Completely sold out?

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Completely sold out?

Checked into the FI&S in Milledgeville, GA on a Sunday evening. Asked the FDC if a room upgrade was available and he said they were completely full. I was skeptical, but it's a FI for God's sake, so why bother?

Throughout the evening until about 10:30 I went to dinner, made a trip to my car to retrieve a book and one trip to the lobby for a bottle of water. I saw one person all evening and at 10:30 there were 17 cars in the parking lot. No busses. I left at 0530 and there were 23 cars in the lot. Hotel says they have 73 rooms with none being renovated.

More than anything i'm curious if they were sold out, where was everybody? If not sold out, why lie about it?
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Standard canned answer. If I'm looking for an upgrade, I'll usually check online before I walk in to see if an upgraded room can be booked. Then I try booking two, then three just to get an idea of inventory. Makes me better informed for when I get those canned answers. I can then reply back, "Odd, I can book three suites right now without a problem. Want to check again for me?" If the charade continues, I accept my room, head upstairs and give the Marriott Platinum line a call. They will in turn call the manager on duty and get things straightened out. I suppose it comes down to how far do you want to push?
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Completely sold out?

I get this line a lot when my corporate rate booked is a good bit lower than the rack rate. And I know they aren't sold out as I can book club-level or upgraded rooms right there.
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