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Permanent U.S. resident travel to Mexico

My wife holds a Russian passport, but is a legal U.S. resident with a Green Card. I want to surprise her with a trip to Mexico, but I'm getting conflicting information about whether she's going to need a tourist visa.

The Mexican Consulate website seems pretty clear that a Russian citizen must have a visa, but I can't see where they reference whether the same is true for a Russian who is a legal U.S. resident. All they say is that "citizens" of the U.S. do not need a visa. Other travel sources tell me that a Green Card is enough for her to get in to Mexico.

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Well, since I've posted this I've heard from at least one other person on a different forum that his Russian wife was able to get in to Mexico with just a Green Card and her Russian passport, but that they made her get a visa at the POE, which was a bit of a hassle. So apparently it's possible. Additionally, I finally found this on the Mexico Consulate website, after much digging:


Permanent residents of the United States of America (Green Card holders), Canada (Maple Leaf Card) or Japan, regardless of their country of origin, do not require a visa to travel to Mexico for tourism, but you will require:

a) A valid passport.

b) A valid Permanent Resident Card.

c) A Tourist form (FMTTV) which is provided on the airplane, bus or ship."

Question answered!

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This website is one you need to have in your bag of tricks:
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Beware of the new rule in Mexico. Mexico is about to start asking for Passport and/or Passport Card to American Citizens who travel to Mexico. So that would make non US citizens with Green Card not able to travel to Mexico´s beaches without their own passports and visa (if required).
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Should be fine with just the Russian international passport and the green card. Make sure you are ok with the expiration of the documents. Russian international passports generally expire in just five years from the date of issue. US passports and green cards are usually good for ten years.

Also, as far as I know, you will also need to provide exact matching spelling of her name when booking the airline tickets.

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