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stevekoe Jul 17, 05 2:55 pm

This may not be recent enough...
...but my last stay there was last September, and it is still the only hotel from which I have ever immediately walked out. Things may have changed some, but when I was there they had not yet installed the Heavenly Bed, the room was extremely small, and the staff was less than helpful. Starwood does not seem to have too many wonderful Dallas properties. I stayed at the Crowne Plaza last time I was in town. It is near DAL -- which, admittedly, is not the greatest neighborhood, but the hotel staff was very accommodating -- received a room on their 'quiet floor', with upgraded bedding -- comparable to the Heavenly Bed -- comp breakfast and HSIA -- all for under $100/night.

observer Jul 17, 05 5:42 pm

I was there in May and found it very satisfactory. Smallish but clean and well furnished room. Nice small workout facility. Friendly staff. I like to walk after a long flight, and appreciated the fact that I could walk on the bridge over the Interstate and be at Dennys in 5 minutes or so. I would gladly return.

onefreetraveler Aug 25, 05 1:13 am

Sheraton DFW Dallas Fort Worth [Master Thread]
I have stayed many times at the Sheraton DFW and every visit has been a wonderful experience. The employees at this property are simply the kindest people you will ever meet.

As a Platinum member I always get an upgrade to their impressive Club Level. On this last trip, I took a co-worker with me who was a SPG rookie. However, the front desk clerk upgrade him also to the Club level.

After check-in, you can expect turn down service, including fresh ice and chocolate. The rooms on the Club Level are very nicely furnished with all the ammenities.

Perhaps the best customer service I ever experienced was at this hotel. I had just arrived at 7pm from a very long day. I checked in and proceeded to the SPG lounge, where I was greeted by the attendant- Betty. She was so incredibly nice and offered to fix a plate of snacks for me and pour me a cool beverage. After a few minutes, she noticed that I was not eating the food and asked if everything was OK. I indicated that while I appreciated her efforts, the snacks were unfortunately too spicy.

Within a few minutes, another employee brought a tray to Betty which turned out to be her dinner. Betty offered to share her own dinner with me!!
I just couldn't believe how kind she was. Of course, I politely indicated that while I was overwelmed with her offer, I could not accept her incredible gesture.

The story doesn't end there, later Betty tells me that she plans to bake some cookies and to please return in 30 minutes to try them!!

This is not an isolated incident with this hotel and it's wonderful employees. Upon departure I always speak to the Manager to thank him for hiring wonderful peolple like Betty and all the others. I have also notified Corporate of my amazing experiences at the Sheraton DFW.

Thank You Betty!!!! :-: :-: :-: :-:

high_flyer Aug 25, 05 8:24 am

I was at this hotel in October of 2004 (almost a year ago), and they were doing lots of construction at the hotel, including jackhammering out tiles in the bathrooms, and cutting out the old vanities and such.

It was the loudest reconstruction I've ever hear and went up and down the elevator shafts to the point I couldn't make a phone call, and I was miserable the whole time. They started at 8 AM, and shut down at 5:30 PM. Unluckily there was nothing else in the area that wasn't sold out. Sadly the next closest Starwood was at the Galleria about 10 miles away.

I complained to the manager of course that it would have been nice to have had that warning on the website.

I was underwhelmed by the property and vowed to never go back again. Again, a year ago. They did offer me 5000 starpoints. Oh well.

SpeedRicer Aug 25, 05 8:44 am

I'm at this hotel this week, and I would have to agree that the service is consistently great here (except for once maybe, when the front desk agent forgot to offer the Platinum amenity, but they quickly recovered on that :)). This is my third stay here, and I've always gotten nice Club rooms, so most likely I'll end up staying here much more often (I'm in Dallas every week 'til December most likely).

And the cookies in the lounge get a big ^ from me!

stevekoe Aug 25, 05 4:35 pm

My last stay at this hotel was also a year ago, and I was underwhelmed. As a matter of fact, I left about an hour after checking in and canceled an upcoming reservation. I will say, though, that the staff was not the problem.

As of Sept 2004, they had not yet installed the Sweet Sleeper beds, which, for me, is one of the two reasons I book Sheraton properties over the competition. I was told that I was "upgraded" -- to what I am still not sure, and my key was the one with the picture of the Sweet Sleeper Bed. When I got to the room and found the inferior (and that is truly a huge understatement) bed, I called the front desk and asked what the situation was. They informed me that none of the Dallas area properties had the beds, and they didn't know when they were scheduled to receive them.

When I asked if they thought it was a little deceptive to hand out keys featuring the new bedding and not offer it in their rooms, they went and got the manager. He told me that it was not the first time that he had heard that remark and offered to do anything he could to find me another room in the Metroplex.

