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MEX - Mexico City International Airport / 🛫AICM🛬 master thread

MEX - Mexico City International Airport / 🛫AICM🛬 master thread

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"AICM" - Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México
(Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez)
Av. Capitán Carlos León S/N
Col Peñón de los Baños
Delegación Venustiano Carranza, DF
CP 15620, México

Phone: (+52 55) 2482-2424 and 2482-2400

Website: http://www.aicm.com.mx/home_en.php (English language version)

Link to AICM airlines information, including terminals.

Most comprehensive information: Wikipedia (Castilian Spanish)

Mexico City Airport Guide to lounges, sleeping, etc. by SleepinginAirports.net

Venustiano Carranza is one of the 16 boroughs (delegaciones) of the Federal District; it serves Mexico City, and is located 3.1 miles / 5 km east of downtown (getting there takes significantly longer than you would think; traffic can be very congested). The airport is one of the oldest, opening in 1928, and is limited by two runways at high altitude (7,316 ft / 2,230 m above MSL) and can not expand due to encroaching population. Recent attempts to open a new, higher capacity airport were ended by the new President, so this airport, Latin America's second busiest, will do for now.

NOTE: See post 380 (23 May 2018, by BenA) for information on the new automated passport reading kiosks in Terminal 2 and a shorter option to lengthy arrivals queues.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: http://www.aicm.com.mx/informacional.../fids/fids.php

CONNECTIONS: Check to see if you need to connect between terminals, and allow plenty of time for that. See MEX Connection Times international / domestic master thread

From an international flight to an international/domestic flight – Clear immigration, customs and security with any (retrieved at carousels) check-in baggage, then place your baggage on the flight connections carousel located on the right hand side, before proceeding to your departure gate.

If you are traveling on separate ticketing, you will have to go to the terminal airline ticket counter, check in and check your bags.

If you are connecting to the same airline to a domestic destination, you will recover your baggage once you arrive there. Look for the transit queue and processing.

From a domestic flight to an international flight – Proceed directly to the appropriate terminal and departure gate
Interterminal Transportation - Aerotrén / Air Train: The landside elevated Aerotrén APM (Automated People Mover) claims to move only those connecting passengers with boarding passes between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It consists of two to four cars, each with 25 passenger (with baggage and hand carry) capacity, per train, which travels at 28 MPH / 45 kph over the 1.9 mi / 3 km range. Time en route is 4:40 (min), dwell time in each terminal is 60 seconds, time between trains is 10:45 (min).

Aerotrén route

Interterminal Transportation - Landside red shuttle busses[/B] operate 05:00 (am) to 01:00 (am), also used during Aerotrén breakdowns, are labeled ""Transportación entre Terminales"; the stops are at entrance No. 6 of Terminal 1 and entrance No. 4 of Terminal 2. They are air conditioned, have luggage spaces and are wheelchair-accessible.

MEX airport map

ARRIVING: If you are arriving from an international flight without a connection (you are terminating at MEX), you must have your forms filled out - see Requirements for visiting Mexico as a tourist ("tourist card", visa etc.).

You may have a lengthy walk down the glassed-in arrivals corridor. This corridor has glass door controlled areas to allow people from the departures area cross through the arrivals corridor (like using an air lock), so you could be detained by a boarding aircraft. In one instance we were detained nearly fifteen minutes enough route from the 30s gate as a TACA flight boarded and our passage was blocked by glass doors.

Proceed to the corridor end and down one floor to the not-so-well marked exits for "Migración" and proceed to the sometimes lengthy queues to present your passport and documents. Your tourist card will be stamped and you will be given a portion back - turn it in on your departure (if you lose it, expect to pay a fine and have to spend some time with formalities). (When you check in at MEX, the form will be stapled to your boarding pass, and removed at the boarding gate - if somehow you do not have it at counter or gate, you'll have to return landslide and fill out forms and pay a MXN 307.00 fine.

Once your passport is stamped and your "Tourist Card" / FMM is validated, proceed to the baggage carousels and look for your flight to be displayed. Carts are available. Retrieve your baggage and proceed to "ADUANA", where you will queue up one more time. Normally, as you approach the customs kiosk, you will walk up to what looks like a small traffic light / robot and press the large button; a Green light means you can proceed, a Red light means further Customs formalities and inspection. You normally then put your bags on a conveyor belt for x-ray screening, As your bags have been x-rayed prior to delivery you no longer have the x-rayed upon exiting the Aduana hall, though bags may be selected for secondary screening; then you are landside in the arrivals floor scrum.


If you recover your baggage and have a layover, there are left luggage / baggage storage / GUARDAEQUIPAJE* at AICM, ~100 MXN per day.

