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Serpent Jun 29, 12 9:28 pm

14hrs in DOH - Local help needed.
I have a 14hr layover in DOH in July. Landing around 6:30-7pm and leaving around 9am. I'm thinking of staying at W or Ritz.

What are some good bars to get a drink/eat? A place where I can have fun ;)

How is the traffic on a Thursday morning? Airport overly busy in the AM?

Thanks guys ^

mecabq Jul 1, 12 1:26 am

There isn't a lot of fun to be had in Doha, but if that's what you're after, then the W is your best bet. The Market is a good restaurant and bar, the Spice Market has a decent happy hour (though it might be over by the time you arrive), and Wahm and Crystal Lounge are probably the best night spots in town. For somewhat less upscale places, you could try the Radisson Blu (formerly Ramada), which has several decent bars and restaurants. Also see some more recommendations here.

Also, the W is slightly closer (maybe 10 minutes in the evening; 15 in the morning) to the airport than the Ritz-Carlton. There will be solid traffic when you arrive and when you leave; it should take 20-30 minutes to get between the airport and the W.

You are leaving at a peak time, so the airport will be fairly crowded. If you're flying Y, I would recommend on-line check-in to save time.

Serpent Jul 1, 12 7:22 pm

Thank you sir! Exactly what I needed to know!

I'm not trying to party or go clubbing, just want to go to a good lounge/bar that is not deserted to have a couple of drinks. I'd also rather stay where that bar/lounge is so I can just go up to my room and snooze...upscale or otherwise does not matter to me.:D

Wozza2404 Jul 2, 12 6:47 am

Shehrazad Sports Bar in the Ramada Plaza is where I spend most of my free time in Doha. I don't think I've ever seen it empty.

Carry your passport, though, as they can be funny about letting you in without it.

Serpent Jul 2, 12 9:14 pm

Since you both recommended the Ramada plaza bars I tried to get a room to no avail. So, I decided to go with W because its close enough to Renaissance and Four Seasons if I feel like going to check out the recommended places in those two hotels too!

Thanks guys!

mecabq Jul 3, 12 12:59 am

I am shocked that there are no rooms at the Ramada/Radisson in July. It's off-season in town. Maybe there is a glitch in the reservation system(s) given that management changed over on July 1?

Oh, well, I would also choose the W anyway.

P.S. A major caveat: Bars are closed during Ramadan, and alcohol is not available at all in Doha (except via room service at a few places, including the W). Ramadan starts on around July 20, so if you're coming after that day, you will have difficulty. In that case, I would recommend the sohour buffet at the W, where they have pretty good Arabic and international food, local non-alcoholic drinks, sheesha, and entertainment overnight.

Serpent Jul 3, 12 7:12 pm

After browsing the Radisson website I was also sure W would be the way to go. Either way, no worries.

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