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What is the stupidest, least substantive thing you can complain about? (MR version)

What is the stupidest, least substantive thing you can complain about? (MR version)

Old Oct 6, 11, 7:23 pm
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Not a fan of the big overstuffed square pillows at FS Marriotts. They are way to big to sleep with. I always wonder if they change them between guests. I end up with the floor covered with big square pillows that I have to step over in the morning.

Plus one on the silly little foot cover things at the courtyards. What's the point?

I also always wonder if they replace all the towels in the room, or just the ones that you use. I usually wonder this as I notice them hanging over the top of the toilet that I have just used and am now flushing - as did the guest(s?) before me......

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Old Oct 6, 11, 7:55 pm
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I hate the tiny bars of soap that some hotels give you for the shower. Enough shampoo to wash my hair for a week, but the bar of soap is half the size of a credit card. . .
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Old Oct 6, 11, 9:48 pm
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I hate the waffle maker that has the Marriott "M" emblem. I cant cut the waffle into quarters without tearing it apart.

That asinine enough?
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Old Oct 7, 11, 6:16 am
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I miss the Renaissance sticky pads they used to have by the phone. Now its some type of card. I do like the pens though.
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Old Oct 7, 11, 9:32 am
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Originally Posted by davidash View Post
I hate it when housekeeping put the shower drain down. AT 5am I HATE stepping into a puddle of water -- leave it up and if I want to take a bath, I'll put it down myself!
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Old Oct 7, 11, 11:59 am
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Conditioner should be provided in international properties (half the CYs in Europe I visited never provide hair conditioner) - I always have to bring my own just in case.
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Old Oct 7, 11, 10:07 pm
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They should really have more than 365 days in a Marriott year to achieve status. OK, with rollover and credit card nights one may be able to make 700 nights or so but is that going to be enough for another year of PP?
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Old Oct 8, 11, 12:29 pm
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I hate that they only serve Pepsi products. It is NOT the same as Coke!
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Old Oct 8, 11, 8:02 pm
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I stay mostly in INTL Renaissance. They come into the room TOO MUCH.

1. Maid
2. Laundry
3. Mini-bar person
4. Supervisor checks that 1-3 are done
5. Turn down service

During the week is fine but on the weekend if you forget to put the do not disturb sign out it seems like every hour someone is knocking.

However, even if you do put they do not disturb sign out they will CALL you at 5pm to see if you need anything.

Sometimes you just want peace and quiet to take a nap, read, get work done etc.
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Old Oct 9, 11, 4:41 pm
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Originally Posted by kbh1234 View Post
I hate that they only serve Pepsi products. It is NOT the same as Coke!
+1 - only in Atlanta have I seen Coke. Pepsi is just too sweet. If they are only going with Pepsi products, then at least lets see some Sunkist!
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Old Oct 9, 11, 5:28 pm
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Originally Posted by kbh1234 View Post
I hate that they only serve Pepsi products. It is NOT the same as Coke!

But this ≠ stupid or lacking in substance.
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Old Oct 10, 11, 2:22 pm
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I HATE the fact that CYs changed to the larger rolls of toilet paper. Since they are about 20% larger than the original toilet paper they "jam" against the reserve roll when a new roll is put in to service (remember that there is a small cavity in the wall area behind the spindle for the reserve roll). This means the only way you can get more than 1 square is to remove the entire roll and unroll it by hand. Since many people have low sanitation standards, I hate to think what might be on the side of that roll.
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Old Oct 10, 11, 4:30 pm
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I absolutely hate having to stand in line at check in behind those incredibly attractive female Lufthansa flight attendants !! Its so annoying I sometime let the guy behind me go ahead
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Old Oct 10, 11, 5:00 pm
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Originally Posted by nobbyclark View Post
They move my toothbrush when they clean the bathroom.

Originally Posted by precchia View Post
This one does kind of gross me out. Please clean AROUND anything that is going into my mouth.

I usually put my toothbrush into a cup, so they won't move it, so I HATE it when they don't have heavy glasses - the plastic and/or Styrofoam cups always tip over!!!

Loving this thread
This is why your toothbrush gets moved.

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Old Oct 10, 11, 10:56 pm
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I've given up that the in room clock radios will ever be able to pick up a Public Radio station so I never use it. I hate it though when the previous tenant or someone has tuned the radio to a loud volume and set the alarm, either for midnight or early morning, and I fail to check it before going to bed for the night. This I cannot bear.

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