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yyz-kin Jan 15, 09 10:51 am

JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa - Canada [Master Thread]
Hello All - just wondering if anyone has stayed at this propery yet? Couldn't see much from the website but there doesn't look to be a lounge.....any idea of the offerings instead?

pwrshift Jan 15, 09 8:25 pm

This site may give you some more info. It`s a condo hotel, about 2 hours north of Toronto. Can`t imagine it appealing to people in winter unless you like cross-country skiing, or the April-June period for black flies. Summer will be A1 time for sure ... average cottage prices on Lake Rosseau would be $1 million + (a guess). I booked 3 holidays on points for this period of time before the MR changes.

Robbo1 Jul 13, 09 7:39 am

Bumping this thread to see if anyone has stayed here yet and can post their experience

pwrshift Jul 14, 09 8:46 am

Looks like the developer is in big financial trouble ... which, I assume, is fightening for the various 'owners' of the condo-hotel. Marriott will stay on to manage the place.

I'll be there for a few days at the end of this month and will report back. Any reviews I've seen are pretty positive. ie. Tripadvisor

FlyerJ Aug 19, 09 4:57 pm

It's in bankruptcy -- with many of the hotel units remaining unsold. (This was a condo-style hotel development.)

The receiver is now 'liquidating' all of the hotel rooms that remain available for sale.

Details at:

Interesting that the seller (and this web-site) makes very little mention to Marriott or to the JW brand. Like many properties, Marriott doesn't own it nor were they involved in the initial financing or development. They only run the place, and no doubt want to distance themselves from all of the financial problems.

stinger Aug 20, 09 6:55 am

Almost daily advertisements in the Globe and Mail in Toronto about the liquidation sale. I had received some info about this property back a year or two ago and the cheapest studio units were selling for $350,000+ CAD. According to the ad's in the papers, the units are starting at $168,000. :eek:

A bit of a decline, if I had purchased previously, I might be a little pissed!

pwrshift Aug 21, 09 8:54 pm

I stayed in a 1 bdrm suite for several days early August and enjoyed the hotel. Teca resturant was very good (italian -- steak was great)...Cottages restaurant a little more 'average' but great hamburgers. The construction around the hotel seems to be finished now as they opened the beach while I was there as well as another building. Be prepared for a lot of stairs outside down to the beach which is quite a ways down from the main hotel.

We had dinner away from the hotel one night - at Water's Edge - about 15 min drive. People were arriving by seaplane, helicopter, and boats -- great atmosphere but food not great. These places all seem to be run by students in summer.

Our 1 bdrm was very nice but not a water view - just bushes - from the balcony. Flat screen TV's in living room and bedroom. Setup similar to a timeshare -- even with studios next door with walk through doors. Checked out some studios as well, and they were nicely done and equipped with a kitchenette rather than kitchen, but quite functional -- seems like the studio with 2 beds is larger than the studios with king beds -- only a few have balconies. Very nice bathrooms - separate shower. All rooms have fireplaces which would be nice in winter. Dishes, large under counter fridge, 2 burner hot plate, dishwasher, etc. Nice quality furnishings. 4 pools including the spa - $125 for a facial. Drive up from Toronto was to take less than 3 hours but took us almost 5 hours -- the highway 400 was plugged almost all the way, mostly due to construction. Took 169 and 12 to go back to Toronto - much faster.

Everyone seems anxious to please except for the front desk people who were not properly trained...told me they were full with 3 weddings and couldn't find my reservation even though I gave her a copy of the email sheet. A supervisor came to the rescue, but very abrupt with me as if it was my fault. I was also told that they do not recognize platinum elites when they are full and don't give any 'treats', as the gal called them, because they are a 'resort'. No concierge room. Valet parking is outragious at $25 a night ... but the walk from the free parking lot is uphill about 600 yards. Internet in the room is $17 a night but free in the lobby. Resort fee $9 a night. Bike rentals ($75 an hour), boats, very expensive.

The receiver is trying to sell the remaining 84 units and it seems like a timeshare hustle. I was told by the receiver rep that Marriott has a 25 year contract to manage the place and cannot pull out. The place was very busy -- as you might expect in summer -- but I'll bet it's dead in winter. Wouldn't surprise me to see Marriott close it down in winter ... they've already stated that the new Paignton House building (detached) won't be open in winter.