*Goo-ARR-dah ek-kee-PA-heh

Terminal 1: Internacional area 10 between Gates 7 and 8, Area E-2; 24 hours a day.

Terminal 2: in front of the Domestic Arrivals area, 24 hours a day.


Terminal 1 is the original terminal, and has expanded a number of times. Terminal 2 was opened in 2007, increasing the airport's capacity 40% from the frequently expanded Terminal 1. SkyTeam, including local member Aeroméxico, excepting Air France and KLM, are located in Terminal 2.

See this WikiTravel page for further information, including airlines and terminals: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico_city_airport

Terminal 1:

Premium Lounges in T1:
  • Salón Premier Internacional T1 (Aeroméxico - SkyTeam; Diners Club)
  • United Club (United Airlines, Priority Pass)
  • Admirals Club (American Airlines, U.S. Airways, oneworld - near Gate 23
  • American Express Platinum Centurión Lounge (near Gate 30 - much closer to AA, U.S. etc. departures than some of the airline lounges).
  • izZzleep microhotel, $170 MXN (under USD $9.00) for two hours, MXN $160 for a shower, etc. See IZZZLEEP
  • Camino Real Aeropuerto de México (connected to terminal 1-B by walkway - 600 rooms, budget) <link>
  • Courtyard Mexico City Airport by Marriott (connected by walkway and free shuttle to Terminal 2 - 288 rooms) <link>
  • Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto Ciudad de México by Fiesta Americana (Located across from Terminal 1 and offers free shuttles - 327 rooms, budget) <link>
  • Hilton México City Airport (Level 3, near gate F1 in the International arrivals area - 110 rooms) <link>
See this excellent page on Arriving in Terminal 1, from www.midwesternerinmexico.com.

Terminal 2: (Domestic subterminal and SkyTeam other than KLM and AF)

Premium Lounges in T2:
  • Club Diamante (Aeromar)
  • HSBC Premier Lounge (landslide)
  • Salón Premier Nacional (Domestic side - Aeroméxico - SkyTeam; Priority Pass; Diners Club; Airport Angel)
  • Salón Premier Internacional T2 (Aeroméxico - SkyTeam; Priority Pass; Diners Club, Airport Angel)
  • Riedel Wine Room (Aeroméxico)
  • Travel Pass Elite Lounge (Banamex/Citibank)
  • Centurión American Express Lounge (American Express)
  • izZzleep microhotel, $170 MXN (under USD $9.00) for two hours, MXN $160 for a shower, etc. See IZZZLEEP
  • NH Collection Mexico City Airport Terminal 2 (287 rooms, 6th floor)<link>


A fairly comprehensiveresource is www.sleepinginairports.net. Their intro page to MEX is here, and it covers everything from hotels to Lounges and ad hoc sleeping in airports. E.g. Avianca Lounge is 24/7 and day passes are currently available.

Izzzleep sleep capsules in Terminal 1 (140 MXN hourly, minimum two hours, WiFi, bathrooms, showers for 130 MXN fee - bookable via Bookings.com, Expedia, etc.) Landsude, just “past the entrance to the Marriott Courtyard, in/on top of the T1 bus terminal structure.” (Gracias to flugvergnugen)


Mexico City Area Map (midwesternerinmexico.com http://bit.ly/1iTjS4P)

By taxi: The authorized taxi stands at the airport have "Transporte Terrestre" kiosks where you can buy a ticket to your destination, and then proceed outside to the taxi line to catch the taxi. DO NOT pay attention to touts or walk across the street to pick up unaffiliated or pirate taxis - kidnapping and assault are not unknown if you choose to do this.

Uber: see https://www.uber.com/cities/mexico-city; see post #146.

You may wish to read over this informative page about using taxis (and the various kinds of taxis available), with particular emphasis on Mexico City taxis.

Walking out of the airport - Taxi Sitio (Rank) (from WikiTravel - http://wikitravel.org/en/Mexico_City)
Be aware the airport is not located in the best area of the city, so it is not recommended for tourists to walk outside the airport terminal in search for cheaper taxi service unless you have pre-arranged your service. Definitely do not attempt this if you are not comfortable speaking Spanish. Despite this, an alternative Taxi Sitio (site) can be reached by using the overpass located outside of Gate D. Taxis here are about half the price of the official airport taxis and are considered secure. This is the Sitio (taxi rank) that is set up for the airline employees.
By Metro: If you have no luggage, you can use the Metro (Line 5 / Yellow Line, station Terminal Aérea) (serves Terminal 1 only - use interterminal shuttle bus to Terminal 2)and connect to your destination (most will connect to other lines at Pantitlán south, or Oceania north of Terminal Aérea). Tickets (and passes) can be purchased from kiosks, and cost $3.00 pesos per trip (~€ 0.15, or ~US$ 0.24). Hours are 05:00 a 24:00 weekdays, starting 06:00 Saturdays, and 07:00 Sundays and holidays. Website (Castilian Spanish).

