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Karen2 Jul 5, 01 9:59 am

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Romania [Master Thread]
We plan a week in Bucharest on a Marriott award. Has anyone been to that hotel? It looks like it started out as a Radisson. Can you keep busy in Bucharest for a week??

I have a 713 but could split it up with hotel one place and the air to somewhere else. We will already be over near there in Belgrade but are thinking of driving the old Communist Block countries instead of parking in just one hotel for a week. Because of bad roads, what looks like a day trip is not.

ROADRUNNER Jul 7, 01 4:30 pm

Yes, it is still like roughing it!

Muerz May 14, 02 8:44 am

Any recent reports on this hotel?


Karen2 May 15, 02 12:03 am

We did not stay in Bucharest at the Marriott. It was quite out of the way. We stayed instead at the Hilton Plaza Athenee in the center of the old city. It was wonderful and we got quite a discount as opposed to an award. We really enjoyed Romania and had plenty to do in the 4 days we were there. Very cheap city, except for hotels. Concerts were $3 to $7, beer at a kiosk 50 cents, dinner at a nice cafe $4. Museums less than a dollar. We were embarrassed to ask for the senior rate! The mountains outside Bucharest are quite beautiful, drove through them. I think it is an up and coming country! We were there two days after Sept 11 and the people were so kind it made us cry.

sssong Feb 18, 03 10:15 pm

JW Marriott in Bucharest
I am planning to visit Bucharest in mid-March and will be staying at the Marriott then. I would like peoples impressions of the hotel and the best way to get there from the airport.

Counsellor Feb 25, 03 7:21 am

Great hotel! Nice rooms, foyer is very impressive (I can envision Princes with entourage entering in the 19th Century).


Do *not* change money in the area where you await your baggage. Rates there are a rip-off. Similarly, don't get a taxi from the lobby of the airport, equally a rip-off.

Call or e-mail the hotel and they will arrange for a van to be waiting for you off to the far right as you come out of the airport lobby. Cost is about $12 and can be added to your hotel bill.

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tcook052 Feb 27, 03 12:53 am

Did I hear right? Marriott has a hotel in bucharest but none in Madrid? Anyone else find that funny? Anyone at Marriott listening?

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Counsellor Mar 1, 03 10:05 am

From the "in your pocket" guide to Bucharest:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">All international flights land at Otopeni International Airport (Aeroport International Otopeni), which is a 30 minute drive from the city centre. After getting off the plane and easing your way through passport control, you’ll find yourself in the baggage reclaim area. Ignore any of the services on offer here, be it currency exchange or limousines to the city centre. Instead, grab your luggage, which usually arrives promptly (if it fails to arrive head for the small office on the left hand of side of the exit, where staff will help you find out where it might have gone), and then it’s off through customs to the waiting taxi drivers in the arrivals area. Ignore these taxi drivers, complete with meaningless ‘official driver’ badges, at all costs. . . . . [T]hey now seemingly have complete control over all traffic in and out of the airport . . . meaning that should you call a taxi from an honest company (CrisTaxi tel. 021 9461 or Meridian tel. 021 9444) you will probably have to wait for it at the entrance to the car park, opposite the exit from the terminal. If you need local money, then there’s an ATM in the arrivals hall. If you need to use a public phone, you’ll have to first procure an Evrikard from one of the dispensing machines (found in the arrivals hall next to the ATM, and which accepts both 50,000 and 100,000 lei notes). There is no tourist information desk.</font>
(Emphasis added, certain information deleted for legal reasons.)

For more information, check out this link.

As I noted above, when I was there recently and stayed at the Marriott, the Marriott sent a van which was waiting to collect us at the airport when we landed, charged about $12, and added it to the bill.

sssong Mar 1, 03 10:30 am

Thanks for the information. I e-mailed the hotel directly and they told me the same thing. I appreciate your help.

drham Oct 18, 04 8:55 am

jw marriott in bucharest is the best hotel in town. all local big-wheels go there either to the fitness center or regularly for dinner. hotel itself is one of the finest marriott properties i have seen. recommendation: set an evening aside for a nice dinner in the restaurant. good choice btw...

AvalancheZ71 Oct 4, 06 3:24 pm

JW Marriott in Bucharest
Does anyone have experience with this property? I got in on the YOW-OTP low fare deal and will be in BUH for a couple of days.

bhatnasx Oct 4, 06 6:10 pm

Not sure about the hotel - but I booked rooms for May '07. It's cancellable - so I probably will cancel, but I'm going to hold the reservation just in case.

JoeBagodonuts Oct 4, 06 8:45 pm

i will be there as well on the same deal next summer!!! I'm seeking reviews as well

What are y'all paying for this place?

coops Oct 4, 06 9:36 pm

This hotel is ranked at No2 in Bucharest on tripadvisor and receives excellent reviews.I have always found tripadvisor to be accurate in my own travels.

You can usually get a very good deal on this hotel including breakfast for 2 nights on Ebay.They have to be weekend nights though.It is the hotel that provides the voucher via an agency and it is valid for one year and is transferrable.People are generally picking up this hotel up at £65-£75 GBP for two nights inc ABF.At £32.50- £37.50 per night methinks that is a good deal.

Here is the link:-

If you decide to go for it then please try to avoid outbidding other Fter's :p

royalwing Oct 5, 06 8:08 am

I will be there next week, nearly all week, for business. It's a very good hotel, in every respect, good rooms, beds, different restaurants, pool, gym, sauna and steam room, many other facilities, but for those not from central Europe.... they tend to smoke everywhere in the hotel, which is not pleasant at all as a non-smoker.

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