They are not a 'pet friendly' resort but I saw one person with two standard poodles, another with a golden lab pup, another with a miniature poodle, and one person with a service dog. All of them were at the main pool and the balconies where people were eating. I had left my dog at home and called the front desk to ask if I could have brought her, but was told there weren't any dogs in the hotel, period. Guess I was dreaming.

Flews Aug 23, 09 2:50 pm

Starwood guy here, staying at this property next week for the first time, and first Marriott in more than a decade. Not too impressed with what I'm reading in this forum so far, to say the least.

For one thing, our twin 16-month-old-toddlers - little Flewser & Flewsette - are not impressed with the 600 yard walk from the parking lot, or all the stairs up and down to go to the beach!

Anybody else have any other experiences?

We're happy to leave our 225 pound dog at home...


Flews Aug 29, 09 6:24 pm

Well we just got back today. We had a wonderful stay and thought it was a terrific resort.

Facilities were terrific, especially the pool areas.

Staff were outstanding, from front desk to housekeeping to restaurants.

We had a very large, corner suite, with spacious balcony, kitchen (Miele appliances!) and gas fireplace.

All in all, we can't wait to go back!

Our only "negative" was The Rock - which is their golf course - it has to be one of the most brutal tracks I've ever played. In fact, they actually had to close it at one point to redo six or seven hours, because even scratch golfers were complaining!

Again, the staff at the golf course were just terrific.

A couple observations though:

Although I used valet parking because of all our children's "stuff", I'd estimate the walk from the parking lot is more like 100 yards, not six hundred. And staff are happy to shuttle you back and forth.

There is also a ramp all the way down to the beach, so stairs aren't an issue. We took our (double) stroller up and down several times.

Finally, we asked about the new Paignton House building. We were told it's not closed in the winter at all - it's the outdoor pool, hotub and poolside grill that's seasonal.

Notwithstanding the developers financial problems, the resort itself was quite busy when we were there and seems to be a roaring success.


Muerz Dec 3, 12 11:09 am

Any recent stays at this property? Looking to maybe stay there a few nights around NYE. Looking at their website, there seem to be quite a few activities in winter. Any opinions?

Flews Dec 5, 12 8:02 am

Go for it. Lots to see and do in the area. Especially if you enjoy winter activites.


SkiAdcock Dec 5, 12 2:18 pm

Muerz, if you do go it would be appreciated if you'd do a 'trip report' afterwards as last reports are 3 years old.


Muerz Feb 7, 17 9:58 am

Four years and two months later than planned but it looks like I will stay there in a few weeks. Any recent experiences at the hotel?

SkiAdcock Feb 7, 17 10:33 am

Originally Posted by Muerz (Post 27876876)
Four years and two months later than planned but it looks like I will stay there in a few weeks. Any recent experiences at the hotel?

If no one posts (or even if they do), would appreciate a trip report after your stay. Thanks!


Muerz Feb 27, 17 12:13 pm

I finally got around to staying here on a trip across the greater Toronto area. I found the resort to be impressive, even in the snow. It's off-season now and the resort was still well staffed, always at least two people working the front desk (even at 6am in the morning), two guys opening and servicing the pool area at 6am, 4 servers at the breakfast buffet...

The room was nice, good quality materials and appliances, well cleaned. Unfortunately they close down the doors to the balconies during the winter season which I hated!
I loved the fact that their swimming pool is heated and open in the winter which allowed me to enter the pool inside and swim outside for a spectacular sunrise over the lake. It is also open very late until 11pm. Great option!
I had food in the evening (very good Steak Tartare!) and I liked the fact that you can order food from their steak house at the less formal lobby bar. Way to go! I also had their breakfast buffet and it was a very nice spread. The server was among the friendliest I had in a long time:

Should there be anything missing on the buffet, just tell me and I make sure the kitchen will get it for you!
The service unfortunately varied from outstanding (see above) to trainee (check in was in training, did not see that I booked a package that included food vouchers and other amenities which needed coupons from their part so a manager had to come and help him...) to indifferent (valet/bell staff).

Now the bad part: Elite recognition isn't their strongest part. Yes, my room was upgraded from Studio no view to a Studio with view room and balcony (which was closed) but this was far from being the best available room and it wan't that busy during my stay (I checked but dis not press the issue). Their is not a single benefit to staying here as an Elite since the Internet access is also included in the obligatory resort fee and this stupid fee isn't discounted for Elites. So, two thumbs down on treatment of Platinum Premiers!

As a conclusion, I'd say that I will certainly return here one day but they have to step up their game for elites and stop hiding behind the Marriott Rewards resort exemptions!

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