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Mary2e Apr 6, 04 12:06 pm

Which Airport for Chicago???
Yes, I know my question doesn't belong here, but I need an answer pretty quickly & I can't FIND where to ask it :p

I need to get myself to the Chicago Convention Center on McCormick place. Which airport is better to use MDW or ORD?

Many thanks..

I promise I'll look for the right topic next time :D

nerd Apr 6, 04 12:18 pm

MDW is closer to McCormick place than ORD is.

ScottC Apr 6, 04 12:20 pm

Let me help you out by providing a redirect to the correct forum :)

Mary2e Apr 6, 04 12:24 pm

Thanks much!

Scott, you can yell and/or close it now :)

jfe Apr 6, 04 12:25 pm

Moderator Move
Well, it could go into TravelBuzz! or in the Chicago Forum , but I will move it to the Chicago forum

With the new system, the post will remain in OMNI, but will redirect it over there.

So everyone in can still see it in OMNI, and when opened, it will take them to the new thread location.

anonplz Apr 6, 04 2:49 pm

Midway is definitely the way to go, Mary! :)

Mary2e Apr 6, 04 3:34 pm

Flights booked to Midway.... Thanks.

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