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stimpy Jul 28, 00 3:13 am

Marriott-family hotels in Hong Kong, pre-2014
Has anyone been to this hotel? How is it?

What other hotels are nearby within a block or two?

GK Jul 28, 00 3:44 am

There was a thred last week 'October in Hong Kong' where some reviews of Marriott HKG were posted.

In the same complex are the Conrad Int'l and the Shangri-La - all three are excellent.

bdschobel Jul 28, 00 5:09 am

I've stayed there three times during 1992-98. It is really a very nice hotel, with great restaurants and a nice Concierge Lounge that seems to be open all the time. The pool is exceptionally nice, on a 7th floor outdoor terrace. I would stay there again without hesitation.


doc Jul 28, 00 8:31 am

Agree with the above comments and the Pacific Place location is great.

sdix Jul 28, 00 2:27 pm

Great hotel.

Conrad and Shangri-La are close by. It is a Marriott so expect Americanization whereas the Shangri-La has more of a Asian flavour.

The Concierge level is great. It's closer to the harbour so the rooms have a slightly better view of Kowloon but the rooms are small. By design of the hotel, some of the rooms are stange shapes.

stimpy Jul 29, 00 5:55 am

I'm going to a conference there and normally like to stay in the same hotel as the conference, but if the Shangri-La is close enough I'll take it. My membership in the Shangri-La Golden Circle club is worth more than my Marriott Silver card.

Flyaway Jul 29, 00 7:21 am

Stimpy: I beleive you said that you hold the US Amex Platinum card. Shangri-La is a member of Amex's FHRS program. You would therefore qualify for the upgrade, late check-out etc..

doc Jul 29, 00 7:52 am

Stimpy has a BLACK card!

But actually the GC membership, even if not top tier level, should easily do the trick!

BTW - You'll get a great view of Victoria Harbor/or Peak and I absolutely love the food at the Island SL!

bdschobel Jul 31, 00 8:41 am

You can get from the Marriott to the Shangri-La without even going outside. They are attached to one shopping center.


sfpaul900 Aug 5, 00 1:36 pm

If you can get a harbour view, the smallish room will seem bigger. The lounge is very nice, if a bit crowded, and the food is good. The hotel is not as luxurious as the Shangri-La and it is a bit of a hike through the shopping center to get back and forth (different levels, etc). The staff at the JW is a joy, not ultra-formal like the Mandarin or the Ritz-Carlton, but genuinely friendly. Btw, the train from the airport is the way to go. Have a great trip, wish I was going, it's a fabulous city.

ROADRUNNER Aug 7, 00 8:50 pm

The JW was a highlight of my HK trip. I used a COUPON for a week's stay. Got a Executive level room next to the lounge with a view of the harbor. The electric drapes permit views from the bed! Gift's from the owner included a canister of IRON BUDDHA TEA, that is picked by MONKEYS, and a knit pullover shirt.
The 3 hotels are all accessed on the lower subway level filled with 'good' restaurants. I wonder if the prices came down with the takeover. Am sure the Shangri-La would be as inviting as the Marriott.

stargold Nov 8, 00 7:12 am

JW in Hong Kong...
I have heard good things about the exec. floor of the JW. But as I probably won't be paying all that bucks for the room, I am wondering how the hotel is on the whole... and more specifically, quality of standard rooms?

Oh, and how much is the limo transfer usually?


bdschobel Nov 8, 00 7:47 am

I stayed in a standard room in 1992, and it was essentially the same as the Executive Floor, where I have stayed twice since then. The lounge on the Executive Floor is fabulous; that's the big advantage.

Forget limo service. Just take the express train and a taxi from the train station.


sbrower Nov 8, 00 10:15 am

Stayed about 8 years ago. The Jacuzzi on the roof really is worth a visit.

belle3388 Jul 17, 01 12:07 am

New World Renaissance Kowloon
has anyone stayed there? any input would be much appreciated


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