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PresRDC Apr 17, 03 3:51 pm

Platinum Upgrades at the Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh
Hi All,

Anyone have any recent upgrade experiences at this hotel. I'll be staying there for a bachelor party in June and the extra space of a suite would be much appreciatied.


bruin Apr 17, 03 7:46 pm

I got an upgrade to a large suite there earlier this week. There was jackhammering outside from construction nearby. It was really annoying. They said it would end on May 9. It is a nice hotel and if there wasn't construction, it would be a good place to say. Lots of restaurants nearby. They also recently closed the club lounge, so you might want to ask about that. They said it would reopen in a few months.

dkpolln Apr 20, 03 8:19 am

Stayed there this Thursday night and was upgraded to Parlot Suite overlooking the river.

This is an older hotel but seems well-maintained. There was construction noise on opposite side of the river that went on all night long. That didn't bother me as I drowned it out with sound of A/C. Only thing that woke me up was trains that came through about 3-4 times during the night. Some of those were going 50 MPH and it was quite noisy even from the 10th floor.

One good thing about trains travelling that fast is that the noise ends quickly too.

pitflyer May 8, 03 7:45 am

Never heard of this city called Pittsburg, PA but if you are going to Pittsburgh the Westin is downtown and new, while the Sheraton is a very old (but recently renovated) hotel that is close to some train tracks that can be disturbing. The Sheraton is in an area called Station Square which has a Hard Rock cafe and a bunch of other shops, but otherwise is NOT in downtown but across the bridge.

The Westin IS downtown but a little out of the way (it's next to the new convention center)-- but downtown is small enough it's not a big deal.

I would recommend the Sheraton personally unless you want to be able to walk to downtown attractions (benedum, byham) and possibly north shore (baseball, science center) attractions and/or want Westin service, which is supposedly better.

PHL INTL TERMINAL May 9, 03 6:20 am

Sheraton Station Square has been recently renovated and they are very good about upgrading their platinum members. The station square area is nice for tourists because there are lots of places to eat. If I were on vacation, I'd definitely stay at the Sheraton. They have a shuttle that can take you anywhere downtown. It also has a great view of the city. As far as the train is concerned, it is a bit annoying. They are working on the Fort Pitt Bridge right now, so you can hear some noise from that too. You can ask for a view of the parking lot or stay on a high floor or stay in the new wing of the hotel (rooms are nicer anyway). The new wing is set back a little bit from the train. The Sheraton has a club level. The drinks are free and the person that works there is extremely nice.

The Westin is an old's not a great hotel when compared to other Westin Hotels in US cities. Itís more like a Hilton with a Heavenly Bed. I think the Sheraton is much nicer. They are slowly renovating rooms in the Westin, so if you stay there ask for a renovated room on a high floor. The old rooms are pretty dumpy. The Westin does not have a club level. They are not so good about upgrading platinums to suites. Even if you do get a suite, it's two rooms connected by a hallway, so in my mind itís not worth it to push for the upgrade. There isn't much right by the Westin in terms of'll have to walk a couple of blocks through a not so nice area of downtown to get to a restaurant. The Westin has a full-sized nice gym that is available free of charge for plats. The Westin also has a shuttle.

Despite all of this, itís a coin toss for me where I stay when I am in Pittsburgh. But again, if I were in Pittsburgh for leisure travel, Iíd stay at the Sheraton. Make sure you ask for a room in the new wingÖthe beds are more comfortable, the rooms are nicer, and the TV is bigger.

If you are going to catch a ball game, the park is about 1/2 mile from the Westin and 2 miles from the Sheraton. The Sheraton is walkable, but again, you can take the shuttle.

If you plan on staying in downtown the whole time, you don't need a car. A cab will run you about 35 dollars, or a towncar will run you 40 dollars plus a tip ($6).

RTWSTARALLIANCE May 9, 03 6:58 am

Thanks. Both kinda sound not appealing. Noise at Sheraton and the Westin was/is a Doubletree. Any suggestions for a better location using Hilton or Hyatt brands. I'm not married to Starwood. Thanks

PHL INTL TERMINAL May 9, 03 7:04 am

The Hilton is a bigger dump than both. The rooms are small and old. I believe they are in the process of renovating some of the rooms, but I'm not at all a big fan.

Apparently the Renaissance (Mariott) is very nice and it is in a great location. I have never been inside, but I hear it is nice.

You could also try the Omni. I don't believe there is a Hyatt in downtown Pittbsurgh, but then again, I'm not sure.

MHTFlyer May 9, 03 3:30 pm

I think I have tried every "major" hotel in Pittsburgh and from my experience, they all have some major drawbacks. I concur that Hilton is as stated above. Omni has a very grand lobby and very old fashioned rooms. If that's your style, you'll like it. The rooms are small and the beds are ok comfortable. The Westin is very so-so. And not that well-located. I have not stayed at the Renaissance but have heard that if you do not have status, it is also very so-so. I have not tried the Sheraton but after learning that the rooms are recently renovated, I will on my next trip.

