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Sheraton Hauppauge - Long Island, NY [Master Thread]

Sheraton Hauppauge - Long Island, NY [Master Thread]

Old Jun 18, 02, 10:17 am
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Arrow Sheraton Hauppauge - Long Island, NY [Master Thread]

Any advice on this property?

A search on FT revealed some quite negative comments back in Fall 2001.

I need to stay in their 4 or 5 times over the next couple of months.
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Old Jun 18, 02, 10:29 am
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I've stayed at this hotel in January. Was upgraded to the club level, but the club was closed, and I got a free breakfast in the restaurant. The property and stay were not very memorable, but no negative comments. I'd stay there again.
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Old Jun 18, 02, 3:07 pm
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Stayed there last summer for a weekend. Nothing special, average rooms, didn't see a club lounge if there was one. Reminds me more of a Holiday Inn than a Sheraton...probably a franchise hotel.
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Old Jun 18, 02, 3:28 pm
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We stayed at this hotel last month. The staff was friendly and helpful. The lobby has been redone, but the rooms are basic. Our reservation was for a newly renovated Club Room. The club lounge was closed because it was a weekend. The room did seem to have newer carpet and bedspreads, but it does feel like an older hotel. Since the club lounge was closed they gave us drink vouchers for the bar and breakfast vouchers.The buffet breakfast was great. It had made to order omlets and waffles.
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Old May 11, 04, 1:44 am
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Arrow Sheraton Hauppauge - Long Island, NY (Master Thread)

Can someone else give me the inside scoop on the Long Island Sheraton hotel. It seems as though it has undergone a recent refurbish, and the people there have all been pleasant, but I have yet to receive any type of upgrade or platinum recognition (except for the 500 bonus points amenity) after a couple of stays there. I do usually receive a room on the "SPG Floor"? Is this an upgrade? I have yet to find a bottle of water or snack in the room, as I have at other Sheraton locations. Is there a concierge lounge? I forgot to ask at the hotel, and I stayed last time on a Friday night, so I thought it might not be open on weekends. Are there suites available for upgrade? Has anyone else had any success receiving them? Is this hotel usually just overrun with platinums, and thus no upgrades available?

If I continue to use SPG, this would likely be the hotel at which I stay most frequently, so I am curious as to the level of service I should expect. I am staying there again this week (mid-week, but as part of a group). I think I may ask to speak with the Front Desk or Sales Manager to negotiate a rate and to see what types of amenities I can expect in the future.

Your insights are most welcomed.

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Old May 14, 04, 4:51 pm
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I guess if no one else has an answer....

....maybe I can share my own updated experiences for someone else.

I checked in this past Tuesday. I was upgraded to a corner room, on my request. There was some initial resistance, it seemed, but the clerk recognized the platinum status in my reservation. It did not appear that I was pre-assigned a corner room, but I guess at this particular location, you need to ask for what you want.

The corner room was really nice. Had lots of extra room, and, in addition to the king bed, work desk, sleeper sofa, and chair, there was also a nice "dining room"-looking table with seating for three. The bathroom had more "stuff" than the standard SPG-floor rooms I had been in previously (including shower gel, mouthwash, toiletry packet, and sewing kit). The room also included two complimentary bottles of water that were refreshed daily. I was given drink coupons for the Club Lounge and a coupon for breakfast on Saturday morning in the restaurant when the Club Lounge is not open. In the past, when staying on weekend rates, I was never offered breakfast in the dining room.

I still don't know that this was the "best available room", but I was happy with it. One of the others in our group was given this great suite (with a neat spiral staircase) that I was truly jealous of!

If anyone has had a different experience, please share...

