No bed available; compensation suggestion?

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Originally Posted by Flying for Fun View Post
In my experience, rooms that have a sofa bed are sheeted & have a thin blanket on them as you described. The Duvet & Pillows are in a zippered bag in the closet. Something to check for next time.
I looked everywhere, including the most obvious place, the closet, and there was no zipped bag as I had expected as well.

Originally Posted by arlflyer View Post
The 75 nights that OP has spent with Marriott to earn Titanium certainly were worth plenty more than 90k points and $200. If MR can't guarantee the OP a bed to sleep in, then that's pretty good grounds for him to take those nights elsewhere. I don't think this ask is too much in return for restoring OP's trust and making things right.

Also, OP, if this was for work, did this involve a negotiated or corporate rate? That might be an angle as well which could apply significant leverage.
This was my sentiment as well and why I pushed for the 90,000 points and didn't bother with the money. This is the first time I've ever filed a complaint and sought compensation, even in other circumstances where I thought it was likely merited, but this situation was truly frustrating.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Did this hospitality room have a full bathroom or just a powder room or even public lavatory down the hall?
Ha. It did in fact have a full bathroom. This ended up being the "living and dining" room portion of a full suite, hence the pull out sofa. So there was a connecting door with presumably a real room on the other side.

To follow up on this, the front desk "manager" (not sure truly if she was or not), offered me 10,000 points and was also very apologetic fwiw. I said that was too low and expected the Ultimate Reservation Guarantee and the highest she said she could go was 15,000 points. She stated the Guarantee doesn't apply since I was in fact offered a room to which I replied any person booking a hotel "room" expects, at the least, a room with a bed and some pillows. It wasn't just that but also the fact that there were so many issues with this, including the fact that when I called at 11pm, they even stated they noted my Mobile Check In (with key on the app!). Ultimately I emailed and called the Bonvoy number and after some discussions with multiple people, they agreed to compensate my the points portion of the Guarantee (90,000) which I took and appreciated. That might be considered rich to some, but again, this is the first time I've ever complained and to me this righted a lot of wrongs given my loyalty to a brand (that I still don't feel is as generous as the days of my SPG loyalty).
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I agree, 90k points is a fair resolution and given the lack of a real bed, reasonable, not excessive.
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Originally Posted by nmpls View Post
I agree, 90k points is a fair resolution and given the lack of a real bed, reasonable, not excessive.
Especially OP called and did a mobile check in - the property should not give his room away. He in all practically, was being walked - just not outside the property but to a very improper room. Glad the OP did not take the ridiculous 10 then 15K compensation and took this up with BonVoy.
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Agreed on 90k (but no cash) being a fair shake.
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I wonder if the property also revoked a suite preupgrade, locked the connecting door, and downgraded the person on the other side of the wall from a one bedroom suite to a regular room. That's a creative way to deal with an overbooking: you just create an additional room that isn't really a room.
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