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hreamer Dec 19, 04 1:49 pm

Hyatt, Drake, or Intercontinental?
Hey all,

I am starting a new gig in downtown ORD early up next near. Will be there a minimum of 10 weeks, perhaps much longer. My hotel choices are the Hyatt Regency, the Drake, or the Intercontinental? Was wondering if anyone out there had experience with all or some of these hotels to help me make a choice.

I am Diamond with Hyatt, nothing but lowest tier with Hilton or Priority Club, if you think that makes a difference.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


jonu Dec 20, 04 3:10 pm

Is the Park Hyatt possible?

hreamer Dec 20, 04 7:08 pm

no chance at the Park Hyatt :( ....just the Regency

Non-NonRev Dec 20, 04 11:47 pm

From a geographical POV, all are either on N. Michigan Avenue (the IC) or just off of that major street (the Hy and the Drake). The Drake is furthest north, the IC in the middle and the HY furthest south (on the south bank of the River, on Wacker Drive). If you intend to walk to and from your office (when weather permits) this may be a factor in your decision.

jonu Dec 21, 04 6:51 am

I live in Chicago now so don't stay in hotels here (much) anymore. But I did stay at the Hyatt about 5 years ago. OK, rooms a bit old, location worse of all 3 as far as what is available right out the door (though might be fastest location via cab to the Loop straight down Wacker).

I agree that the locations are fairly different, so make sure to look into that if you'll be walking. The IC is definitely most in the middle of everything as far as shopping and restaurants. As for more individual hotel reviews, try each of the separate boards (Hyatt, Hilton, ICH).

milepig Dec 21, 04 9:55 pm

Hands down - Intercontinental.

The Hyatt is a huge convention hotel - impersonal and actually just your basic cookie-cutter Hyatt. Nothing wrong with it, but just big.

Word on the Drake for years has been that it is living on it's reputation although I have no personal experience. It is at the far end of Michigan avenue, not that any of the properties are that far from the middle of everything.

The Intercontinental gets many good reviews from my friends who travel frequently and who stay there. It has a generally good reputation.

hreamer Dec 23, 04 7:25 am

Thanks for all your help! Sounds like the Intercontinental is the way to go.

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