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ELO Oct 19, 12 11:35 am

Cairo in a day
Hi all

I have a couple of friends who are visiting Cairo for just over 8 hours they , want to visit the Pyramids and the Museum , can anyone suggest how they go about doing this without being ripped off ,

Kind regards


pinniped Oct 19, 12 12:02 pm

Check the Middle East board: there are a few good links in there to firms who can arrange a driver for the day. (Disclaimer: I went in 2009 so I don't know how much has changed since the Arab Spring.)

Rates for drivers all over Egypt, including Cairo, were quite reasonable IMHO. We paid about $50/day (250 EGP) for a Corolla-type vehicle to do a whole day of Pyramids: Giza, Saqqara, and Dahshur. That was from Central Cairo, so an airport origination might be a little higher but shouldn't be outrageously so. That was driver-only: no guide.

You could also haggle with regular Cairo cabbies outside the arrivals area. In theory, that might be the rock-bottom cheap (and most adventurous) way to do it. I just hated the older-style Cairo cabs and liked having a modern vehicle dedicated to me. For a short eight hours in the country, I'd pay extra for the convenience and peace of mind.

Oh, and skip the carpet factory that your driver will inevitably try to take you to. You may need to be strong about this, as "no trip to Cairo is complete without a trip to a carpet factory." Uh, yeah, it is. :rolleyes: We tipped our guy well and we bought his lunch, but we did NOT waste time at a carpet factory.

clacko Oct 19, 12 12:15 pm

further down in the threads is can search the me egypt sub forum for cairo....might find something...

obscure2k Oct 19, 12 12:29 pm

Please follow this thread in the FT Middle East Forums
TravelBuzz Moderator

globe_spinner Oct 19, 12 12:42 pm

I know a guide there. His email is [email protected]
and his phone number is Tel # Egypt: +20123121551. He will pick you up at the airport in a aircon Mercedes van, and you will get not only a well-educated English speaking guide, but a Driver/Security.

My family has used his services a couple of times--last time was last April.
he is dependable, great English and will not try and take you anywhere you donít want to go (just tell him exactly what you want). Inside the museum he has connections (no waiting) and access to things that most people donít get to see. Example: Our guide he provided us (Mehmet) was a PhD Egyptologist with perfect English and family living in Newport Beach California. He knew everyone who worked at the museum and had people open cases so that we could see small items up close. As well as things that were in storage.

But this will cost you. $200/day. Iím not sure if that is what you are looking for. But you will be treated like a VIP from start to finish.

Best of luck!

ELO Oct 19, 12 1:12 pm


Thank you so much for all the info , there is a lot to go with , I am sorry i did not put this post in the right section so thank you for moving it to the correct forum

Kind regards ELO

pinniped Oct 19, 12 3:51 pm

Mercedes van with a driver plus a guide who has hookups at the museum and won't try to hard-sell you a carpet?

That sounds like $200 very well spent... ^

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