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Billiken Jan 15, 15 9:12 am

Buy Duty Free Liqour in BAH - Transit KWI
If I purchase duty free alcohol in Bahrain will I have any issues if it is in my carry-on when transiting KWI?

I will not be leaving the airport/KWI, but will go to the Dasman Lounge.

Thank you.

westmideast Jan 20, 15 5:05 am

You will likely face a problem.

SMFlagg Jan 21, 15 12:11 pm

Originally Posted by westmideast (Post 24199587)
You will likely face a problem.

Disagree. If you are allowed to purchase it in Bahrain and enter the aircraft (assuming it's UA981), just keep it hidden if you aren't leaving the airport. The luggage scanners aren't until you are already past immigration, so no one will know you have it if you stay before that point.

Was there a few days ago, the main Dasman lounge was closed for renovation. There is a small satellite lounge at the end of the terminal. Pearl lounge is open, however.

westmideast Jan 21, 15 10:56 pm

Depends on your transit destination. If its UA981 and you leave the gate, your bag will be scanned/searched once you try to come back to the gate. Likewise for some other carriers/destinations (such as BA, Lufthansa, etc). Obviously if you remain in the gate, there will be no opportunity for your bag to be scanned/searched unless there is an extraordinary circumstance. But the OP did mention he intended to go to the lounge.

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