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Arrow Four Points Harrisburg [Master Thread]

Has anyone been to the Four Points in Harrisburg, PA, or to any of the other properties (Starwood or otherwise) near Hershey Park . I have reservations at the Four Points, but if there's another property that's better, I'd happily change.

Thanks for your input...
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We stayed there a couple of times with our kids. It is a typica four points, nothing great, nothing terrible. It did have an indoor pool which was nice.

An alternative is the Hilton in Harrisburg. It is only a couple of minutes farther from Hershey but is of much higher quality. It also offers point stretcher awards sometimes.
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Hotel Hershey is the Grande Dame in the area. Nice hotel with a great view and real near the park. Pricey, though.
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Both the Four Points and Hilton are fine, with the Four Points being much cheaper and the Hilton being better, as it's a full service property with the Exec Lounge also surprisingly being open on weekends. Also, I'm a city guy and the Hilton is right where the action is in Harrisburg!
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There's a new Hilton Garden in Hershey that should be pretty good since its a brand new facility. The Hotel Hershey is abolutely awesome (I may be biased with fond memories of having our wedding reception there...). Even if you don't stay reserve dinner or Sunday brunch- in February I had the best lobster tail I've ever had there at dinner. They also have new spa features that I plan to try out when I'm there visiting family this summer.

The Hershey Lodge is also not bad although a bit overpriced. There's also a Comfort Inn in Hershey that I haven't stayed at but have heard decent things about from those who couldn't get over the sticker shock of the Hotel Hershey when we had rooms blocked for our wedding at both places.

I can't quite picture where the Four Points is, but if HersheyPark is your destination then I'd try to stay in Hershey, unless of course you want the Four Points for your free weekend qualification.

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Thumbs down Four Points Harrisburg - Yuck!

Was in Harrisburg/Hershey, PA this past weekend. I'm SPG Plat and have a lot of points to burn, so rather than spending cash on this non-work related stay, I figured I'd try the Four Points Harrisburg for 3k *wood points/night. I admit I've been pretty spoiled on my biz travels, staying mostly in Ws, Westins, Sheratons, and avoiding Four Points whenever possible, but this place was seriously in need of work.

Checked in (very late Friday night - after midnight) for what was supposed to be a 2-night stay. Was told I had been upgraded to a jacuzzi suite (328). Lobby seemed fine, if a little dark. When we got out of the elevator (3rd floor) and saw the terribly stained drop ceiling tiles, my hopes started to sink fast. The room itself was very large but had no windows to the outside, only two windows looking out over the lobby atrium. No natural light had ever graced this room. The closet doors were cheap. hollow, wood veneer that looked like they were from the 70s. The refrigerator had a half gallon of milk from previous guests. I felt like I had to keep my socks on because the carpet seemed dirty (it's hard not to see every speck of lint on a brown carpet). I wasn't even going to THINK about using the jacuzzi tub.

Next morning awake to find that there's nothing but decaf coffee for the in-room coffee-maker. Worse yet, the shower doesn't work. The shower had two heads, one normal stationary head and one hand-held. Neither worked. The stationary one trickled. When you tried to switch to the hand-held, the water gurgled out of a connector instead of the showerhead. Called down to the front desk to ask whether we could move rooms for the second night given the shower situation. The front desk employee recommended instead that they could just have someone fix the shower. Said okay at first, but after no shower the first day, I didn't want to take the chance. Decided this was not a place I was going to look forward to coming back to after a long day, so I packed up and called the front desk again to find out whether, if I checked out early, the second night's worth of points would be refunded to my account. She said she wasn't sure and would have to ask the manager who was busy at the moment, so I politely hung up and called the Platinum Service Desk. The Plat Desk rep there said it was up to the hotel (whether early check-out would result in forfeiture of the 2nd night's points) and I needed to check with the hotel. Told her that I did but did not get a definitive answer so the Plat Desk rep put me on hold, called the hotel for me, got the 2nd night's points refunded and checked me out.

Ended up spending the second night at the Harrisburg Hilton since there were no other SPG properties in the immediate vicinity, and it was infinitely nicer.

I do not recommend the Four Points Harrisburg property.
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I actually am rather fond of the H'bg 4PTS... stay there about every 6 or 8 weeks for a friday night. The bar is an Irish Pub and attracts a local following - last time I was there they had sKareokee, and in spite of that still had a good time.

That being said, I have to agree with the OP on the "upgraded" room - I got one once and was pretty disappointed. They are very big, but they are not really upgrades. Normal rooms are better than that room...
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I've stayed at this location 5 times this year, one night each time.

Never gotten a Plat upgrade, and was WALKED as a Plat once
The place is very dated
The staff seems to be unhelpful
Plat bonus doesn't always post automatically

The on site restaurant is good for a mid-priced hotel restaurant
and it's the only location in Harrisburg to earn SPG credit (and a key location for me to earn/keep my status since I'm in central PA about 8 times a year)

The 4 Points in York, PA is about 25 miles away and slightly better, as I received an upgrade on 1 of my past 4 stays there.
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I can agree partly about H'burg 4Pts--the best part is the Irish pub--where else can you find all those great drafts? I've stayed in that room with the hot tub, probably even the very same room--it wasn't great, but not too bad either. And the staff seems to be fine--they even recognized my Pref+ status and upgraded me (before I became Gold) to that room.

Also once as I was going to bed, I discovered ants climbing onto my bed--the staff gave me a new room and helped me move my stuff to the new room.

However my last stay was almost a year ago, so things might have changed since then. Compared to most Sheratons and Westins, it sucks. And compared to other 4Pts, it's a bit weak, but nowhere near as bad as our beloved Austin 4Pts.

York 4Pts wasn't too bad, except for the forgetable bar/resturant. Guess the biggest attraction of H'burg 4Pts was the pub.
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Been good for us?


have stayed in this location four times, four upgrades to suite (Double doorroom) Room was fine. Rest. messed up on an order for my gradson, sent cake and cookies, milk to our room with nice note. Soooooo thought I would through in a good word.
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The Irish pub/restaurant is fabulous.

The rest of the hotel is frightfully old and outdated. The suites are nice and large, but as reported above, they are beyond worn. The last time I was there my room had no windows and smelled like mildew. I woke up sick from breathing the air.
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Anything since '06? Considering a stay 5/2010


Any recent stays?

Looking at possibly staying here in May. Other option is Harrisburg Hilton (solely on price - very similar for my dates, everything else much more expensive for my date).
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Originally Posted by dcstudent View Post

Any recent stays?

Looking at possibly staying here in May. Other option is Harrisburg Hilton (solely on price - very similar for my dates, everything else much more expensive for my date).
I can't think of any reason not to stay at the Hilton. Far better hotel in a far better location (if you need to be in the city proper). If you're getting a good price at the Hilton, grab it.
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Hilton a much better hotel, much better location

Originally Posted by dcstudent View Post

Any recent stays?

Looking at possibly staying here in May. Other option is Harrisburg Hilton (solely on price - very similar for my dates, everything else much more expensive for my date).
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Originally Posted by dcstudent View Post

Any recent stays?

Looking at possibly staying here in May. Other option is Harrisburg Hilton (solely on price - very similar for my dates, everything else much more expensive for my date).
as a local, 2 options. The Hilton downtown is GREAT. The lounge is small, but open 7 days. The dining options are very good. The other option is the FS sheraton. It is close to the airport. There is not much to do in the neighborhood, but all in all, a very nice property!
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