My advice: go for whichever one gives you the best price. It's probably 6 of one, half-dozen of the other.

bruin May 10, 03 10:51 am

I stayed at the Sheraton Station Square a few weeks ago. Seemed like a really nice hotel in a great area. There were two major problems though. There's construction going on nearby with jackhammering that starts at 10pm and ends at 6am. I would not stay there as long as that's still going on. In terms of everything else, I would definitely stay there as long as the construction problem was gone.

RTWSTARALLIANCE Jul 5, 03 1:37 pm

Pittsburgh: Sheraton or Westin [Master Thread]
This IS the most disappointing Westin I have ever visited. I booked via and had a prepaid rate. Upon check-in without asking was given a suite on 5th floor. Five out of 25 some odd floors. Not exactly meeting my high floor request in profile. Moved to double bedded room on 23rd. The upper floors have been renovated but not the lower. Immediately we booked a tour and went downstairs to wait for bus. We informed the concierge and attempted to inform the over worked bellman. As the bus came it was waved on by the bellman and we spent a holiday 4th in PIT with most of downtown closed. Today we found ourselves without a DND sign, 1 hour to get some toilet paper from Service Express and no newspaper. When I approached the bell desk he stated others had not received also while he stood and read a copy of the paper. Well they must have run out just before reaching my SPG Platinum door because lots of doors on our floor had papers. I was thinking about "stealing" one but did not. Better to be a thief in the early morning. Our rate was adjusted for the tour mishap. But if you are searching for a hotel in PIT this is probably not it. We are outta here and checking into the PIT Hyatt for our last night. IMHO

PS Also it took me 15 minutes to log on. This was after three attempts. The hotel had us already checked out and the phone shut off for this room. Now this was scarry because our key still worked. Housekeeping just came by and got a glimpse of my in my shorts. Oh well. You gotta admit this is a fun place.

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dcdpe Jul 5, 03 4:19 pm

Sorry for the bad stay - I have spent three nights there over the past few months. My daugther goes to Pitt. The only problem I had was not being told the the overnight parking rate of $8 required me to leave by 8:00am ($36 when I left at 8:45am). After a quick conversation with the manager, the parking charge was removed.

I really enjoyed the lobby bar - great bartender. Any comments on the food at either restaurant? I have already booked 5 rooms for graduation in late April 2004.

M.Leo Jan 13, 04 4:21 pm

Any recent experiences at this property? I'm planning a trip to Pittsburgh in mid-Feb.

On a related note, a few weeks ago the entire M.Leo clan stayed for one night at the Sheraton Station Square (needed to sneak in that 25th stay to hit Plat in 2003).

Overall, not bad. But not so great, either. I'm wondering, with hindsight, if the Westin is the better option.

Checked in at 11:30 p.m. Nobody at the front desk -- except one other person (frankly, a fairly unsavory-looking character) waiting to check out (11:30 p.m. check out with his young lady friend...) We wait 10 minutes, still no help. Finally, we find a security guard, who has to use the walkie-talkie twice to rouse someone to come to the desk.

I am being kind when I say the desk clerk barely had a pulse. No "hello" or "how are you Mr. M.Leo" or "welcome" or any of those nice things. OK. Fine. Checks me in, hands me the key. The security guy sees all this, and notices the sleepy little M.Leos, and offers to take our bags to the room. Chatting all the way, pointing out local sights, etc. Refuses my tip, saying it's a pleasure to help. Great guy. Why on earth can't the front desk clerk be like this guy?

Upgraded to river-view room (has the spg guest plate on door.) Room is very clean. Fairly big. Recently updated. Still has that certain '70 Sheraton vibe (the open closet, for example, with the clothes rack set at about 4 feet off the floor...). View of downtown skyline is very nice.

We go to bed immediately, and immediately we find out the downside of river-view room. Right below us is a very, very active freight train mainline. All night, big trains blow by, making the most amazing racket.

Room service staff was delightful. Food was OK. Check out in the morning was somewhat more friendly, but could use a little work.

One final nit: paid parking is an outdoor lot (or the public garage across the street). Our car was fine in the am but I was, frankly, a little nervous.


ws8n Jan 13, 04 9:02 pm

Would be interested in any recent stays at Westin Pitt too. Homecoming reunion on Apr 16-17, but Westin is sold out on those days. I might just linger around a day or two after and try out the westin if it isn't too bad. Jan 13, 04 9:17 pm

Other etc info: Neighborhood is 1 blck from bail bond place. Keep on walking the strip district and there a 2 flr restaurant (with patio) that has amazing calamri about 7 blocks down. Not that its safest area...

Wi-Fi Jan 14, 04 12:29 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ws8n:
Would be interested in any recent stays at Westin Pitt too.</font>
The service at the Westin is usually as bad as described. But then, none of the three or four star hotels in da Burgh are world class. I stay there a few days every month and, while the Renaissance is the best, I prefer the Omni. I get the full Select Guest treatment despite only paying $70 on Priceline. The recently renovated lobby is very well done and is a relaxing place to sit and web surf (via T-mobile from the attached Starbucks.)

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