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Flying Machine Jun 3, 19 6:37 pm

Shuttle from TLV to Old Tel Aviv Port Area
My son will arrive from SFO on the UA flight on a Monday evening ( 20:00 arrival) in a few weeks from now. Is there a shuttle service, rather than a taxi which is 150 new shekels he’ll have two large bags and trying to save him a few dollars over a taxi. I don’t think he will be able to take the train or bus with his belongings. He staying in the Old Tel Aviv Port area near the river and Park ..

lastly from deplaning through immigration and retrieving luggage how long does that typically take? Thanks in advance and enjoy your travels…

craz Jun 3, 19 9:44 pm

AFAIK there are shuttles only to Jerusalem and Haifa

hopefully someone will post a # to a private driver that will be less than a taxi

As for timing thru to outside customs, it all depends. For 1 thing I get thru passport control usually rather fast (US Citizen) but then wait as it usually takes apx 45 mins till the bags start coming out from arrival time. I usually arrive early afternoon and if we delayed then getting thru Passport control can take a week as many flights from Eastern Europe and some LCCs are arriving also and are usually mainly non-Israelis , so that leads to very long lines that go very slowly in the Foreign Passports lanes,

fwiw 'Priority tags on bags dont usually help any at least with UAs EWR flights, Ive had at times my bags end up being with the last dz to come out even with them being tagged, too many times to count

mbgg Jun 5, 19 3:33 am

There is no shuttle (sherut). The 445 bus goes from the airport into Tel-Aviv, along Allenby and Ben-Yehuda, past the Old Port to the Reading bus terminal. You can find a list of stops on and check the walking distance to where he is staying.

ijkh Jun 6, 19 3:10 am

You could take the train to from Airport to Savidor Center then taxi from train to Port area. Train is very pleasant. I am not sure where you pick it up at the airport. Perhaps someone else could tell you. Use the Gett app to find the fast honest cheap taxi.

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