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Renaissance St. Pancras, London, UK [Master Thread]

Old Nov 30, 19, 4:02 pm
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As of June 2022 :

Chambers Club opening hours:
Opens at 7am until 10pm
Club’s Breakfast : Weekdays : 7am-11am, Weekends: 7am-12pm
Club’s Pre-Dinner Snacks : Daily : 5:30pm-7:30pm Hot snacks, Cold snacks, and dessert buffet including complimentary house spirits.

As a part of Club experience you may bring one additional guest to the club with you and any additional will be subject to Club access fee of £80 per person.
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Renaissance St. Pancras, London, UK [Master Thread]

Old Mar 23, 11, 6:11 pm
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I actually like Barbara of USAToday, but this reads like a fan note...

Just PM the mod of this forum to get the title changed.

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Originally Posted by yunicorner View Post
Wow, what an incredible review! Thanks dcpatti! Too funny they stacked all the extra furniture in your sister's room. And I'm curious as to what your room view entailed.
Our first floor room had a view of the smaller side street running by the hotel. It will actually be a nice view and good for people-watching but during our stay there was various lumber and construction debris stacked there.
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Old Mar 29, 11, 5:27 am
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Great video from the BBC:



See also:



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Please post reviews of this hotel

I'm booked for a stay in August, but I've kept a back up at the County Hall (my usual choice). Information about the rooms, service, etc. is appreciated. And a big thank you to dcpatti for the first (and very detailed) report.
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St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Hi all,

I came across this on another forum.


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Old Apr 24, 11, 7:43 am
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I stayed there the last 2 nights with my girlfriend. Generally, it was good. But the lounge staff need to get up to speed quickly.

Got down for breakfast yesterday at 10:50. The breakfast was being cleared away. I asked the lounge attendent what time breakfast was served until and I was told 11:00. She then asked me the current time, and when I said 10:50, she just said 'oh', and walked off! No offer to make it right at all. So, no breakfast.

Went back about 7pm for a drink, and the same girl was there. She apologised that the red wine wasn't very cold...

Went to the bar later, and sat there for 5 minutes watching the bar staff laughing and joking at one end of the bar. There was another couple already sitting at the bar when I got there, and they were getting annoyed that nobody was serving. Eventually, what appeared to be a manager came over and asked if everything was OK. As soon as he appeared the bar staff sprang into action.

We got an club room in the new part of the hotel. No suite upgrade unfortunately, not that we'd expected it. Room was nice, with good A/C.

One thing to mention is that the rooms are very noisy due to the Eurostar trains. Noise never tends to bother me, but this was one place that even I found it noticeable.

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bit more background for you - btw - anyone asked if they can still get a room for 14/- (shillings for those of you who don't remember when lsd referred to money)
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Stay report May 3-4, 2011

Used points for a single night's stay, happened to be the night before their grand opening so there was much activity both days we were there (although we checked out well before the evening's festivities.)

Arrived on Eurostar from Belgium. Signage to the hotel could be better -- you have to descend to the shopping concourse level to exit Eurostar. Once past customs and into the shops, use the elevator back up to platform level and then enter the hotel through the Booking Office restaurant.

We were greeted at the front desk by two of the managers who were effusive and genuine in their welcome, and who gave us a tour of the ground floor including the Chambers Club, their executive lounge. As others have noted, staff throughout the hotel consistently greet you and offer help if even a hint of needing it is wanted; we found it refreshing and usually helpful, although some staff (the Chambers Club waiting staff in particular) are still in need of training (e.g., hot tea provided without a saucer -- in England?! Sacrilege.)

We were upgraded to a Barlow Club room with king bed that accommodated the rollaway snuggly but comfortably. The physical plant of this hotel is outstanding: the new Barlow rooms and corridors are finished to almost Four Seasons standards, and the attention to detail in maintaining a consistency of style is impressive (even the TV turns on to a splash screen with the hotel's logo and antique British decorative pattern as background.) The beds were super comfortable, including the rollaway -- and even that had a matching throw on it. The bathroom is Villeroy & Boch with the "Ren" line of products and shower over the bath with a hinged glass screen (don't lean on it to avoid falling out of the shower!). The muted beige color scheme and tiling is beautiful but got messy with water and shoes by the time we checked out. The room's AC worked splendidly in the unusually warm British weather for spring (unlike the Marriott County Hall's system we'd experienced a week earlier.) We encountered absolutely no noise problems in the room, unlike the previous OP: it's hard to imagine the Eurostar making noise in these Barlow rooms, since the platforms are at the opposite side of the station. TV options include BBC HD and also an unusually extensive package of foreign channels that required an additional charge to the room, which we didn't opt for. Various radio channels are also available on the TV.

There was also a personal notecard welcoming us written by the front desk manager awaiting us on the table in the room, together with six macarons in a black lacquered box, a lovely touch.

We didn't get the opportunity to see rooms in the old section of the hotel, but the Chambers Club is really quite impressive for a Marriott lounge: firstly, it's situated in prime real estate on the ground floor adjacent to the restaurant and right at the front of the hotel, with views facing the driveway out front and also a couple of windows overlooking the train platforms from the staircase at the back of the lounge. When we looked in at 8.30pm, evening food offerings included a reasonably extensive selection of canapes and desserts laid out simultaneously. Staff offered table service for drinks, or you could help yourself; alcohol (at least the beer we had) was complimentary. The breakfast spread the following morning featured most of what you'd expect to find in a full-size restaurant buffet -- cereals and pastries, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage; cold meats and smoked salmon, apples and bananas -- and more unusual offerings such as stewed apricots and figs; quite ample for our needs although I missed oatmeal (or porridge as it would be called there.)

