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snackyx Feb 4, 01 9:11 pm

Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Munich, Germany
Will be in Munich next week---any recommendations regarding the Marriott vs. Renaissance? Quality of hotel, rooms, dining, approx. to city. etc. Any advice much appreciated!

DOC 2 BE Feb 4, 01 9:39 pm

Snacky --

stayed only at Marriott, Rennaissance wasn't in the fold back then. They are literally 1 block from 1 another. IF you have a car, you can park on the residential streets. They are right near a U-Bahn stop. About 15-20 mins into the city center. Alltogether, the hotel is fine, and it has a great buffet breakfast, as do all the German Mariotts.

I would go with price as the main factor, if no one has any comments otherwise.

Phil Feb 5, 01 10:46 am

Yes, both are essentially the same. They are a short walk from the Nord Friedhof Ubahn, where you can take the U6 to Marienplatz, Odeonplatz, etc. Between the two is a very nice little bakery where you can get good coffee and fresh baked goods in the morning if you are not up for the big buffet.

ordflyboy Feb 6, 01 12:35 pm

As a platinum it kills me to say this, but I wouldn't stay at either! As previously mentioned - they are both close to one another and away from the downtown area. There are other hotels in town with better locations (near Marienplatz, etc)... Can't remember which ones - but Hilton (gag) comes to mind.

Non-NonRev Feb 9, 01 3:47 pm

One factor in favor of a non-center-city hotel is that not all the "action" is downtown - to list just one example, the restaurants, clubs and and shops of the Schwabing area. The U-and-S-Bahns are very handy to explore the different neighborhoods.

DOC 2 BE Feb 9, 01 4:54 pm

That is correct. I forgot all about that fact, that the Scwabbing neighborhood is within a brisk walk of the hotel.

doc Feb 9, 01 8:22 pm

I too have stayed at the Marriott in Schwabing but not the REN. Nothing special, and I agree that breakfast (also free as an Elite [then Black/now Gold] was the highlight! No Lounge, decent pool and a juccuzzi that was somewhat unique and not real hot! Set your sights reasonably however, and you'll be fine!

See also:

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Didi Jun 24, 08 11:51 am

Do we still have the same situation in Munich:

Neither Marriott nor Renaissance have a lounge?
What would then be the gold benefits besides room upgrade? Brekfast would already be included in my room rate.

uibd Jun 24, 08 8:09 pm

I don't know, but I've decided to stay at the courtyard as it looks to be a bit of a step up, includes breakfast, lan and is closer to where I need to be. It should be noted that I believe the Munich Marriott currently is under a promo (along with some other marriotts in europe) where you get a bonus 1k points for a stay.

Counsellor Jun 28, 08 11:22 am

Originally Posted by Didi (Post 9930904)
Do we still have the same situation in Munich:

Neither Marriott nor Renaissance have a lounge?

That was the situation when I was there last, earlier this year.

MM=> UA 97%, AA 94%

SanDiego1K Jun 28, 08 12:52 pm

Counsellor, is the Ren still routinely upgrade golds and plats to suites?

timetosave Jun 29, 08 5:45 am

I stayed at the Renaissance last year.

As Platinum, they upgraded me to a huge suite, I had free breakfast, and free Internet. The service was exceptional. The only down side is there was no AC and I had a bunch of fans in the room.

Starbucks Jun 30, 08 1:56 am

Still no lounge in Munich.

I am a regular at the Munich Marriott and would always prefer to stay there instead of at the Ren. Main reason for that is that the Ren is starting to show age and that the management did not do any refurbishments recently. Marriott next door did refurbish the bath rooms and built a state-of-the-art spa area. Also the general ambience of the Marriott outclasses the Ren imho.

As far as elite upgrades go: Did not receive any decent upgrade at the Munich Marriott yet. However i usually get a room assigned which is not facing the traffic on "Mittlerer Ring" and which is near to the spa elevator.

tmeyer Jun 30, 08 2:21 am

Stayed 3 times at the REN - always got a suite upgrade. Got a regular room at the Marriott. However I cannot confirm free WiFi for Plats at either property for me. REN is closer to subway. Both Hotels are really nothing fancy, but ok.

dg4255 Jun 30, 08 2:26 am

I stayed at the Marriott in December. I think it is perhaps the worst Marriott property in all of Europe. I wouldn't stay there again.

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