miles not redeemed notice in mail

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miles not redeemed notice in mail

Today I recieved a notice from Midwest miles program partner - looking all official etc ...needing to act before December 28, 2009 DEADLINE. Saying they encourage all Midwest miles member to use their miles for magazines. Big letters etc.

Question: Miles on Midwest are still good right?

Is this just the magazines trying to get me to burn my miles with them?

I hope I was clear in what I am saying here.

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Miles on Midwest are definitely still good -- nothing is happening to them.

The magazine partners for Midwest and other FF programs periodically send stuff out, especially to members with relativley small or low-activity accounts. The expiration date they speak of is mostly likely for the particular offer they are making.

Miles can expire on most airlines for inactivity, and if you haven't had any Midwest activity in a few years, you probably should call to make sure your account isn't about to be zeroed out. That's the only real danger, and if you have had at least some activity you're fine.
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I received one also & it has only been 7 months since I have had any activity.
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I have an elderly family member, who got taken in by this same type of notice.

It had been less than a year, since she had any activity, so her miles were obviously not expiring, but she was coerced into subscribing to magazines that she would not have been interested in, under normal circumstances. She apparently got "taken" twice by this practice, which greatly reduced her account balance.

YX - please put some pressure on this "partner" to revise their practice. I am sure there were many people, who mistakenly were lead to believe that their mileage status was "use it or lose it."
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Don't Panic - It's only Magazines

We realize there is some confusion around this offer. There are actually 2 "versions" that went out. Recently active members received a mailing which is not urgent in nature offering magazines as a redemption option. Less frequent members received a mailing urging them to act quickly. Both copies state that the magazine offer expires December 28, 2009 "Redeem your miles for the enclosed rewards by December 28, 2009". We do work with the magazine company each year on the language used. Unfortunately there is a small population of members that read it incorrectly, which is true on most advertising messages these days. If in doubt, or confused, we hope our members would contact us for clarification. We'll work harder on the language next year. We apologize for the confusion.
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Thank you for your responses. You have confirmed what I thought.

The "adverstisement" for this reminds me of publishers clearing house etc...I can see how someone could be taken in, unkowingly.

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