As a previous OP has stated, the renovation of the old Midland Hotel by Manhattan Loft Corporation (the developers) is outstanding, and it's worth wandering around the whole hotel to take it all in. The grand staircase is impressive indeed.

Drinks are available all day long, as are cookies of various types and jars of old-style British candies and boiled sweets (hard candy) in jars. We were told afternoon tea including sandwiches and scones would be served at 3pm, but we were checking out before then.

internet access was great in the room -- wired and Wi-Fi is available and I was able to register multiple devices for Wi-fi (phone, tablet, laptop) with no problems. The only public area we tried to log-on was the Chambers Club, and though the network name was visible we could never get a strong enough signal to log on successfully. The lounge manager said the service down there was running with a temporary setup, and they hoped to have it fixed in the near future.

I requested a late checkout at the front desk and was initially told they couldn't provide any at all because of the impending arrival of guests for the grand opening, though they did offer to call my cell phone if the situation changed which was a nice touch. When I checked on the website and found they were still selling various categories of rooms including the one we were in, I was a bit miffed and went back to the front desk, but as I got there the manager said they'd managed to move things around and could offer the 3pm checkout I'd requested, so that avoided having to argue my case a little more strongly.

I would recommend this hotel hands down over the County Hall any day, unless location required you to choose elsewhere. It's also a cat 7 rather than cat 8, if staying on points. I'd say it's the equal of the (soon departing) Chancery Court in style, and the lounge is much better. (One manager told me many staff members would be transferring from the Chancery Court shortly.) I haven't experienced many other London Marriotts (the West India Quay being another, which I also like very much and which also has a great lounge), but I'd highly recommend the St. Pancras Ren. and with its excellent Underground and rail service I'd imagine it will be convenient for many.
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Originally Posted by sspicer View Post
I would recommend this hotel hands down over the County Hall any day...
I'd say it's the equal of the (soon departing) Chancery Court in style, and the lounge is much better.
Thank you. Just the answer I was looking for. I have reservations at both SP and CH for identical rates in September and was looking for a comparison. I have always stayed at RCC in the past.

FWIW, I have also wanted to stay at the JW, but unfortunately their rates always seem to be higher, in this case £89 more than SP or CH as of right now for my stay dates. Perhaps that will change between now and September.
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Old May 9, 11, 4:07 am
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I was fortunate enough to attend a private tour/champagne reception yesterday (May 8). Impressive facility to say the least. I predict that those lamenting the loss of RCC will be more than happy with this hotel as it's "replacement". Based on what I saw, SPR is a definite upgrade.

I've only got a couple of minutes right now as I post this, but I'll be happy to answer whatever questions anyone might have to the best of my ability. The drawback to our tour was that, despite requests form myself and others, they didn't show us any of the guest rooms. What we mostly saw were public areas and meeting rooms....which were magnificently restored and stunningly appointed. The lobby was also quite impressive, as also were the restauant and bar areas....which seemed to be doing a brisk business.

The only negative was when our party of three ordered a round of drinks before the tour. Service was slow, and unresponsive, and the three staff members I dealt with seemed to be as poorly trained as they were indifferent.

I wouldn't be too concerned about this, however. Given the effort that's been put into getting this facility up and running, I'd expect the bugs to be worked out in short order. I also was told that the GM is the former GM of Grosvenor Square Marriott. Given the tight ship and outstanding service under his watch there, there's absolutely know doubt in my mind that things will soon be in order.

And finally, the location is excellent....obviously, that's especially true for Eurostar traveler. It's a short, pleasant walk to trains, tube, and various shops and restaurants in the train station.

All part of the sprucing up of London for next year's Olympics.
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Old May 9, 11, 8:07 am
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Thanks for the updates! Sounds like former RCC folk will be happy w/ this choice. Location (unless you're doing Eurostar) not quite as good as other properties for my stays, but might have to check it out at some point.

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Originally Posted by SkiAdcock View Post
Thanks for the updates! Sounds like former RCC folk will be happy w/ this choice. Location (unless you're doing Eurostar) not quite as good as other properties for my stays, but might have to check it out at some point.

Agree that RCC is probably better for walking to things to do, but Kings Cross/SPR is also very centrally located, and has outstanding local, regional, and international transportation connections.

I still prefer being in Mayfair, but SPR would be an excellent choice....especially once they get the bugs worked out.
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Old May 24, 11, 3:32 pm
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I currently have the choice of staying the London Chancery Court or the St Pancras for July 5-7 for the same amount of points.

With the former, it will no longer be a Marriott by the time we get there which means no Gold perks (no lounge/breakfast, internet. etc.)

With the latter, we get all those perks.

It would seem like a no-brainer, but I've heard some wonderful things about Chancery Court.

Can anyone here with experience at either or both help us make a decision?
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Old May 24, 11, 6:58 pm
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No brainer. Stay w/ St. Pancras. So far it's getting good reviews, & you get points/bennies.

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Don't mean to thread jack, but does anyone have any input on how the hotel and location compares to the JW Grosvenor House? I have a stay currently booked on points for the Grosvenor and will be in London on vacation, wondering which hotel is better located for tourism and overall which is a better property? Thanks!
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