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Marriott-family hotels in Manhattan (NYC) (thru Oct. 2018) [Merged threads]

Old Feb 9, 18, 7:31 pm
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Marriott-family hotels in "xx" means all Marriott brand hotels in that city. It does not mean hotels that are family friendly, although there could be some family friendly ones on the list. But it refers to the various brands. Marriott-family hotels in XX usually have posts asking which property is better, etc, & trip reports are usually in the property specific threads."

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Marriott-family hotels in Manhattan (NYC) (thru Oct. 2018) [Merged threads]

Old Aug 6, 01, 1:33 am
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I like the Marriott Marquis in Time Square the best of all Manhattan Marriotts.
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Old Aug 6, 01, 1:46 am
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Marriott Marquis Times Square, Manhattan

Just wanted to recommend the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York. It's one of the most impressive Marriotts I have seen. It has a 48 story Atrium with a bar and restaurant at the top. All in the middle of Times Square in Manhattan. After touring all the Marriotts on Manhattan, I think it is the best.
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Old Aug 6, 01, 8:47 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by doc:
A nice property and a real nice location too, IMHO! It's just that some celebrities do not seemingly feel that a Marriott is quite up to ...whatever, so it is now "tired"! It's not an old property, maybe 10 yrs or so? </font>
Doc, I'm getting better at the lingo but you could please tell me what "IMHO" is? Thanks!
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Old Aug 6, 01, 8:59 am
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IMHO = "In my humble opinion"


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Old Aug 6, 01, 10:05 pm
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I hear that the Marquis is about to undergo a major remodel. The Portman 70's-80's look is a bit dated. Personally, I hated staying there. Hoards of shorts-clad, camera-toting, tour bus-riding tourists. And the neighborhood is awful. Not a real New Yorker in sight! It's like visiting San Francisco and staying at Fisherman's Wharf and thinking you;re seeing the 'real' San Francisco. I much prefer the East Side Marriott. You can eat dinner in a little place in the east 50's or over on 3rd Avenue and actually rub elbows with a real New Yorker rather than Elmer and Gladys from Topeka. Sorry for the rant but I sometimes wonder why people go to all the trouble of visiting a new city and then never go off the beaten path and actually SEE the city they're visiting.
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Old Aug 6, 01, 10:38 pm
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Paul: Very funny reply.

.. it's like staying in Disney World because you don't want to see the real Orlando.

.. it's like staying on the strip in Las Vegas because you don't want to stay where real Lost Vegans live.

.. it's like staying at the SFO Hyatt Regency because you wouldn't be caught dead staying in Palo Alto at Hyatt Rickeys (ugh!)


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Old Aug 7, 01, 12:23 am
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The Marquis is close to all the action!
Old Aug 7, 01, 12:30 pm
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Im not sure when you stayed at the Marquis, but its nothing like you describe, except for maybe the crowds. Its certainly in the middle of everything and not secluded or quiet by any means. The atrium, restaurants and sushi bar are some of the most elegant I have seen. Time Square has cleaned up, but of course, it will never be the East side. For a Californian, its the NY I always saw in movies. Maybe its better if I dont see the REAL NY, I may be dissapointed!
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Old Aug 8, 01, 2:32 pm
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MHO: The hotel is good to be a tourist, but lousy for business travelers.

I've stayed there for both reasons. The location is great ... but it takes up to 1/2 hour to get from room to street. The restaurants have good food ... but the service is slow. It is convenient to Broadway ... but a long tourist-filled walk to the subway or slow taxi ride out of Times Square. The front desk is friendly ... but the Business Center is lacking.

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Old Aug 8, 01, 7:24 pm
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The original poster must be joking---

My recent stay--

15 min or more waits for elevators
Rude Front Desk Staff
Cold Room service
No wake up calls
Poorly maintained rooms (switched 3 times)
Dirty lounges

All this as an elite member (only stayed at this property b/c my mtg was in the bldg)--last time I stay there.

Great location but lousy service and hotel.

Better properties in this category are abundant in NYC.
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Old Aug 11, 01, 3:53 pm
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By the time you've gone for a walk and just get out of the Marquis you're exhausted. It's huge and I hate the lobby being on the 8th floor!
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Old Aug 11, 01, 8:05 pm
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I have to concur re: elevator wait - however I had superb service from all front desk staff... possibly being Plat had something to do with it... the remainder of the hotel was so-so.

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Old Aug 12, 01, 6:21 am
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No one has mentioned the truly excellent Concierge Lounge there. The food in particular is several notches above the usual domestic offering.

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Old Aug 12, 01, 7:33 am
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I would not agree here - I found it passable at best - my choice for best lounge would be the San Mateo Marriott. Definitely not the Marquis

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Old Aug 13, 01, 3:30 pm
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I have found all of theses postings fascinating. Namely, how so many people can have a different experience and opinion of the same location. If I didnt know better, I would think that there are TWO Marriott Marquis in Manhattan and none of us has figured it out yet.

I guess the bottom line is what you expect to get out of your trip. For me, I was in NYC for 3 days. Although it was for business, the first 2 1/2 days I had to myself. It was my first time in NYC and I was overwhelmed with it all. Although I toured all of Manhattan, it felt like Times Square was ground zero.

If I had to wait longer for one of the 12 elevators, I didnt notice because of the extraordinary view from the elevator of the 48 story atrium. If it took me longer to get to the street, I may used this extra time to look out the windows at all the neon signs.

Bottom line, if you are not in a race, want to see the heart of NYC, enjoy people watching and want to be within walking distance of dozens of attractions and restaurants, you may want to consider this hotel.
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