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X31 Mar 31, 19 9:15 am

DL: JFK-UIO / UIO-YYZ (183 USD) or JFK-UIO / UIO-YUL (195 USD) - 5 days min. in Nov
For this to work at this price, you have to stay 5 days in Quito, Ecuador.
So this is more for those who would like to have a cheap holiday rather than only for the miles.

For those living in the US, you may be able to find a connection on the return flight in JFK and miss the last segment.
For those living in Canada, you will have to position to JFK for the first flight.

You can work in a lot of stops on the way without changing the fare.

Books in V for all segments. No idea what the earning is, but you guys will figure it out I'm sure!

Works on some dates in November 2019, but not a lot. Maybe some people will find out more possible dates.

JFK-UIO / UIO-YYZ for 183 USD :JFK-UIO / UIO-YUL for 195 USD :

Schweden Mar 31, 19 9:33 am

Nice find! Booking a Comfort+ fare for all 3 Delta segments comes in at $323.

chunky649 Mar 31, 19 3:51 pm

I see this on many of the cheap-fare mailing list this afternoon. I try booking a week's trip to Quito or Lima for a week out of NYC, ORD, CLE and the cheapest I found was ~$240usd. At this price level, and having to get at least 1 positioning flight ($100 or more), it is not worth the hassle, especially when there are quite regular deals to Quito throughout the last year for under $300 from different airports.

dcas Mar 31, 19 6:11 pm

Picked up JFK-ATL-UIO; UIO-ATL-YYZ; $182 and decent mileage earning.

WrigleyGirl Mar 31, 19 6:51 pm

Snagged this out of ORD. I figure I can get something back from Atlanta or New York, or I have some 230 days to find a cheap flight back from Montreal, where I can stay and explore for a few days. $195.

Oj778 Mar 31, 19 7:06 pm

I booked the following:

for $195 USD on Delta

Now to look for cheap flights to the Galapagos Islands

LBJ Mar 31, 19 9:58 pm

It's basically a fuel dump where you dumping roughly $200 in YR fees by returning to Canada instead of US. The DL VNNA3NMQ fare actually has a 3-day (not 5-day) min stay requirement. VLNA8SMQ has seasonality restrictions -- TO CANADA - PERMITTED ON 01JAN OR 09JAN THROUGH 22FEB OR 26FEB THROUGH 20JUL OR 21AUG THROUGH 21DEC OR 25DEC THROUGH 31DEC FOR EACH GATEWAY DEPARTURE. Of course, you will need to find dates with V bucket.

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