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Old May 14, 04, 5:04 pm
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Originally Posted by stevekoe
In the past, when staying on weekend rates, I was never offered breakfast in the dining room.
I stayed there a year or a little more ago (was Platinum then), the lounge was closed and they gave me free breakfast in the main restaurant (on their own, no prodding from me required). The room I got was not a suite, just a regular Club Floor room, but I was alone, for one night, and did not really care.
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Old May 14, 04, 8:09 pm
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I'm writing from the Long Island Sheraton right now...

Like stevekoe, I was given the "junior suite," which is the corner room in the tower. He's described it perfectly, and it's quite roomy -- my only complaint is that it's a bit dark, lots of lamps but none that really put off too much light. It's really nice having the table (in addition to the desk), much easier to spread out a bit and work. The desk is more like the Marriott desks, with the separate piece (on casters) that can be pulled out or placed at a right angle to the part of the desk that's up against the wall.

I'm on the 4th floor, but was given priveleges to the Club Lounge on 6 -- morning is the usual bagel/muffin/pastry fare, in a nice-sized lounge. Good nummies at dinner time -- yesterday was pasta made to request! (The "chef", I believe, was 12 years old...)

You can tell it's an older property, but the furnishings are up-to-date, new carpeting, perfectly fine. Would it be my first choice? Probably not, but you certainly won't be here wanting to turn around and immediately leave. I think the Marriott in Uniondale is generally more convenient, better-located, but just depends where you need to be on the Island. It's really too bad that there aren't more Starwood options on Long Island, always has surprised me.

The most important part -- got my PLT upgrade without having to ask!!!! I did have to remind them about the platinum amenity, though...

Hope this helps.
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Old May 14, 04, 9:54 pm
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"I still don't know that this was the "best available room", but I was happy with it. One of the others in our group was given this great suite (with a neat spiral staircase) that I was truly jealous of! "

I've stayed in that suite - its nice, but the stairs were a bit rickety when i was there - thought they were going to collapse - maybe they've fixed them by now.
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Old Aug 30, 04, 8:49 pm
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Upgraded to a Presidential Suite

I stayed at the Long Island Sherton last summer...

when checking in, the associate saw my platinum status, then looked for an upgraded room. i saw her check with a colleague, and he knodded his head. she gave me the keys to the room.

Upon going upstarirs, i was presently surpirsed. The presidential suite, it had a double door and opened into the living room with a small kitchette, loveseat, sofa, chairs, fireplace, and windows that overlooked the lobby. 2 bathrooms, and the sheraton sweet sleeper bed. the room was probably about 1500 square feet and very nice, although in need of redecorating.

What a great stay.
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Nothing here....

I've stayed there twice so far and plan more stays in the future but did not receive anything special. The first time I was actually given a noisy room on the 2nd floor (it was right above the bar). I don't know if it's because I will be staying there once a week and negotiated a $99 rate with them - there are 21 day non refundable advance fares available on spg.com which are $10 less - but the flexibility to cancel when I want and the guarentee of a fixed rate made me go with that... I don't know if it's that or something else but although I always get my amenity but I was nevered offered breakfast coupons or lounge access or even an upgrade to anything more than an oversized room... so dunno.. maybe I'll try booking those internet only rates and see if that makes a difference....
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Old Feb 27, 06, 11:52 am
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Arrow Sheraton Hauppauge - Long Island, NY (Master Thread)

I had an unexpected schedule change and stayed last week at the Sheraton Long Island hotel for one night. I picked this hotel solely because it is a starwood property because of my loyalty to Starwood. There are other hotels that are more convenient in the area.

The hotel was more like a 4-point than a sheraton, in my opinion, and I won't be staying there again.

The day of the check out, I met the maid outside of the room on my way to the breakfast. She didn't speak much English, instead, she waved her room sheet in front of me and asked me "leaving?". I said no.

Returning from breakfast, I met the maid again in the hallway. Same exchange.

Minutes after I entered my room, I heard a knock on the door. You guessed it, it's the maid at the door, waving her sheet It was 10am.

I called up the front desk and asked what the scoop was. His reply: "But sir, you are checking out today. If you don't want to be disturbed, use the no-disturb sign".

