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tomasdev Jun 30, 17 7:09 pm

MU/SKY: 40k Skymiles / 31k MQM at 4.5cpm (2 LEG IN J)
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Miles: 7393*.3+682+713+4850*.3+4850*1.75+713*2.5+682+7393*.3
MQM: 7393+682*1.5+713*1.5+4850+4850*1.5+713*1.5+682*1.5+7393
Diamond Miles: 40037 7393*.3*2.2 + 682*2.2 + 713*2.2 + 4850*.3*2.2 + 4850*(1.75+2.2) + 713*(2.5+2.2) + 682*2.2 + 7393*.3*2.2
MQD: 7393*.06+682*.2+713*.2+4850*.06+4850*.35+713*.5+682*.2+7393*.06

Pretty amazing.

27k miles flown, one of the legs is a 10hr flight (SYD-HGH in business)
31k MQM (4.5cpm)
18k Skymiles for non-members – 40k for DM

All math included, feel free to ask for explanations. :)

there are cheaper dates in October/November but fully Economy (exclude Z and Q from ITA)

tkelsay Jun 30, 17 7:59 pm

Great price to Sydney in biz, thanks for sharing.

Edit - ah just looked closer and saw the economy legs. Thought it was all biz at first! Thanks anyways.

tomasdev Jun 30, 17 10:10 pm

Full economy for $830 (T and B fares) - 27974 MQM via JFK-PVG-PEK-NKG-SYD @ 2.9cpm

RobOnLI Jun 30, 17 11:17 pm

Includes an overnight in Beijing on the outbound and a 7+ hour layover in Hangzhou on the outbound before then riding coach to SYD. On the return it's an overnight in Hangzhou as well.

This isn't a business fare per se. You do get one of the longer segments in business which is nice. But that's about it. Factor in two hotel nights and/or sleeping in the airport in Beijing and Hangzhou.

I just flew through Hangzhou last week on MF. Not a great airport to be stuck in for a long time. The ST+ lounge was OK but food choice was lacking as was beverage choice.


KissFlyGoodbye Jul 1, 17 1:02 am

What's the minimum stay for this fare? 7 days?

RonDEN Jul 3, 17 9:12 am

How do I book this
how do i book this?

skchin Jul 3, 17 11:10 am

Call your local travel agent.

tomasdev Jul 5, 17 12:07 am

Or use ITA + Script ;)

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