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yuel May 9, 17 10:07 am

UA: mia-phx $96 ai
Avail til sept, mostly weekday flt

FLA77 May 9, 17 10:32 am

Excellent find. Same day turnaround available as well. All for less than 2 cpm!

prister May 9, 17 5:48 pm

now as low as $82... same day turnaround available (one stop at IAH or ORD, which racks up more miles if you fly via ORD)

PV_Premier May 9, 17 7:13 pm

wow! :eek:

FLA77 May 9, 17 7:36 pm

Originally Posted by PV_Premier (Post 28290750)
wow! :eek:

And gone!

yuel May 10, 17 12:47 pm

Now there's was-phx from $90 ai this summer

FLA77 May 10, 17 4:01 pm

Originally Posted by yuel (Post 28293978)
Now there's was-phx from $90 ai this summer

$87 - wow! thanks for posting! Unfortunately I cannot use, since it will take me $300 just to get to IAD and back!

wavid May 12, 17 10:49 am

And it's back (mia-phx)! $86 roundtrip

PV_Premier May 12, 17 11:27 am

Originally Posted by wavid (Post 28303287)
And it's back (mia-phx)! $86 roundtrip

available sporadically until August 11th

always via ORD or IAH

yuel May 12, 17 12:48 pm

I need was to phx to come back, booked 6 itins , getting ready to do a 7th but it disappears with 5 mins of doing num 6

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