Two weeks in Jordan - too much?

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Two weeks in Jordan - too much?

We do plan to take it slowly, as the husband has health issues that mean he can't rush from spot to spot and would prefer not to hotel hop. On the itinerary are 2-3 days Amman sights, Jerash, Madaba, Desert Castles, 2-3 days Petra, Wadi Rum, and a few days relaxing at a Dead Sea resort before heading home. However a friend is insisting that we'll be bored of Jordan and should plan to split the time 50/50 with Israel. I know this is very subjective, but any input appreciated.
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So, I've spent about three nights in Jordan and have spent maybe four weeks in Israel. I'd go with spending time in Jordan. Unless you are Christian/Jewish religious, I don't see a whole lot of interesting things to do in Israel. Jordan OTOH has plenty of interesting sights. Petra certainly at least two full days. Jerash is on my list. Wadi Rum. I'm sure Amman could take up several days. Taking it slow is always good. I hate the "It's Tuesday, it must be Belgium tours." You'll have a great time. Do it your way. Don't listen to others. But if you do go to Israel, make sure you get to Bethlehem on your own and visit the tourist information area and talk to some Palestinian Christians about their struggles. And don't pay too much attention to Jewish tour guides. (OK, I'm prejudiced.)

In all things travel, do what YOU want to do.
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You're already up to about 12 days with that itinerary, and I don't see any place to cut. My wife and I took 11 days this past March to cover much the same ground, we don't have any health issues that limited our speed, and we only took one day at the end to relax at the Jordan Valley Marriott. You won't have time to do Israel any kind of justice. I say this despite not being nearly as negative about Israel as the previous poster, but between Jerusalem, Nazareth, the nearby excavations at Sepporis (don't miss those), the old and artsy city of Safed, Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, the modern coastal cities of Tel-Aviv and Haifa, etc., etc. ... Half of a twelve-day trip isn't enough in Israel any more than it would be in Jordan. Don't push to do too much. Save Israel for a separate trip. Those big airplanes go back and forth to both places every day, after all.

(Not paying attention to Jewish tour guides in Israel is about as practical, and makes about as much sense as, not paying attention to Muslim tour guides in Jordan or Catholic tour guides in Italy. Unless you go out of your way to find them, you won't run into any other kind in most of the country. As long as you take what any tour guide anywhere says about his or her home country with a grain of salt, there is no reason to do that.)
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Thank you both. It's helpful to hear from those who have visited before. We really prefer to spend more time in one country rather than constantly traveling and only skimming the surface, so I'm more confident in my choice.
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We spent two weeks in Jordan and didn't see everything. I don't see Aqaba on your list, but it is worth a day or two.
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Originally Posted by DesertNomad View Post
We spent two weeks in Jordan and didn't see everything. I don't see Aqaba on your list, but it is worth a day or two.
Funny you should mention, we've been fleshing out the trip and added Aqaba. Anything you recommend?
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No, you won't be bored. Jordan has much to offer and it is great to do it at a relaxing pace and really see the area well. I am planning a return visit for this year as my first trip was way too fast. And do go to Jerash. It was spectacular.

Aqaba - we did a breakfast cruise on the Red Sea and it was fantastic. If you are divers, it does offer some diving.
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I know this thread was from a couple months ago, any update on your trip?

I spent 11 days in Jordan. Next time I go back it'll be for 11 years! I love it there. The history is amazing - Petra, Roman, early Christianity, Early Ummayad, Ajlun castle from the time of Saladin's defenses during the Crusades... all the way up to WWI with the setting for Lawrence of Arabia. If you love history, you'll never get board of Jordan. Not to mention a few of the natural wonders you're already planning to see like the Wadi and The Dead Sea (check that out before it disappears).

I would think 2 weeks is just enough to inspire your next trip.
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