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CKDGM Dec 5, 17 2:27 pm

Pre-check lite at CHO?
I have an upcoming trip into and out of CHO, which isn't a TSA Pre-check location (not surprising, given its size). Does it have a Pre-check Lite setup of some sort?

(Pre-check Lite as I've seen it implemented at various locations generally involves using the same X-ray as non-Pre folks, so you have to take laptops and liquids out, but lets you keep your shoes on and go through the WTMD instead of the body scanner.)

bitburgr Dec 26, 17 9:47 am

You may have already taken your trip, but yes, CHO does have Pre-check Lite. Laptops and liquids on.

CKDGM Jan 1, 18 11:02 pm

An update: we flew out of CHO on Dec 29, and there was a fully separated TSA Precheck line in operation (separate X-ray scanner as well as the WTMD). I didn't have any liquids or laptops myself, but my travel partner didn't have to remove their laptop from the bag either.

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