Local Bus: The best local bus is the articulated BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Metrobús Line 4 - the electrically-powered red bus runs in priority roadway lanes from 04:30 (am) to midnight), departures every 20 minutes, takes 30 minutes to downtown historic center / centro histórico, costs $30.00 pesos (about US$2.40 / €1.80) single / one way, has luggage space. Catch it on the ground floor of Terminal 1 opposite Gates 6 - 7, and Terminal 2 near the taxi rank on the ground floor / arrivals. Get your tickets from automated kiosks with peso coins or credit card; sweep your card past the validator as you board. See this page (English version) for details.

By Intercity Bus: There are stations in each terminal with reliable, economical and safe buses to various national destinations. See this page for the bus schedule, and for more on Mexican busses here: Bus travel in Mexico, the definitive thread.

"AICM Terminal 1 land terminal (Terminal terrestre de autobuses - open 24 / 7) is located in front of the international area vehicular ramp and its facilities include various services for the comfort of our passengers. Among others, it offers VIP lounges, internet, resting, reading and meeting halls. The terminal also offers a fast food area, shops, souvenirs and currency exchange offices.

The AICM Terminal 2 land terminal is located at gate D, between entrance 4 and the national arrival passenger exit, and its facilities include resting halls and a fast food area."


- Autobuses del Oriente (ADO)
Tel: 5133-2424 and 01800-702-8000
Operations: 6:00 to 21:00 hrs. 7 days
Destination: Córdoba, state of Veracrúz

- Autobuses Estrella Blanca
Tels: 5786-9341, 5786-9358, 5786-9338 & 5786-9342
Operations: 24 hrs. / 7 days
Destinations: Pachuca, state of Hidalgo

- Autobuses Estrella Roja
Tels: 5786-9341, 5786-9358, 5786-9338 & 5786-9342
Operations: 24 hrs. / 7 days
Destination: Puebla, Puebla

- Autobuses La Piedad
Tels: 5786-9341, 5786-9358, 5786-9338 & 5786-9342
Operating Hours: 24 hrs. / 7 days
Destinations: Querétaro, Qro.

- Autobuses Pullman de Morelos
Tels: 5786-9341, 5786-9358, 5786-9338 & 5786-9342
Operating Hours: 24 hrs. / 7 days
Destination: Cuernavaca, Mor.

- Autobuses TMT Caminante
Tels: 5786-9341, 5786-9358, 5786-9338 & 5786-9342
Operating Hours: 24 hrs. / 7 days
Destination: Toluca, Mexico
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Electronic Kiosks at MEX

I have an upcoming JFK-MEX-NRT round trip requiring transit through MEX with carry-on only. From reading the threads, I understand that the usual procedure to transit is to complete the FMM form on the plane and leave the immigration with the right side of the form. Failure to submit this part of the form to the gate agent upon boarding connecting flight would result in a fine and return to immigration which could cause the passenger to miss his/her flight. If I decide to use the electronic kiosks (Global Entry?), does anyone know if it would print out a document to replace the required FMM form to the gate agent for boarding. TIA for your responses.
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The form has a perforation, and you still need to see an official prior to leaving immigration area. It isn't like Global Entry. You'll spend 30 seconds with the officer, your passport will be stamped, and you'll receive a portion of the form back for presentation upon departure.
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Thank you so much! Hopefully this will help during the times where the lines are long.
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Hello Everyone,

If I arrive around 11pm in T2 and need to transfer to T1 for a 2am flight. What is the best option?

I believe Aerobus closed at 11pm? It is shuttle bus between terminals runs 24 hrs? Do they accept USD?
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Originally Posted by lrhl28 View Post
Hello Everyone,

If I arrive around 11pm in T2 and need to transfer to T1 for a 2am flight. What is the best option?

I believe Aerobus closed at 11pm? It is shuttle bus between terminals runs 24 hrs? Do they accept USD?
The train runs until 1AM, according to the page on the AICM website, so you should be fine. The English page is a bit confusing with talk about buses; the Spanish page states it more clearly.
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The shuttle bus does not accept dollars on the bus between terminals. I didn't understand the deal with the bus v. the train the first time I had to transfer, but think the bus is primarily focused on employee transportation. I was worried about the boarding pass enforcement on the train as I could not pull one up for my connecting flight in T1, but they were pretty low key about the whole thing.

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