Most of us here on the forum are frequent travelers. I just find it a bit rude to be asking a guest if they are leaving repeatedly. Has this occurred to you in any other US hotels?
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Old Feb 27, 06, 4:18 pm
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Ahh yes the famous sheet wavers

I have had similar experiences in hotels and one comes to mind last year at a Hyatt.
Just to let you know itís not limited to Starwood properties
I was extended a late checkout as a Diamond through 4 PM.
The Housekeeper planned on leaving at or before 4PM .She became quite angry and vocally upset. I could hear her cussing me out with her fellow team members well into the dining and living room of the suite

I returned from a meeting and the house keeping cart is parked next to my door blocking entry.
Upon my return from lunch I gathered my things opened the door and she was seated on the hallway floor propped up against the cart glaring at me......It's about time: rolleyes:

The other was at an Embassy Suites. She fell asleep in the hallway
Upside is she left her cart around the corner from my door along with her snoozing.At least she wasn't snoring
Don't think any of these folks are big fans of late check out!

I'll take the sheet waving gal who chants "leaving".Just wave her away.
These folks have one of the hardest jobs in a hotel and are amongst the least appreciated.They have a lot of rooms to clean and a limited amount of time to do it in.....
Moral of the story yep use the Do Not Disturb sign and hope for the best.
Though to warn you I have been barged in on before in nothing more then my birthday suit with the sign engaged on the door
No one ever said being a road warrior would be easy.
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Old Feb 28, 06, 6:49 am
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LI Sheraton

I've stayed at this hotel over 150 nights in the past 15 months--not the greatest structure, but this hotel tries like crazy. Anything that comes up can easily be run through their "service promise desk" and you will get a response right away.

this is a hotel that really cares. I move between the Hyatt Wind Watch and the Sheraton in Suffolk, Long Island--the Hyatt is a nicer hotel, but the staff is downright obnoxious. They really don't care. The Sheraton is the exact opposite.

btw, the Sheraton is in progress of doing a major upgrade of the heating/air conditioning units which will help make the rooms nicer.

the beds are already in great shape--real comfortable place to sleep.

the hotel takes care of plats (6th floor--exec floor upgrades with lounge access), although if you are a first time plat staying during the week, you may find the 6th floor full as there are lots of consultants here for months on end.
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Old Feb 28, 06, 9:27 am
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Wink Welcome to Long Island New York all! Home of the Mile Hound

I have not had recent experience at the Sheraton property in years so I didn't make any comments on it.
In years past however I too found a very good team on board.
Held a few small events there and was satisfied with the service 98% of the time. However The Hilton was very aggressive for my business and undercut the hotel by 25% on anything the hotel offered. Sadly I never returned.

Very sorry to hear about your experience at the Hyatt. I know there were some difficulties early on as they switched over from a Wyndham to a Hyatt over the last year or so.IMO they are two very different cultures. I know that major renovations only finished sometime in the Fall? The majority of the service reviews I have observed have been highly positive overall. I can tell you from many a night in hotels that I have had an excellent stay yet while checking out next to me someone is fuming about their stay.Having been in all shoes before timing is everything and stay quality varies at the best properties.

I will pass your comments on too the management at the Hyatt Wind Watch whom I know for many years and recently came on board from another Hyatt hotel I respect.I have not stayed at the Wind Watch but have been hoping to pay a visit and tour the property.
Unless holding a function I have very liitle reason to stay overnight living here on the Island of Long
It is surprising based on the demographics of one of the more affluent suburban communities in the nation that we continue to be served primarily by three star properties at best with most between 2 and 2 and a half star properties.You would think we would see at least one new 4 star property.
My guess is the cost of doing business here allows to charge 4 star prices and deliver a 3 star product and below.
One thing for certain Long Island hotels will never be mistaken for Sydney or Hong Kong
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