28, 11 9:57 am

bos sevices
how many cites did ua serve from Boston?

MKEbound Sep 28, 11 11:04 am

This thread is 9 years old....????

neuron Sep 28, 11 11:12 am


I had to look to see what MR has been going on for 9 years!

Though if you are looking for a similar jaunt, there is an NYC-MYR MR posted here!

BackOfTheBus Sep 29, 11 9:13 am

I guess I have been checking this forum for 9 years now... but never until today had I excitedly opened one of my own posts! :D

EWR764 Sep 29, 11 9:18 am

Jeez, you had me going for a second!

Clincher Sep 29, 11 10:50 am


JFKSFOLAX_friend Sep 29, 11 10:53 am

Originally Posted by Clincher (Post 17193364)


jpdx Sep 29, 11 12:36 pm

In accordance with FT TOS, please refrain from bumping very old threads.

--jpdx, MR Moderator

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