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mbgg Nov 15, 18 5:31 am

Originally Posted by jblueflyer (Post 30428362)
Wow, Im definitely using this when Im back in Jerusalem. Getting to TLV and back within a predictable time window is next to impossible. We almost missed our flight last time around.

Did you plan to arrive at the terminal three hours before departure?

jblueflyer Nov 15, 18 7:30 am

Originally Posted by mbgg (Post 30431812)
Did you plan to arrive at the terminal three hours before departure?

Oh yes, we did ! IIRC we took a private cab and not a sheerut and still only made it just in time. People warned us that security will take longer than most airports but they were quite efficient IMO, it was getting to the airport that took longer than planned.

alphaeagle Nov 24, 18 9:56 am

So if I'm understanding correctly, anyone can take the train from Jerusalem to the airport. Just those with a personal card will need a voucher and can get a free ticket? I'd just go to the station, buy a ticket at an automated machine, load it onto my anonymous Rav Kav card and be on my way? Just confused as it seems you are suppose to have a voucher, which I can't get without a personal card. And I would rather not be figuring this out while trying to get to the airport, so any guidance would be appreciated.

joshwex90 Nov 25, 18 1:03 am

No more need for a voucher. Anyone can ride the train.

If you have a Rav-Kav, you can "buy" a ticket at the station in Jerusalem to anywhere in the country (one-way or round-trip) for free. Otherwise, you pay for your ticket (e.g. paper one-way ticket, paying in advance online for a ticket on Rav-Kav).
When starting at TLV, you can now also get a free ticket if "buying" on a Rav-Kav to Jerusalem Navon (this is as of last Thursday).

fransknorge Dec 20, 18 7:59 am

What is the current status of this ?
Would it run a Saturday afternoon ? Is having a Rav-Kav still mandatory or can tourists purchase a ticket at Ben Gurion ?

TWA884 Dec 20, 18 10:11 am

Originally Posted by fransknorge (Post 30556773)
Would it run a Saturday afternoon ?

It will never run on Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath (a few minutes before sunset on Friday through approximately an hour after sundown on Saturday).

fransknorge Dec 20, 18 1:45 pm

Thanks. I was not sure when Shabbat ended exactly.

GUWonder Jul 17, 19 10:56 am

How reliable has the service been overall? Any experience with the kind of delays or cancellations (if any) that it has been facing in either direction in the last four months?

A relatively recent post in another thread on this forum mentioned that the train is unreliable. How unreliable is it?

mbgg Jul 17, 19 3:04 pm

It is still sufficiently unreliable that I don't recommend using the train going TO the airport because you don't want any chance of missing the flight, no matter how small.

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