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Overstaying FMM due to crossing over into Mexico again via land

Overstaying FMM due to crossing over into Mexico again via land

Old Nov 26, 18, 9:28 am
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Overstaying FMM due to crossing over into Mexico again via land

Overstaying FMM/Tourist Card due to crossing over into Mexico again via land and only getting 7 days on the card.

Basically I flew into Mexico (Cancun) about 11 days ago. As part of the trip, we crossed over to Belize to do snorkelling and crossed over to Guatemala to see Tikal. Then we'd head back in to Mexico and fly out from Cancun. I had to surrender my original FMM when we crossed over to Belize and was charged with an exit fee, but that's beside the point.

When I crossed over into Mexico over land via Belize, the immigration officer only gave me 7 days on my FMM. I only realized this afterwards, which sucks.

My flight out of Cancun won't be for another 1.5 weeks or so. Which means I'll be basically overstaying the FMM for 4-5 days.

Any idea on what happens when I try to fly out? Do I get fined or have to pay a fee? Everything I've read online has been so inconsistent or threads go into weird tangents and go off topic. Any insight would be much appreciated. Will be flying out of Cancun Airport.
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Old Nov 27, 18, 9:14 am
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We've never heard of that happening and we cross the Belize/Mexico border many times per year. That said, we don't normally bother looking at what's on the FMM card. Did you fill in the correct number of nights as the form at that border does actually ask you for the number of nights you'll be staying and address in Mexico. The reason it'll be hard to get a straightforward answer is probably because they never apply any consistency to anything at the border so one person's experience could differ greatly to the next persons.

TBH, if it was us, we'd ignore it and pretend we'd not noticed as long as you filled in the correct number of nights when you handed the form in. Assuming you did then the chances are very high that they wouldn't notice and if they do, I'd just tell them I'd not noticed but I filled in the form correctly and they could check the number of nights I filled in on the form at the border. Pretty certain that they wouldn't pay much attention. That's what we would do as people who are comfortable doing that crossing and indeed flying in and out of Cancun very regularly. If we were in your position, I'm not sure we'd feel comfortable doing that.

One other thing to consider is your nationality. If you're Guatamalan, Belizean or similar then it will not be good to try leaving without sorting this first but if you're a North American or European or similar tourist then you will have a very different experience.

I don't know if it helps but the last but one time we came in through that border (into Belize) they just waved us through (it was late) and didn't even stamp us out of Mexico or take the FMM card so when we crossed back to fly home a week or 2 later, nobody noticed that we were coming back in even though we'd never officially left!

Not sure that's provided any help at all LOL.
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Old Nov 27, 18, 12:45 pm
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That's surprising that it isn't common. I believe everyone on my bus all were given 7 days since if they were given more days then they'll be asked to pay. And nobody had to. I wasn't asked how long I was staying and it's not on the form either. I Google imaged the FMM form and there's no days to fill in, just the address. I'm Canadian but can pass off as Latino, so hopefully no issues.

I think my plan right now is to go super early in Cancun airport and go to immigration to explain. Not sure what else I can do and don't really wanna risk it.
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Old Nov 28, 18, 6:05 am
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TBH we've never crossed by bus, always in our own car or a taxi but I suspect that's where some of the confusion has arisen. You pay to exit Belize and you pay to exit Mexico but you don't pay to enter either. Crossing the border from Belize into Mexico means you can cross back into Belize again without paying the Mexico exit tax as long as you are going to be in Mexico 7 days or less.... that may be where some confusion has come from since most people crossing at that border are just visiting Chetumal for shopping or going to the free zone, leaving via Cancun (if its the ADO bus) or visiting for only a few days. There is no charge to actually enter Mexico and your exit fee to leave Mexico by air will be included in your air fare.

You are also quite correct in that the number of days is not requested on the FMM form, I'd forgotten.... it's the Belize one that asks that coming the other way. We are usually asked however at the window at the Mexican section of the border how long and I guess they mark the form appropriately .... we've done it so many times we just don't tend to check. But I'm guessing with a bus load of people to process, most of whom were probably just crossing to exit at Cancun or on a short visit, they probably just stamped you all the same.

We're not crossing that border again for just over 3 weeks so I'm afraid I can't check or ask for you at the border before you fly home.

Good luck though and let us know how it pans out.
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Old Nov 28, 18, 6:55 am
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I read this scenario ( overstaying their FMM or losing it) quite a bit on a San Miguel de Allende forum I follow. You' re basically at the mercy of the airline agent that checks you in. Best case, they take your FMM and not say a word; worst case, they send you to the immigration office where you explain your predicament and they issue a new one and will fine you approx. $45US...take that back to the airline agent and complete your check-in. I would arrive early to the airport to make sure you have enough time for the additional procedure.
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Old Nov 28, 18, 7:16 am
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Would it help or make sense for the OP to leave Mexico again briefly as the 7 days mark approaches, so that upon re-entry another 7 days is granted? If you do this, make sure to get the passport stamped or whatever.
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