Why should I stay with Marriott?

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Why should I stay with Marriott?

Long story short, I've been Plat for more years than I care to admit and have achieved liftime plat long ago. Other than the fact that over all those years I have had very very few bad stays with Marriott there is no compelling reason for me to stay with Marriott. I've read about possible changes in the program in 2015 ( who knows) of maybe adding and additional level above Plat but until I know the benefits it doesnt really mean much. I think I may look at a Hilton match??

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IMHO none. The changes have basically made the program non competitive.

Just this week a superior hotel in SOBE was 1/2 the price of similar room that was Marriott branded hotel. Room included WIFI and breakfast too.

So it was an apples to apples comparison. How can anyone justify the added expense\ to stay at a Marriott?N>?
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Originally Posted by tuono07 View Post
Other than the fact that over all those years I have had very very few bad stays with Marriott .....
Isn't that reason enough? Plus you get the platinum benefit of free breakfasts.
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I find that Marriott are usually cheaper than most of the other brands, especially Hyatt and Starwood. Though, Hilton can often be the lowest of the bunch. So, price is a plus, for me. As is the usual consistency of the brand.
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To me, Marriott hotels have the right facilities and I prefer them to the only other realistic UK competitor, Hilton.

I do keep thinking about giving HH a whirl, but it seems although their points accrue faster you need so much more to get a free night that MR is well ahead on the value stakes.

IHG is my second program, the scheme is pretty poor and HIs variable but prices are cheaper and the bonus points there can be insane...
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Other than observing official Marriott announcements regarding changes in MR redemptions etc. which may impact my strategy, I never pay attention to speculation about future program changes as all I can control is how I travel at present.

Like any loyalty program MR has positives and negatives so aside from learning the specifics of how any loyalty program operates, which company to do business with remains mostly subjective. It comes down to how one travels and what their own priorities/tastes are regarding price/value, ammenenties and perks.

As an aside, the travel industry in general has slowly crawled out of the hole dug by the recession and this ordinarily equates with rate increases and other tweaks with loyalty programs to better target the demographic hotels believe are their bread and butter customers. So yes, some of us get left out in the cold in ths regard, so it's never a bad idea to ponder alternatives. The paradigm to avoid is discovering that the grass always looks greener on the other side until you step in a cow pie . Then again it's sometimes hard to know what's on the other side of the fence until you jump it. Life is always about choices.

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