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atmd Jul 29, 15 7:02 am

Marriott Rewards amenities at Gaylord Reorts?
I will be staying at the Washington Gaylord. As top level Rewards member, any privileges await?

Horace Jul 29, 15 7:25 am

By "top level," do you mean Platinum, Platinum Premier, or something even higher?

A good place to start is with the published Marriott Platinum Elite Benefits at

There are bunch of benefits that apply to all (or most) Marriott brands, such as upgrades. Other benefits, such as Lounge Access/Free Breakfast, only apply to a few brands (and with limits and restrictions).

Lounge Access/Free Breakfast does not apply at Gaylord.

Hotels and resorts are free to offer MORE than the published benefits, but this seems to happen less and less often. A hotel should treat its true "top level" guests very well, but this typically has more to do with how frequently someone stays at a particular hotel, not with someone's Marriott Rewards tier.

SkiAdcock Jul 29, 15 9:55 am

With Gaylord properties you basically get free internet. Other brands do more for elites, but not Gaylord.


OU812 Jul 30, 15 5:57 am

Recently stayed at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville. No platinum recognition other than the 500 points or $10 F&B voucher. No upgrade. No waiver of resort fee. Since it is a resort no lounge and no free breakfast. Points on room only, not incidentals.

Also, I selected the top tier internet (out of three: basic (included in the resort fee), enhanced, and premium) and it showed up on my folio when checking out (but instead of $16.95 per day, I was only charged $9.00 per day). A quick inquiry at the front desk about being plat and not understanding what tier I was supposed choose and it was taken off. Was told normally plats and golds get enhanced HSIA for no additional charge.



hilton-gold Oct 29, 15 10:25 pm

I've gotten upgrades twice as Silver (from outside-facing rooms to atriums....which are almost always more preferred), but only because it was early in the check-in window and they were looking to get the line moving, it seemed. Once, it started with an offer for an upgrade at $40/night (declined) and then became "since you are Elite....". Seemed to be an informal policy, of sorts, but I took it and was happy, knowing I would have gotten nothing else either time.

This would be during high-volume check-in time for convention starts, versus leisure periods.

PaulMCO Nov 2, 15 5:24 pm

Surprised. Got an upgrade to a Suite on my current stay at the Gaylord in Oxon Hill, MD.

Hard to judge what you will get as this is a convention hotel where suites are a premium and used for Hospitality.

13600 Nov 22, 15 5:28 am

I stayed in the Orlando property last year as a Plat and got an atrium room and free wifi. That's it.

jr1202sr Nov 22, 15 6:57 am

FWIW Costco is selling 100 GC's for 80 Bucks for any of the Gaylord Properties.

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