Again...staff was OK -- I don't know about wonderful -- but, they were competent, but the quality of the hotel was a real downer.

Perhaps things have improved.


caltraveler Aug 25, 05 7:59 pm

I too have had nothing but good experiences here

fenger Mar 6, 06 5:44 pm

Does this Sheraton has car rental desk on site? I can't seem to find that info. on their site. If it does, what has been your experience? I plan on arriving in the evening from DFW to the hotel via their free shuttle, then take my car the next morning to my office in Irving.

SportsTech Mar 6, 06 10:15 pm

I booked a res at this hotel last week and was told at (mid-day) checkin that they had no nonsmoking rooms available and wouldn't have any available even if I was willing to check in later. Since I won't stay in a smoking room (and the entire 4th floor of this hotel smells like an ashtray, I actually went up to the room to see if it would be tolerable) I cancelled the reservation and moved to the Hilton. Too bad, missing this stay will cost me the 3,000 point FT bonus...but that's not enough to justify staying in a horrible room!

Oh, yeah - the construction noise was unbelievable, no question that the young woman at the front desk was being abused by her employer. :td: :td:

SkyTeam777 May 23, 06 12:19 pm

Is the 9th floor lounge open on weekends? Any updates to the furnishings, etc. in guest rooms?

utwes May 23, 06 1:37 pm

Stayed there in April 06, new furniture in the room, but again, smallish (though bigger than the Westin in Vegas) rooms. I wasn't on the club floor, and wasn't in the hotel when the club was open (only sleeping, 11pm - 5am), the front desk staff offered me 2 free drinks at the bar since I was missing breakfast, though, which I thought was a nice offer.

Can't comment on the club floors hours, but furniture definitely newer, with the Sweet Sleeper bed.

emuyshondt May 23, 06 2:01 pm

I stayed in the club floor on April 13, a platinum upgrade for a stay with points. I was only there for the night and arrived after midnight. The room was OK and they served a reasonable breakfast in the lounge. The lady there was very friendly and nice.

It was convenient to leave my car with the parking service across the street from the hotel while I was on a trip for a couple of days. There wasn't anything in particular that stood out for the hotel, but it was convenient to DFW and an uneventful stay is a good stay in my book. There's also a Westin very close to this hotel but it didn't have availability when I was traveling.

SpeedRicer Jul 20, 06 2:35 pm

Sheraton DFW Dallas Fort Worth [Master Thread]
ktjan's thread on the W Lakeshore provided inspiration, so I ask the same for this hotel. :D

I've been here on-and-off, and for the most part it seems they don't play any games with upgrades. I get a Club floor room (usually corner), and if not, a larger SPG corner room, and if that isn't available, a normal room.

However, I've been staying here almost 25-30 times in the past 9 months, and I've never gotten a suite upgrade. When I inquire, I'm always told they're occupied by a convention organizer or someone else.

Is this hotel really that popular for meetings (I don't see such events often), or is it that there's hardly any suites to begin with?

I will say this though -- the fresh-baked cookies on the Club floor are highly addictive. :D ^

Snow Goose Jul 20, 06 9:53 pm

Suite Upgrades Scarce at Airport Hotels
I seldom if ever get a suite upgrade at the airport sheraton's that I frequent (YYZ, EWR, DFW, ATL etc.). However, given that I often arrive late, stay a single night, and depart early next day I rarely complain (just need a clean bed and shower). I believe the reason for the lack of plat suite upgrades at such hotels is the fact that they probably all have very few "standard" suites (who needs a luxury suite at an airport hotel, other than honeymooners who would opt for a presidential or royal suite, which would not be classified as a standard suite anyway). For large families, most of these hotels solve the space requirements by offering adjoining rooms

Having said that, I suspect that most of these airport locations also have an unwritten policy against suite upgrades to plats, except in sold-out situations. If they have very little inventory, rather than disbursing to plats they probably reserve suite upgrades for their favourite clients etc. For me, this is more of an annoyance than a real issue... where I really want/need a suite is when I am travelling with my family on vacation, rather than the business hotels I frequent at airports.


PforPlatinum Aug 17, 06 4:07 pm

Club lounge (12F) is open on weekends

Originally Posted by SkyTeam777
Is the 9th floor lounge open on weekends? Any updates to the furnishings, etc. in guest rooms?

I was waiting for the answer for this question but found by myself.

Club lounge on 12th floor is open during weekend, both evening and breakfast time. It is a bit small (4-5 tables) but with good food - free evening booze, hot breakfast. Soda and bottled water sit on the shelf and available all the time.

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